Experimental Shoot 7 Evaluation

For my seventh experimental shoot I planned and shot a technical shoot for my final major project. This experimental shoot will go along side all of my other seven experimental shoots to make a total of eight experimental shoots. The reason that I am doing this for my final major project is because it will help me to develop my idea and my work further in order to make it better and also to see that if in my final shoot, I need to change something’s or if there is anything that I need to do differently. Doing these experimental shoots will not only help me to develop the concept of my idea but they will also help me to technically develop my idea and this is what this shoot is aiming to do. There are some technical aspects that I need to focus on along with conceptual elements. Some of these technical aspects I have never focused on before during my time in photography but some of them I have so these shoots will also help me to learn new technical skills and develop others that I have used and learnt previously. I hope that all of my shoots will help me in one way or another and from my plans I think that these will be able to help me in some way. When planning these experimental shoots I also had to take into consideration my other shoots, which were my conceptual shoots and the ideas that went along with these. In these shoot plans I tried to incorporate research and also other stuff like my general knowledge and information from websites, along with this I also tried as much as I could to make all of my ideas different and also add some variety into my work, the reason that I wanted to do this was so that all of my work didn’t look the same and that I could use my experiments to there full advantage by using different ideas and techniques to help with my work. Not only in my conceptual shoots did I have to focus on the idea and the concepts of my shoots but I also had to do this in my technical shoots as I had to shoot something that had a but of concept to it and that would make sense to not only me but the audience as well.

For this technical shoot I decided to use a technique that I had used in previous and work. This technique is colouring reverse. This technique is where you take an image and put the whole thing into black and white, and then using Photoshop you choose one part of that image that you find significant or a piece of the image that you like and change it back to your original colour. Not only can you change it back to its original colour but you can also use different tools on photo shop to change it to a different colour of your choice. As I was using news stories for my project idea I had to find a way to try and incorporate this and colour change together, the way that I came up with my idea was by looking into different news stories and seeing if there were different ways that I could use this in my work. After I had done this I got to the point where I knew how I could use this and how I could incorporate it into my work. The way that I decided to this was by choosing different news stories that showed a variety of different opinions and that really divide people. At this moment in time there are a lot of different news stories out there that are dividing people and that are causing people to have a variety of different opinions. What I decided to use with these news stories was to create a joiner that would show these two or many different opinions in them this would give me a base for my work and for my images and this gave me the opportunity to then go onto editing my images. When it came to editing my images I had planned to use the joiners that I had made and edit them in photo shop and use the colour reverse technique to highlight the opinions in my images and the joiners that I had created. The reason that I chose to di this was because I really thought that the technique that I had chosen would really show this very well and highlighting something in an image especially something like an opinion would certainly work because sometimes hidden opinions in an image can sometimes be looked past and some people don’t recognise how many different opinions there are in news stories and I decided to use this piece of work to highlight this. The opinions that I chose to highlight within my news story images are the opinions that I thought were key and the ones that I feel should be highlighted.

The way that I decided to set up my work was in joiner form as this is the main technique that I wanted to use for my final major project idea so I knew that I had to use this in all of my experimental shoots. The priority that I had for my shoot was to really show my opinions in order for me to be able to clearly highlight them in my final edited image. I used some basic joiner formats for this piece of work as my main focus was on the editing and technical side of the image, I still however took into consideration that stories that I was using as I still wanted my work to make sense and I felt that if I couldn’t do this then when it came to editing my images it wouldn’t make much sense and what I had planned to do wouldn’t have made much sense and it would have been a waste of a shoot in my eyes. The news stories that I had chosen to use for this shoot were, The General Election, American Election and also Brexit. I think that these news stories in particular show a variety of different opinions and really do divide people when they are in the news and when they are debated, for this reason I think they fitted my idea for the shoot I wanted to do very well. From this I went on to shooting my images and the way that I set these up I really wanted to try and get the opinions across as well as I could. The way that I did this was by using some cutouts from pictures that I had found on the Internet that I felt would really help to express the different opinions that I had chosen to focus on. I then set my images up by using a picture that would show the different opinions and then using an image beside that which would show the person that supported that opinion and that side to the story. For example in my election story piece I chose to use a picture of Jeremy Corbyn and then also Theresa May and then an image of their parties logo as I felt that this showed the two different opinions that are key in this story and also showed the part leaders that represent them and that choose them as their opinion in this debate. Then from this I went onto the American Election and Brexit story where I did something similar for these stories as I did for my first one. I set them up with the two different supporters of the different opinions and then added them in; I had to however alter it slightly for the Brexit story as I just had the title of Brexit in the image along with the two different opinions. I found this a very easy way of doing this and I think that it worked really well. I did alternate them throughout the shoot to try different set ups and ways of laying my work out but I felt that keeping it basic for now was a good thing to do as I had already planned to do something for the set up of joiners and I decided to keep that part of it for that shoot and not try to get a perfect joiner by testing lots of different set ups. I think that this shoot has shown me different ways of using opinions within photography and how to show them through news stories, other than developing my skills with the colour reverse technique. Much like my other shoots I have aimed to get around 30 shots for my work and in this shoot I also aimed for this too, I put these images onto a contact sheet which I have put below,


