Final Shoot Plan

Before I complete my Shoot for my final major project I have to complete a plan for this Shoot. The pan that I create will help and guide me to achieve the results that I want. Whilst planning my Shoot and writing out the different steps and stages of my Shoot I have to also take into consideration my research that I have done throughout this project and also all of the experimental shoots that I have completed and evaluated too.

Firstly, my research, I think that the research that I have completed for this project has really helped me to learn a lot more about my idea and has also helped me to add and develop things in my idea further because if the different elements that I have identified throughout the research. I feel that adding these into my Shoot plans and also using them in my shoots has shown my understanding of the work of different photographers and also of the information that I have researched based on my news stories.

I think that mainly my research has helped me in my shoot plans as it has helped me to come up with different ideas for them and has also helped me to conduct them too as I have been able to know more about the element that I have been focusing on. Knowing more about the element I have been focusing on has definitely helped me within my shoots as I always felt a lot more confident about what I was doing and not at any point did I feel that I didn’t know what I was doing or that I needed to go back to my work to see how I could complete something so overall it definitely boosted my confidence which I thought was good.

My research also helped me when it came to planning my Shoots. Before I started to plan my shoots I was very unsure of what I wanted to do and I didn’t have many different ideas that I could use for my shoots as I knew that I had eight to plan in total. However after doing my research both in and out of my Shoot plans I gradually got to eight ideas and then after doing all of this research I managed to complete eight Shoot plans that would effectively help me in my final project.

Overall I think that it was really good that I completed all of my research both in and out of my Shoot plans as throughout my work I can definitely tell that it has really helped me throughout the different aspects of my work. The reason that I think this is because of what I have managed to achieve from doing my research, without my research I don’t think that my project would be at the stage it is currently as a lot of my ideas and practical work outcomes have come out the way they are as a result of my research.

Next, my experimental shoots, in total for this project I completed eight experimental shoots. These shoots were four conceptual and four technical shoots. These shoots really helped me to develop my idea and I think that if I didn’t complete them then I wouldn’t feel as confident as I am to complete my final shoot. Throughout doing all of my different shoots I was always thinking of different ways that I could change and develop my ideas further because of the shoots that I was completing.

In terms of my conceptual shoots I found these really helpful as when I was doing them and evaluating I was always finding different ways that I could develop my ideas and my stories that I was using throughout all of the shoots that I was doing. I think that my technical shoots also helped me within this project also as it meant that I could identify and determine which technical aspects worked well for me and which I could use for my final pieces. I think that without my technical shoots I wouldn’t really have many ideas that I could use for my work and for my final pieces, I think that doing these shoots have made my work a lot technically stronger and I feel more confident about the set up of my work and the editing of my images now compared to before I started my shoots and when I was in the planning stage I felt a lot less confident and didn’t really know what to do.

Overall I feel that my experimental shoots have really helped me. I can certainly tell that from the work that I have completed within my experimental shoots my work is a lot stronger now than it was at the start of the project. I think that if I didn’t complete any experimental shoots in this project then my work wouldn’t be at the stage that it is now. I feel that my work has significantly improved by my experimental shoots.

For my final Shoot I would like to complete a total of 2 final images to display for my exhibition. These two images will be one photo shop based image and one image that I took my self and then maybe edit this on Photoshop. These images will include joiners that are based on news stories. Within these joiners I hope to represent a scenario or a situation within a news story. To do this I hope to choose a news story that will help me to portray a scenario that the audience with understand and clearly be able to see within the joiner. Throughout my experimental shoots, mainly my conceptual shoots I used a lot of different news stories and did different joiners for them. Doing this means that I can look back at my work and find what I think looks good out of all of my images and identify which news story I can use, not only can I do this but I can also look is what is currently in the news and choose something from this, this is what I did when I was planning my experimental shoots.

The news stories that I have chosen to use for this project are The General Election and also Terrorism. Overall the reason that I have chosen to use for these two news stories is because I used them in my experimental shoots and I really enjoyed working on them. I also think that currently in the news they are very highly covered and there is a lot of different activity happening around these news stories so I feel that there is a lot of potential for me to use within these stories.

