Final Project Evaluation

For our final major project we were given an open brief to what we wanted to do. This meant that over the two years of photography that we have done at college we could choose to use or do something that we had learnt during the course. We were also given the choice to choose something that we hadn’t used before and to teach our self in effect a new skill, this would therefor show our initiative in photography and it would also show that we have decided to try something new rather than do something we have done before. However even though it was an open brief there were still some guidelines we had to follow in order to make sure that we passed the unit. The guidelines that we had to follow for this unit were like any other project that had guidelines also. The things that we were asked to do in order to pass were things like, artist research, experimental shoots, shoot plans, bibliography, and reflective diaries and also shoot evaluations. These things that we were asked to were also key things that we did in other projects in order to pass but because this was our final major project we had to take these things into a lot more consideration and also write about them in a lot more detail.

To start off this project I started by completing my secondary research and planning out my initial ideas. For this I wrote a post about me and about what my goals are for this project and how I see myself as a photographer. The reason that that I did this was to give me a base for my post and also it was on one of the guide sheets that we had to use, so I also used this as something to help me too. I then spoke about my secondary research and went through and analysed some images from our visit to the David Hockney Exhibition. This post was the first piece of research that I had done for this project and when I was planning shoots and writing out my other shoots and also writing my proposal I went through this and referred back to help me. I think overall this piece of research was really helpful for me and it really contributed towards my project. I think this because the initial idea that I used for this post I actually ended up taking and changing it slightly for it to then become my final idea. Along with just writing out my initial idea I also made a mood board to go along with this and I think that this really helped me visually see what I was going to try and do for this project rather than just reading it from a piece of paper. Because of the success from this first mood board that I made at the start of this project and because of how much it helped me I decided to make mood boards throughout my project as this really helped me to visually plan out my ideas and see what my ideas would actually look like. The reason that I chose to do this other than just writing it down is because sometimes when I just write something down I don’t feel that inspired and I find it hard to imagine what my work will look like or what my idea is but as I already said this mood board making throughout the project really helped me to do this. I think that this post and piece of research was a good way to start this project and was a good base for me to start from.

After I had finished this post I started thinking about my idea in a lot more detail and what I actually wanted to do. I didn’t publish any of these thoughts on my site as I didn’t think that they were clear enough or there wasn’t enough of them for my to be able to make a full post from it. However during this thought process I looked back at my initial ideas which was joiners using landscapes and thought about it and how I would do this, I thought about it and decided that I didn’t want to do landscape photography for this project and also to use in my final joiners as in previous projects during this course I had done a lot of landscape photography and for this final project I wanted to try and do something new and different. After looking at different ideas of what I could do for my final major project I decided to create a joiner that would represent news stories. I think that taking some time to think about my idea before going any further in this project really helped me and I really benefitted from this as it meant that I actually thought about what I was going to do and what it was going to look like. I think that if I went along with my initial idea I wouldn’t have been very happy with my project overall and I feel that I wouldn’t have been challenging myself enough for this project and initially when I started this project I really wanted it to be something that would challenge me and push me to get good results. The reason that I wanted to do this is because I knew how much was at stake in this project and I knew like other projects it wasn’t just a pass or a fail it was also a pass, merit, distinction or fail and I wanted to try my best to get a pass or better and I knew that it wouldn’t be as easy as it would have been in other projects. In other projects that I had done all I needed to was follow the checklist and do the set tasks and I knew that I would pass, however in this project there is a lot more to do and to think about in order to get a higher grade, potentially better than a pass.