I then went on to editing my images and I found this and the way that I did this was firstly picking three of my best images, one for each news story and then putting all of these images into black and white, I then changed the key opinions back to there original colours to highlight them. I found this process very easy as I had done it before in previous shoots in the past. I think that this technique really helped me highlight my opinions and I also feel that I sued the technique that I had chosen to its full advantage. I feel that because of this it will really help me in my final shoot if I choose to use this technique. I am still unsure of wither I will use this technique in my final shoot or not but I will decide this once I have taken my images and have seen what they are like. I have included my final three edited images below.

In other shoots that I have done I have included shots throughout my shoot and put them onto my contact sheet to show how I set my work up. In my other shoots I had found this really helpful and I felt this way in this shoot also as it showed me how my work was set up and if I ever wanted to use that shoot again or the images from it then I could use them knowing how I set them up and the different ways that I could set them up. I also made sure to set up my different shots where you could clearly see the different images that I had used and that would also make it easier for me when it came to editing the images so that I could clearly change the colours and they could still be seen within the images.

This shoot was based in the studio and I felt that this was very helpful to me and I benefited from it a lot because I had the opportunity to use everything there like the lights, a tripod and also to have a backdrop to my images. However for this shoot in particular I decided just to use a tripod as I felt this is all that I needed to use. The lights that I used in these images were soft box lights and I think that this enhanced the colors in the images, which therefor made them a lot brighter when I edited my images.

I feel that my shoot went well, I think that the images that I got from this shoot were very good and will really help me for this project and I can use them effectively. However with a lot of my shoots I have found some things that I can improve on and I think that it is good to find things like this as it shows you have analyzed your work well and that you have identified flaws in your work. Something that I would have improved in my work especially in this shoot would be the way that I set up my images; I think that I should have experimented with different ways of doing this.

For this piece of work I manly focused on artist inspiration rather than research into stories, the reason that I chose to do this is because I was doing a technical shoot rather than a conceptual shoot. The artist that I researched and took inspiration from was Nico Gooden, the reason that I chose to do this was because he uses the colure reverse technique and I thought that his work would help me with my shoot. Here is an image that I used from his work that I took inspiration from and I found it very helpful for my shoot.

This image really helped me for artist inspiration as it showed me a really good way of using the technique. The technique is clearly shown in the image and I think that it is a very effective way of using this technique. The artist has taken something key that he has found in this image and highlighted it using this technique. This image gave me a lot of inspiration for my work because of the way he created this particular piece of work.

I felt that this shoot was quite challenging for me, the reason I thought this is because I had only shot with joiners a few times previous to this so I was still working on my skills with joiners and finding out the different ways to set them up and how I could actually show my stories through them. Not only this but I was also working on how I could represent opinions through a joiner and using color reverse in my work, even though I had used this technique before I still found it quite challenging as I was using it in a different context to what I had done before.

Compared to the other technical shoots that I had done I found this one very different to others as I was using a different technique and I was using something that wasn’t involved in any of my other shoots. I think that the only thing that I found similar about these shoots is that I was still using news stories and joiners, which is my main project focus.


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