The reason that I chose the general election is because of how interesting that I find it. I think that this news story is really interesting and because there is currently a lot of coverage on it in the news I think that there is a wide variety of things that I could focus on that could make a really effective and understandable joiner. During my experimental shoots I used this story to create a joiner and I found it really effective, I think that this really helped me to understand the story more and from this I gained a few different ideas about this that I can now use for this Shoot. In terms of presentation I think that this joiner would look better if it was the one that I shot myself rather than the one on Photoshop, the reason that I think this is because as the general election is happening within days there is a lot of coverage on it in the news papers and also in magazines that are widely available to me. Because of this I think that I can use all of these materials to create an effective joiner. For this joiner I would like to create something that focuses on all of the different parties and there opinions. I would also like to include different news headlines that focus on the different parties. I think that it would also look good if I did something similar to what I did in one of my experimental shoots. What I would like to do is take all of my images and put my main final one into black and white and then highlight the different things in the images that are important. The way that I would do this is by putting the corresponding things back into their original colour. The reason that I want to do this is because I did something like this for one of my experimental shoots and I found it very effective, in this experimental Shoot I was able to show a variety of different opinions and show that they are the min and key thing amongst everything else. I hope to do the same thing within this Shoot, the way that I will do this is by showing a picture of the party leader, the party logo and also some news headlines relating to this, the key thing in this image that I will change back to its original colour will be the part logo. The reason that I have chosen to do this is because amongst everything in a general election and within the different parties, the only thing that matters is the party itself and what it stands for, nothing else like the leader and also what they bring up in the news. I think that this is the main thing that should be highlighted and I think this will be clear for the audience to understand. I think that this image will look really good when shot in the studio as in my similar experimental Shoot I shot my images in the studio and I found the images looked really good and I managed to get some really effective results. The equipment that I will need to use for this Shoot will be;

  • Canon 1200D with 18-55mm lens- The reason that I am using this for my Shoot is to Shoot my images. I have used this camera in my previous shoots and I have achieved really good results using this camera and I also feel very confident using it.
  • 16GB San Disk Memory Card- The reason that I am using this for my Shoot is because I have to use this alongside my camera in order to store my images. I have chosen to use a San disk 16GB card because if feel that 16GB is an efficient size for me to take all of the images that I want, I have also used san disk memory cards in the past and I have found them really helpful so I decided to use them again this time around.
  • Tripod- The reason that I have chosen to use this in my Shoot is to help support and move my camera whilst taking my images. The reason that I have chosen to use a tripod and not having the camera in my hands is because I feel that my camera will be a lot steadier on a tripod and I can avoid things like camera shake. In my previous experimental shoots I have managed to get really effective and good results using a tripod so I feel that it will be good to use again in my final Shoot.
  • A Table- The reason that I have chosen to use a table in my Shoot is because it will help me to have a flat surface for my material to lie on. I think that if I didn’t have a table then my material wouldn’t be well supported and my results may not come out as well as I would have hoped. When I have done previous joiner shoots I have also used a table within my Shoot and I really liked my results from this.
  • White Backdrop-The reason that I have chosen to use a white background in my Shoot is because I am going to use it along side my table by covering the table with the white backdrop in order to completely cover it. The reason that I want to cover my table is so that I will have a completely neutral backdrop for my joiner material to go on.
  • Two Soft Box Lights- The reason that I am choosing to use two soft box lights for my final Shoot is to add light into my images and brighten up the white backdrop I am using. In one of my previous experimental shoots that I did I used soft box lights with a white backdrop and it gave me quite good results that I was very happy with so I think it is good that I am using this again as it shows that I have learnt from my experimental shoots.
  • Photoshop- The reason that I have chosen to use photo shop as part of my Shoot is purely for after I have taken my images. After I have taken my images I will need to use photo shop to edit my images and use the technique that I have planned to use. In my previous experimental Shoot I used Photoshop to edit my images and I have done the same in different shoots outside of this project so I feel very confident using it.