After I had thought about my ideas and what I could do for my project I had a final idea in my head of what I wanted to do and I was very confident with my idea and knew what had to be done in order to complete my project. In order for this project to run smoothly I decided to write an action plan that would help me week by week to get my through this project. The way that I decided to this was to create a table in word and write down the number and date of each week at the edge and I started the dates at the very start of this project so that I could go from start to finish and not miss anything out. In the main part of my action plan I wrote about different things that I would do during that week and how I would complete them. I also included the different resources that I would need to use in order to complete that task. Throughout this action plan and when creating it I referred back to the checklist of tasks that I knew had to be completed for the project and I made sure that I included these throughout my plan to show that I was getting them done. I also tried to schedule in stages where I would sit and go through the work that I have already completed and check to see if it was finished and if there was anything that I would need to complete or change in order to improve it. I think that it was good that I did this as it meant that I wouldn’t have to leave all my proofreading to the end and it wouldn’t leave me worrying about things not being checked before final submission. I found making an action plan, as I was able to check it once or twice a week during college and it gave me the chance to check what I needed to be doing each week and the different weeks on my action plan were almost like my pointers for the start of each week. I feel that if I didn’t make an action plan for this project then I would have found the tasks that I needed to complete for this project a bit all over the place and I wouldn’t have had an strict guidelines in place to complete any tasks. I feel that this would have meant that a lot of my tasks wouldn’t have been completed on time and some not even at all. I also found it very helpful using the project checklist whilst writing my action plan as this meant that I could schedule in a time for each of the different tasks to get done and I knew that I hadn’t forgotten to do anything for this project. Overall I found the action plan very helpful and I feel that I used it to its full advantage by making sure to check it each week and also checking off the different tasks that I had completed as and when I had done them.

Once I had gone through my different tasks and completed my action plan it was then time to write my proposal. I feel that in any project a proposal is like the main part for the project and is part of the bulk of work that you have to do. I completed my proposal and before I did this I made sure to make a list of the different things that I needed to include in order to make sure I had covered every ground of my work and talked about everything that I felt needed to be included. On this list of topics where things like, my idea, my research, time frames and also my experiments, looking back at my proposal now I feel that I managed to cover each of these points very well and spoke about them in detail. I think that the proposal that I completed was very good and because of the different pointers that I used I managed to clearly explain my idea and get across the points that I wanted really well. I made sure during the writing of my proposal that I was speaking clearly and that all of my work made sense, because my proposal was so long I didn’t want to have wrote it all out and then have to go back through the whole thing and check it for mistakes, to avoid this I made sure to go through each of my paragraphs in my proposal once they were finished and during this time I also checked for any spelling and grammar errors in my work as this would save time during the stages where I would be going through my work and checking for any spelling and grammar errors as I didn’t want these points in my work to take up too much time. I am very happy with the way that my proposal turned out and I think that it was a very good and well-structured proposal. Compared to my other proposals which I have done before I am very happy with the way this one turned out as I feel that I spent a lot more time working on this one and I think that it is a lot better than ones I have done before in previous projects. I found my proposal really helpful throughout this project as I feel that it guided me to then go onto my research and also my experimental shoots.

After completing my proposal I then moved onto my visual artist research. For this element I decided to make some mood boards based on my artists work and this would also show the variety of their work and not only did I include there work I included what there work meant to me and what I felt it represented. I created a total of four mood boards and this was one for each of my different artists. The reason that I did was to show he visual elements of there work and to give me a visual guide to each of my different artists and also help me in what my work could look like and what I could be creating. I found that making these mood boards was very helpful as it helped me to add a visual element to my work, a visual element to my work amongst all of the writing that I was already doing. I think that making these mood boards also helped me to show that I am understand the artists work and I can identify their work and what it is like. I also created some mind maps alongside this in a separate post which also represented the different artists work and also gave me a chance to analyse it in more brief points compare to a full analysis.

The next piece of work that I had to complete was technical artist research, for this piece of research I wanted to pick and artist that had worked with joiners and who had completed joiners that were effective and also that I liked myself, the reason that I wanted to like them is because if I didn’t I don’t think that I would have enjoyed analysing them and also researching the artist as much as I would if I did like them. The artist that I chose for this piece of research was Christian Marclay. In amongst this research I also talked about joiners including information about what they are, which different artist make them and also what they can be used for in photography. I found it really helpful learning about this as it meant that I was learning about joiners my self, as it was something that I had never used or focused on in photography before. I think that writing a post about joiners not only helped me to learn about them but it also showed my understanding of information, enough that I was able to write my own post about it. Alongside this information I then went on to talking about Christian Marclay and also David Hockney. These two artists have both used joiners and use them in very different ways, throughout my post I talked about how they are both different and how there work affects their audiences and also the purpose and the message that it has. To do this I analysed three of their images and talked about how they were created and how each of them are different. The main difference I found in the two artists work if that one artists work is mainly based on nature and landscapes and also their work looks a lot like painting rather than photographers, however the other artists work is based on music and music covers from the 70’s and 80’s, he uses his joiners to create new covers and joiners different pieces of the covers together to create a variety of different results. I think that this piece of research and the whole post in particular really helped me and I have found it really beneficial, not only did I learn more about joiners and how they work and also what they are used for, but I also learnt about joiner artists and I got a chance to make a start on my technical artist research and also analyse some joiners. I really enjoyed analysing their work as I got to take it apart on my own way and find a variety of different key elements that I could also use in my work to make it a lot stronger.

