Exhibition Blurb

My project is called ‘News Stories Through Joiners’. This is what I have chosen to do for my final major project. In this project I have combined a variety of current news stories and topics with the photography technique of joiners. The reason that I have chosen to use these news stories is because I wanted to choose something that was current and that was in the news currently, at the time that I did my shoot these news stories were being covered in the news. The news stories that I chose were terrorism (Manchester Bombings) and also the General Election. In my Election Picture I used pictures of party leaders and also the parties logos to show the variety in different opinions from each of the parties, then I used the colour change technique to highlight the different opinions and show what truly matters within the vote. For my terrorism image I created a grid style joiner of the One Love Manchester Concert. This concert took place in memory of those that were killed at the bombing. I used my image to help represent the message that ‘Love Always Wins’ as this is a key message that was represented throughout the different news stories broadcasted. Above you will find my two final images, on the top you will find my terrorism image. The reason that this is printed smaller is because there were restrictions to my print sizes for this image, as I didn’t want it to be stretched out as I felt that it would ruin the image and its proportions. Below it you will find my General Election image, the reason that I have put this image underneath is because it is bigger and I felt that it would look better underneath rather than on top. The reason that this image is bigger is because when I went to print my images I found it hard to get the proportions right as the image is quite wide. I made it bigger so I could fit it all in. This piece of work is a culmination of two years of photography at Harlow College. After I have completed my course I am hoping to do an apprenticeship within photography and continue my photography work outside college. I hope that you enjoy my work, as much as I do, I am very happy that it is all now completed and that I am able to present it to you.


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