The reason that I have chose to use terrorism as a news story in my final shoot is because I feel that there is a lot of coverage of the subject in the news currently, recently there was an attack that happened in Manchester at a pop concert which killed 22 people in total and left hundreds in hospital with critical injuries. In the news they identified this story to be one of the worst terror attacks to happen in Britain since the London 7/7 bombings. Since the attacks have happened there has been a lot of unity and love in the country and the people involved in the attack and all of their families and friends have come together to show that love always wins. This is something that I feel is very iconic about this news story and it is something that I want to represent in my joiner for this news story. For this joiner I want to send out this message that ‘Love Always Wins’, the reason that I want to show this message is because it is how the story is being covered currently and I want to keep the positivity up about this story. To be able to represent this story I will be using pictures of all of the victims who were killed in this attack. The reason that I will be including these pictures in my joiner is because these people who were tragically killed in this attack are one of the main reasons that the country has become so united over this attack and they are the people that have been the main focus after this attack happened. The way that I will set this out will be by using the grid style effect that I have previously studied in my joiner research and in my different format experimental shoot, I think that this will clearly show al of the different people that were killed and I think using any other style of joiner will not clearly show any of their faces and they could end up looking quite muddled up and not very clear to both me who has to edit the images and also to the audience who will be viewing the image. I will then be including some iconic images of the way that the country has paid respect for these victims, I will be including pictures of the One Love Manchester Concert, which was organised and took place in memory of all of the people killed, I will also be including a picture of the flowers and tributes that were laid in Manchester City Centre in memory of the victims. Thousands of people laid out flowers and balloons to remember the 22 people who died in this attack. The way that I will be setting out this part of my work will be using the grid affect again but putting the images a lot closer together so that they look a lot more clear, The first joiner that I made with the victims will go around the other two that I am making. The reason that I chose to use a grid effect for my images I because I used this grid effect in my Photoshop experimental shoot and I really like the results that I got from my images and also the way that they turned out. I feel that this was very effective and I managed to put get a good result that I was happy with. Whilst researching images for this shoot I identified in one of the images that two of the pieces of the joiner have been swapped and I also included this in my experimental shoot piece, I will also include this in my final piece for this project. The way that I will be shooting these images will be by taking individual pictures of the all of the victims as a lot of the pictures on the internet have all of the people together in one image and they also include lots of different things in them. I will then piece them together in Photoshop. I also will be shooting pictures of the two scenes that show the countries unity of this attack; I will be shooting these images and then dividing them up on Photoshop. The reason that I have chosen to use Photoshop for this image and not create my joiner and then shoot it is because in my work I wanted to show a variety of both my Photoshop skills and also my studio shooting skills and I feel that this subject and the image that I want to create will be better suited to Photoshop as I want to create a more complex joiner. The reason that I want to shoot my images for this joiner and not use pictures straight from the internet is because I will be able to get my own angles on my work and experiment different ways of shooting that image. Also a lot of images from the internet aren’t very high quality and because I will be putting them into my joiner and printing them to A3 I want them to be very high quality so that I get a good quality print. Therefore I will be printing my images from the Internet shooting them in raw on my camera. For this joiner I will create a contact sheet of the images that I take in the studio, I will also take screen shots of the steps that I take during my process on Photoshop and also include this into my final contact sheet. The equipment that I will be using for this part of my shoot it the same equipment that I will be using for my other part of the shoot. I will be using all of my equipment for the same reasons as before.

Once my shoot is completed and all of my images are edited I will be merging all of my contact sheets together and including my final pieces. Once I have all of this work put together I will be evaluating all of my work. As well as evaluating my final images I will also be evaluating all of my work from this unit as a whole. Some of the things that I will be including in my evaluation will be, how I think my shoot went, what I could do to improve my shoot next time around, the techniques and process that I used within the studio and also Photoshop. I will also be talking about my research and how I used this as influence for my project and also how my experimental shoots have helped me throughout my work.

I think that my final shoot will challenge me, the reason that I think this is because I have got to combine all of my knowledge and skills together from the entirety of this project to create my final pieces, where as in my experimental shoots I was creating rough ideas and images that would help me towards this shoot so in this shoot I have to step up my game a lot more. I also think that a challenge for me will be to try and get my images perfect because they are my final ones. I will be working them a lot more to try and make them perfect ready for printing.

For this shoot I will be combining all of my previous research and experimental shoots together for my final pieces. All of the skills I have learnt and the information that I have got from my other pieces of research and my shoots I will be trying my hardest to include all of this into my final shoot in order to get the best results that I can get.



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