I then went on to completing my research but for my conceptual artists. The two conceptual artists that I chose to analyse for this project were, David Burnett and Tyler Hicks. The reason that I chose these two artists is because they have shot things that have been in the news and are known as photojournalists. I chose photojournalists as they are always shooting things in the news and in my joiners I wanted to focus on news stories so I thought that these two artists would be really good to focus on as a part of my conceptual research. Like my previous research I analysed some of their images and picked out different things that I could use from their images in my work. With my Tyler Hicks research I incorporated this into one of my first experimental shoot plans. The reason that I did this is so that I had my shoot plan and the idea behind it backed up by research. I think that this research helped me as it showed me the meaning behind photojournalism and I also learnt more about artists that use it like Tyler Hicks. I think that this research that I did was good and I really understood it, I showed my understanding for this piece of work by concluding the research with a shoot plan based on the research I had done and the images that I had used in the post. I think that it was good that I was able to do this as it showed that I fully understood the meaning of this artists work and was confident enough in this to recreate something like this myself. Overall I am very happy with this piece of research as I feel that it helped me to learn more about photojournalism and also news stories. I completed my second piece of conceptual research in a different post and for this piece of research I focused on a different photojournalist which was David Burnett, much like in my Tyler Hicks post I analysed some of his images and in this post I also included a comparison between the two artists work. I think that the two artists work are very different in multiple ways and I made sure to include this in my work. I also visually helped these comparisons by adding in picture to support my different points. I think that the fact that I was able to compare the two artists work showed that I really understood their work and that I understood it enough to be able to compare the two artists and their work. I think that if I hadn’t analysed all of their images or gone into depth in both their pieces of research then I feel that I wouldn’t have been confident enough to compare their work so I feel happy that I managed to achieve this. Overall, I feel that this piece of conceptual research was really good and also helped me not only towards passing the project but also to develop me knowledge in news stories and photojournalism much like my Tyler Hicks research.

After I had completed all of my artist research I then went on to showing my understanding of their work and showing the different things that the artists work represents and to do this I completed my artist responses and image based solutions. The reason that we completed this piece of work was to show that we understood the work of the artist and also that we were able to identify the work of a different photographer and relate it to the ones that we had researched. The first part that I completed was my artist responses, to do this I focused on each one of my artists and created a mood board for each of them that shows not only pieces of their work but also shows the different things related to their work and what we feel inspires them and what their work means to them and to us. I completed one for each of artists and I think that they came out very well. I tried to include as much as I could without the images being too small and I think that I managed to achieve this. I think that these artists’ responses really helped me as I managed to represent their work, which I found helpful and understandable, and also I hope the audience find helpful and understandable also. After I completed this I then went on to completing my images based solutions. For this piece of work I found it very different to making mood boards. In this post we were required to find a piece of work that would represent each of the different artists that I had researched. The images that we had used for this post couldn’t be the work of the artist, it had to be from another photographer or it could be an image that we created ourselves, I found this task quite easy and I didn’t have much trouble trying to find anything for each of the artists. Once I had found all of my images I then analysed them and spoke about how I thought they related to the photographer and how I thought they were relevant. I think that this post really helped me to see how other artists can create the same sort of work as another photographer but how their work can look similar. I really like the work that I found. All of the images that I found for this piece I found on the internet and I didn’t take any of my own images, the reason that I chose to do this was because in a lot of my experimental shoots I had planned to do a shoot based on that artist and their work so I wanted to save my images like that for those shoots. Overall I feel that this task helped me to represent my understanding of my artists work also and I could also represent it creatively and also speak about it and analyse it at the same time.

After I had done this task I then went on to add in a little bit of extra research that would help me move onto my experimental shoots. As I was working on news stories for my final shoot I thought that it would help if I did some research into them. I decided to keep this research quite basic and I chose not to go into to much detail. The reason that I chose to do this was because in all of my shoot plans I wanted to include some form of research in them and I wanted to save the detailed research for these posts. For this part of my research I decided just to do some mind maps and mood boards as I felt that this would still help me with my research but it would also give me the opportunity to include more detailed research into my shoot plans. The news stories that I used for this piece of research were

  • The General Election U.K
  • Murder Violence (Police Crime Related News Stories)
  • Terrorism&Isis
  • Brexit
  • American Government And Politics

I found this part of my research very helpful and I managed to briefly visually represent my idea which was good as it meant that could use this research to help me to set up different shots if I needed them and also to help me to decided which news stories I wanted to use in my work.

After I had completed this I started to work on my experimental shoots. In total I created eight experimental shoots. My original target for this project was 6 experiments but because I wanted my work to challenge me and I wanted to try and get more than a pass in my work I wanted to aim to do eight experiments. Four of these were conceptual shoots and the other four technical. The first shoot that I completed was conceptual. For this shoot I decided to focus on a news story and the news story that I decided to focus on was murder and violence. The reason that I chose this news story was because I had researched Tyler Hicks as my research for this shoot. When I was analysing his work I discovered that in his work there was a lot of violent scenes and also a lot of people that he had shot who had been murder. After doing this research I went onto doing my shoot. For this shoot I decided to choose a specific story to shoot in order to give my images a lot more context. The story that I chose was The Stephen Laurence Murder. The reason that I chose this story is because I feel that it was a very famous news story at the time and in the news there was a lot of different coverage relating to this. The way that I shot my images was by including different headlines from this news story and also pictures of him and his family. I set them up around the picture of him, which was in the centre to show how much went on in the news after his death. I spoke about this shoot in a lot more detail in my shoot evaluation where I spoke about how I thought it challenged me and what my next steps were. For my second experimental shoot I completed a technical shoot and throughout planning and completing my experiments I alternated them between conceptual and technical to create a pattern. For this shoot I focused on the different formats of joiners and the different ways that you can set them up. The research that I completed for this shoot was research about Christian Marclay as he has a variety of different set-ups in his work. I didn’t really focus much on my news stories for this shoot because I was focusing more on the technical aspects of my work. I then evaluated my shoot where I spoke about my different shots and the ways that I shot my work and also my research. For my third experimental shoot I completed a conceptual shoot where I focused on a new news story, which was American politics. I planned this shoot and conducted it in a similar way to my first news story shoot. The only thing different with this plan was the research. Instead of researching an artist for this shoot I decided to research the news story. I decided to research the topic on general and talk about the different ways that it has been covered in the news and why. For this shoot I decided to focus on the election, which happened last year, I shot my pictures in a way, which showed the difference in opinions between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump and I think this was something that was represented well through my images. I then moved onto my fourth experimental shoot, which was a technical shoot where I focused on the background of my images. In this shoot I wanted to experiment with different backgrounds for my images and see what they would look like. The research for this shoot came from different artists that I had previously researched and these helped me to choose different backgrounds for my shoot. In this shoot I didn’t focus on my stories as much as I would have like to but I still feel that I got some good images which I went into more detail about in my evaluation for that shoot. For my fifth experimental shoot I completed a technical shoot where I focused on joiner set-ups on Photoshop. This was very similar to my other experimental shoot where I focused on joiner set ups but this time I just used Photoshop. For this shoot I researched David Hockneys Joiners as a lot of his work I knew that I could create most of them on Photoshop. For this hoot I created one final piece as a lot of the experiments took a long time to do and I didn’t want to waste a lot of time on this shoot. I then analysed and evaluated this shoot and the final result that I got. For my sixth experimental shoot I moved back to conceptual shoots where I created images based on Brexit and The UK general election. The reason that I chose these news stories is because they were very popular when I was planning this shoot and I was also very interested in these news stories as well. The research that I completed for this shoot was explaining about each of the different news stories and I found this really helped me as I managed to learn more about the story before I started shooting it. The images that created for these news stories showed the difference in opinions from either side of the story. The final results and the way that I set my images up I spoke about in a lot more detail in my evaluation for this shoot. For my seventh experimental shoot I focused on a technical aspect of my work, which was colour change. Originally I never thought that I would include this in my work but the more I looked at the pieces of work like this and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to include it in my work. I looked at an artist that uses this technique a lot in their work and the artist that I used was Nico Gooden. I analysed some of his images and I think that it was good that I did this as it meant that it was contributing towards my artist research. For this shoot I decided to focus on opinions as I had done this in other news stories and I really like the results. To do this I set up different opinions within a news story and put the image into black and white, I then put the different opinions back into colour to highlight them. The reasons behind this and also the analysis of my final images can be found in the evaluation for that shoot. For my eighth and final experimental shoot I focused on one final news story, which was terrorism. For this news story I focused on the different headlines and arranged them where you could clearly see them all together. The research that I did for this shoot was by talking about terrorism and how it is represented in the news. You can fund my results for this shot in my evaluation. Overall, I feel that all of my experimental shoots have helped in some way. I have learnt a lot from doing my experimental shoots, I have learnt about different news stories and also how I can represent them through a joiner I have also learnt about them more in terms of knowledge through research. I have also developed a lot of my technical skills and learnt a few new ones too. I found my experimental shoots very challenging as I was always trying to do something different. I also found it hard as some things I had included in the shoots I had never done before so I was still trying o do something new. However I really felt that they helped me to develop my idea within my project and got me to the point where I was able to start planning and completing my final shoot.

Around halfway through the project we were asked to complete a peer review. During this review we had to create a questionnaire asking different questions about our work that we had completed so far. We then asked lots of different people in our class and gathered our results together. I found this peer review very helpful and it definitely helped me to improve my work further as the feedback I got from my work I then went on to analyse it and put the comments and changes into my work.

Throughout this project we have been completing a bibliography, this is something that has been key in any project and I am really happy that I managed to complete it. I think that it is important to complete this in a project as it shows that you’re not committing plagiarism within your work and this is something that I didn’t want to loose marks for in this project. I completed this throughout the project and added to it every time that I needed to and this saved me a lot of time rather than trying to complete it right at the end. Also throughout this project I have been completing reflective diaries where I have been reflecting on my work each day talking about what I have learnt so far, how my idea has changed, what I have completed today and what my next steps are. I found this really interesting to do each day and I think that it is good that I completed this as I can look back on it and see how my project has developed over time.

After all of this work, which I have spoken through, throughout my evaluation, was completed and up to date it was then time to write my final shoot plan. Before I did this I went through all of my experimental work to decide what I could do for my final pieces. In my proposal I had stated that I would create four final images but I then was looking back at my work and decided it would have been a lot better if I just did two final pieces as I wanted to be able to have two final images that I had spent time in and that I was happy with rather than having four images that I had rushed and the not being happy with when it comes to the final result. After looking through all of my previous work I had finally decided that the final two news stories that I wanted to focus on for my shoot were Terrorism and The General Election. The reason that I chose these two news stories was because during my experimental shoots I had really enjoyed taking the pictures for these news stories and I found them really interesting to focus on. Another reason that I chose these news stories is because there had been a lot of coverage on them in the news around the time that I had shot my final images. I think that it was very good that I decided to choose news stories that I was enjoying shooting as I wanted to enjoy taking my final images and I didn’t want to choose something that I wouldn’t enjoy shooting and get bored of it. I think that it is also good that I chose a news story that was currently in the news and not really old as it would mean that my work was very current and up to date and it also meant that it was very easy to get the materials that I needed at the time. After deciding what stories to use for my final images I then needed to decide what I would shoot for them. For the General Election Story I decided to create a story that would show the difference in opinions between all of the parties involved in the election. I then decided to use the colour change technique I had used before in my experimental shoots to be able to highlight the different opinions in each image. I think that this made a really good set up for my image and I felt that during my shoot plan this would give me very good results. Then for my terrorism story I wanted to focus on the story of the Manchester Terror Attack. The reason that I had chosen this for my terrorism image is because I felt that there was so much coverage of this story at the time of the shoot that I couldn’t choose another story. The way that I decided to represent this story through a joiner in my image was by creating a joiner that shows the unity the country has shown over this attack and how it has come together to forget the hate and bring back the love. After I had decided these different aspects I then completed my plan by talking about the different equipment I would use for this project and also how I would use it. I then spoke about how I would print my images and how I would present them. I then went onto shooting and editing my two final images. I have included the contact sheets from my final shoot below.

After I had shot and edited all of my images I then had my final two pieces. I have included an analysis of my final two images where I have discussed the meaning behind my images, the equipment that I have used, how it is different to what I planned and also which experimental shoot I have used as inspiration for that image.

Final No.1

This image is the first of my final pieces that I completed. Within this image I completed and edited a total of nine image which I then pieced together in photoshop. For this image what I really wanted to do was represent the different opinions within the General Election. I felt that there are so many opinions included in this election all of which have there similarities and all of which have their differences. I feel that amongst all of these opinions people sometimes forget that its not the different opinions or the leaders that matter its just the parties themselves that you have to focus on when you come to vote. To create this joiner what I did was set up the studio by getting a table and placing it underneath a white background, the reason that I did this was to make all of my image neutral and I think that if I used a black background then when I changed the colour of the image to black and white with a black background then it would have looked quite dark and I think the white helped to brighten the image a lot when it came to changing my images to black and white. I then put a soft box on either side of the white background and the reason that I chose to do this was because in a previous shoot I done this along with a white background and I found the lighting to be really clear and soft and I think that when I placed my subjects on the background the lighting looked really good and I was very happy with it. I had also planned to do this when writing my shoot plan so I was trying my best to stick to what I had planned to do. Before I started taking any of my images I took some test shots with the lighting to see how it was looking through the camera and the reason that I decided to do this was to make sure that I was completely happy with the lighting before I started taking my images as I didn’t want to do my whole shoot and then not be happy with the lighting when I looked back at all of my images. Examples of this can be found on my contact sheet. I then went onto shooting my images and there was two ways that I had in mind of how I wanted to set my work up. The first way that I wanted to do this was by putting all of the party logos in the middle of the image and then putting the party leaders around the outside of the image. I had tested a few times doing this and I was very happy with the way that the shots were looking and but I still had one other way that I wanted to try before I made anything final and started editing my final images. The other way which I wanted to test shooting my image was by taking a picture of each of the party leaders an then surround that image with the different party logos. The reason that I wanted to do this was to show and represent that different parties by highlight its logo along with the leader. The purpose behind the image was to show how important the party itself is other than just the leader, during my research into this story and also watching the news myself I discovered that a lot of people care a lot more about the different party leaders other than the party itself. I felt that in some ways this was quite strange and it shouldn’t be the one key thing that people think about and should be worrying about as some people think that you should care more about the party other than just the leader, other than just the setup of this image I decided to edit each part of it in a way that represented how important the party was compared to the leader. To edit this image I used the color reverse technique that I had researched into and also done an experimental shoot on. I found this technique really good to use and I feel that it brought a technical and photo shop aspect to my work rather than just having a plain picture taken in the studio with no editing to it. During my shoot I tried to take my images from different angles in order to get everything in shot but I had originally planned to use a tripod but I decided to not use one as I had a lot more control of the camera and I felt that I managed to get a lot better shots without a tripod rather than with it. The only problem with not using a tripod in my images is that I had to try a lot of different times to try and get my images straight, you can see this from my contact sheet that I tried a few times in order to get my shot straight and perfect. Once I had taken all of the images for this part of my shoot I went through all of my images and I still found it quite difficult to choose which one of my images I wanted to use for my final piece, however I still knew that I wanted to use color reverse so I was still trying to work out what to do with all of the different images once I had edited them. I feel that this is one of the main challenges that I faced when it came to editing my work and it was definitely something that I should have taken into consideration either before or during my shoot. However once I had edited my images I decided how I would put them all together, I made a blank page on photo shop and decided to put them all together in this one image, however because I had only focused on six parties for this shoot and because of the size of the page that I was using I had a gap at the bottom of the images. I thought about stretching my images in order to fill the gap but I had already made them quite big anyway and I feel that if I had stretched it even more the proportions of the images wouldn’t have looked right so I felt there was something else that I needed to add in order to make the image better. After thinking about what I could add I finally decided that I could use the images for this shoot that I had originally planned to use which were the ones that I shot at the very start of the shoot in the first style that I decided to shoot my images in, I edited these images in a similar way to my other images so that it would fit in with the rest and the three that I added in at the bottom fitted really well and I am very happy with the way that it turned out in the end. When it came to editing my images I already knew the steps that I needed to take in order to make my images the way that they are now and to show this process for my evaluation I took screenshots throughout my edit to show the different steps that I took. I found the edit really easy to do as I had done the technique in other shoots before and I had also practiced it in an experimental shoot so I felt very confident when it came to my edit. The technique that I used for this shoot was colour reverse as I have already spoken about and the reason that I chose to use this was from an experimental shoot and research that I did prior to this shoot, the artist that I researched was Nico Gooden. The reason that I researched this artist was because I really enjoyed looking at his different pieces of work and I also liked the way that he was using the chosen technique. I used the technique in this image in the same way that he used it in his work,  in his work he use the technique to highlight things that he thought were key int he images and I used this same strategy in my final edited images. The materials that I used for this shoot came from the internet, I had found images of the things that I needed to use for this shoot and printed them off and cut them out, then I went on to using them for my shoot. I was going to use actually newspaper cutouts but it was hard to find all of the materials that I needed for all of the different things that I wanted to shoot so I decided to use things from the internet instead. However I felt very happy using these as I had used them in my experimental shoots so I knew how to use them and also which ones I could use also. Overall, I am very happy with the way that this image turned out and I am very pleased with what I have managed to create from the different experiments and research that I have completed. Before I shot my images I wasn’t very confident that I was going to get a good result however throughout the shoot my confidence grew and I was very happy with the final outcome. If I was to recreate this image again I would try harder to find different materials for this shoot, for example I would liked to have tried to find pieces and pictures from newspapers that I could use rather than just pictures from the internet.

Here is the second image that I created for my final major project.

Final No2

This is the second final image that I completed for my final major project. Within this image I have got a total of 6 images which I have taken and divided up in photo shop to create my grid style joiner. The meaning behind this image is to show the love and unity shown by Manchester and the rest of the UK . The reason that I chose to focus on this news story and also create this joiner is because when I was planning my shoot and organising which news stories I would use for my final pieces this news story was all over the news and I was really moved and inspired by the love and unity showed by the U.K especially Manchester after the devastating terror attacks. When it came to planning what I would include in my joiner it was clear that I needed to think about how I would create it and create it in a way that wouldn’t offend anyone and that would still be respectful and show the message that I wanted to put across. When I was looking through the different news stories and articles related to this there was one ket message that stood out to me and the was ‘Love always win’s’, because I was so inspired by this quote I wanted to use it as inspiration for my image and I feel that the image that I have created really helped me to show this message. I think that it was very helpful using a quote for inspiration for my work as it gave me a starting point and also helped me to think about what to include in my image. The one key thing that stood out to me in this story that showed unity of theca country was the ‘One Love Manchester Concert’ this concert happened a few days before I did my shoot and I knew that i had to include this into it as the reason that it was organised was to show that love conquers hate and that ‘Love Always Wins’. Originally I had planned to include pictures of the people who were killed in the terror attack along with the picture from the one love manchester concert, however when I was editing my images I was trying to find a way to add them in but I couldn’t find a way to add them in but I made sure to show this in my contact sheet by still including the screen shots of how I tried to add these images in. I feel that my image would still have looked okay with the pictures of the victims in it but because there were so many pictures to put in and I also wanted all of my squares and pieces to be equal it was hard to try and find a way to fit it all in without changing the whole entire image. However when I was editing my image I still had a gap at the end of the image and I didn’t really want to crop my image because I didn’t want to reduce the size as I felt that it would have looked very stretched when I printed it. I thought about the different things that I could add into it to fill the gap and I finally decided to add in some of the pictures of the flowers that were laid in Manchester City Centre for all of the people that were hurt and affected by this attack, I also added in the logo that was made for this attack which is represented using a unity sign and an Ariana Grande Logo. When it came to shooting this image there wasn’t much shooting involved it was just mainly editing, however there was some actual shooting involved as I decided to print the main image off that I used in the final piece instead of taking it straight from the internet as I felt that the quality wouldn’t have been as good when I came to edit it, however when I printed the image out I felt that the quality wasn’t very good after the way that it has been printed so I used the image straight from the internet and as I went through and was editing the image I felt that the quality was quite good. I was very concerned about how long it would take me to edit this image because in a previous experimental shoot that I had done, I made something quite similar to this and it had taken me quite a long time to edit and I thought it would be the same this time around. Because I knew all of the steps that I needed to take for this edit I was very confident with the process that I had to take for this edit. When I started the edit I had to put the image into photoshop and also open a blank page for me to put my images into. I have shown the process of this in my contact sheets by taking screen shots of my steps. I then changed the size of my images and made sure that I could equally divide it up to get even squares. The reason that I did this is because i wanted all of my work to be equal and I wanted to have an even grid effect. I then went onto cropping each of the square piece by piece to and I also had the aid of the ruler tool to make sure all of my pieces were equal, when I had dragged them onto the new piece of paper in the second tab I was required to re size them as they came up quite small. To make sure they were all the same size I overlaid one on the other and used the pink guide lines that appear on photoshop when pieces of your image become equal. I found these lines really helpful as they helped me to make sure that all the pieces of my image were equal. I then used the pink guide lines to measure out the distance between each image and these helped me to make sure there was an equal distance and height between each image. Overall the edit didn’t take me that long but I am very happy with the way it went. I have included screenshots of the different steps that I took on photoshop during this edit and I then included this into my contact sheet. As you can see from the final piece that I have created there are two pieces of the joiner that I have swapped. The reason that I have done this relates to my research. During my research I looked at that enjoiner work form David Hockney and in one of his pieces he created a joiner in a similar style to this and swapped a few of the pieces around. To show that I understood his work and took influence from my research I decided to include this into my image, I decided to only do one swap in my images because I still wanted the image to be clear and I didn’t want to make it very complicated. Also in his image that I looked at I found that there were different pieces around the outside of the image and i made sure to include this in my image and the way that I did this way by adding in the extra images of the flowers and also the logo. Overall, I am very happy with the way that this image came out and I am very happy with the final result that I got. I feel that I managed to get across the message that I had originally planned to and also successfully added in a joiner technique to this. Compared to my other image that I created I feel that they are very different in what they represent, I feel that one represents very controversial topics which is the election image and shows the political side to the news and the other shows a positive side to the news and almost like a bright light amongst the darkness of politics. I am very confident about my final image and I feel that people will be very happy with it when they see it. If I had to redo this image again I would try in different ways to create styles of joiners. The way that I would do this would be by using a variety of different materials to see what kind of results that I could create when using something different.

Once I had taken all of my images and they were all edited and completed I then had to think about how I could present my images. I already knew that there was going to be an exhibition for my images as there was last year so I had to find a way to get my images printed. After looking at a variety of different places that I could get my pictures printed I decided to go with boots. The reason that I chose boots is because I had pictures printed there before and I was really happy with the quality of them. I also chose boots because of the sizes that they offered, they offered a wide range of sizes that suited me and the size of my images. They also only took half an hour to print which suited me really well. I got my pictures printed on the same day that they had been finished to make sure I had time after them being printed to change anything if I needed to. Luckily there was nothing that I needed to change and I was really happy with the way my images were printed. When it came to the sizes of the images there sizes that they offered went by inches and luckily on the machine that I used I was able to see the different ways my images could be printed according to the different sizes. For my politics image I decided to get this printed in A2 which in there sizes is 20×30 at first I thought that this would stretch the image and it would make it really big but once it had been printed I was really happy with it. The reason that I decided to get it printed in this size was because when I went the size down from this the edge was slightly cut off so I needed it a bit bigger. For my second image I went one size down as I didn’t want to stretch it as I wanted the proportions to be right. Overall this was the only real big cost in this project. I am also very happy with the way my images came out and would definitely use boots again for these types of prints. During this project I completed a exhibition case study where I looked at the different ways that I could present my images, I was really happy that I did this as it gave me options for the exhibition and at the end of it I decided to go with a mounted picture on the board similar to the exhibition that I did last year. I also completed a small blurb to go alongside my images. The reason that I chose to do this was because it would explain to the audience about my images and my project if they didn’t understand anything.

Overall, I am very happy with the way that this project went and I feel that this is one of my favourite projects that I have completed over this two year course. The reason that I think this is because I have had a lot of fun during this project creating my final pieces, I think this is because I am combining all of my skills together to create something that would represent my two years at college, even though this was a challenge for me I really enjoyed doing it. There were some parts of the project that I found quite challenging and stressful but I think this is just because of the time constrains that went along with the project but eventually I managed to get over this. I think the most important part though is that i am very with the way my work has come out and I feel very confident with the way that my images will be presented at the final exhibition. If I had to complete this project again I would definitely try and do something different and choose something that I would enjoy a bit more, even though I really enjoyed this project and creating my joiners I feel that there are other aspects of photography like makeup and portraiture that I would have enjoyed a bit more than joiners.


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