Experimental Shoot 6 Evaluation

For my sixth experimental shoot I completed another conceptual shoot and now going through my project this is my third experimental shoot in the conceptual category. In this project I have planned to do four experimental shoots that will help me to conceptually develop my idea. As this is my third I have one more to complete after this one and this will then mean that all of my conceptual experiments are complete. For my other four experimental shoots I will be completing technical shoots where I will be trying to technically develop my idea further. As I am working with joiners for my final major project I found it quite hard initially to work out what I could do for my conceptual shoots and I thought that a lot of my shoots would look very similar and there would be much variety or difference in my work. However because of the subject that I chose to focus on for this shoot is quite complex and in many different ways has variety, I eventually managed to plan out some conceptual shoots that I feel are different in there own way and initially all of the images that produce from these shoots will look different and hopefully this means that they wont be similar in anyway and not all look the same. Whilst planning these shoots I had to take into consideration my technical shoots also and try not to include anything from these that I would be including my technical experiments as I felt that this would be another factor that could make a lot of my work similar. However there were some technical things that I had to take into consideration for this shoot and also my other conceptual experiments that I hadn’t already planned to do for my technical experiments.

For this experimental shoot I focused on two new stories and chose to represent these through joiners. The two news stories that I chose to focus on where, The General Election and also Brexit. The reason that I chose to focus on these news stories in particular is because they are currently in the news and are always being brought up and debated across not only the news but also the media. I thought that because these news stories were so popular they would be really easy to analyse and create scenarios and I wasn’t wrong I found these news stories really easy to shoot because of the amount of things that have come from and also the amount of coverage they have had in the news. Whilst planning this shoot I decided to do some research into the new stories that I had chosen in order to expand my knowledge and gain so more pointers and facts that I could possibly use for my shoot. I already knew that this research would be very helpful for my when it came to my research as in a previous shoot that I had done I also did some research similar to this and I found it very helpful so I knew that I had to continue doing similar research like this in other shoots. From this research I did find a few different points that I could use and knew that I could possibly create in my shoot, I did decide to go with a couple of these but however I did decide to leave a few of them just in case I decided to go with any of these news stories in my final shoot.

The way that I decided to set up my work was based on other shoots that I had done that were conceptual, I also had to focus on the stories that I was working on and what I was trying to represent. This meant that there were a variety of different ways in which I could present my work. The scenarios that I chose to construct for these joiners in particular I hoped would show the divide in opinion between the two parties for the election story and a difference in opinion of the country for the brexit story. The way that I chose to do this was by gathering some images from the Internet that would show this. For the general election story I wanted to show the difference between the two main party leaders in the running for prime minister, these two people are Theresa May and also Jeremy Corbyn. During my research for this shoot I found out a lot more about there party manifestos and what they wanted to do for the country, doing this research and finding out these things made me realise just how much the are different and how they want different things not only for themselves but also the country. These differences have been portrayed a lot in the media and this is what gave me the idea to show a difference in opinion through a joiner. For this story I decided to have a picture of each leader and then surround them with the different news headlines relating to them and there party and I also used key images that I found that represent them in the election. I had previously done something similar to this in one of my previous experimental shoots but in this shoot I focused on the American General Election, I felt that this worked really well so I thought that as the news story was very similar that I could do something similar for this story. Then in my brexit story I knew that brexit is purely based on opinions and the decision of the public, for this news story I found some headlines and some key images much like I did in my election story and I joined them up to show a difference in opinion. I think that this shoot helped me not only to represent a news story through a joiner but it also helped me to show an opinion through a joiner and it showed me that there were different ways of doing this. In a lot of my experimental shoots I have aimed to get around 30 shots to be able to fill a contact sheet, I have managed to do this and I have put a copy of the contact sheet below.

Like my American election shoot I took pictures throughout the shoot to show my set up of my images. I did this to show the audience how I set up my work and also in case I go back to this work in the future and want to know how to set up a certain shot. I also did this so that I could get a variety of different shots that would also show a difference in opinions but in different ways. I also made sure to set up my shots in a way that would make it clear who’s on opinion is who’s and to make the stories clear to the audience.

This shoot was based in the studio and I felt that this was very helpful to me and I benefited from it a lot because I had the opportunity to use everything there like the lights, a tripod and also to have a backdrop to my images. However for this shoot in particular I decided just to use a tripod as I felt this is all that I needed to use, I think that the lights wouldn’t have added much to the image and I didn’t want to spend ages adjusting them with the camera and making my shots more complicated as the shoot I was doing was conceptual not technical.

I feel that my shoot went well,I think that the images that I got from this shoot were very good and will really help me for this project and I can use them effectively. However with a lot of my shoots I have found some things that I can improve on and I think that it is good to find things like this as it shows you have analysed your work well and that you have identified flaws in your work. Something that I would improve in this shoot if I had to complete it again would be working with a wider variety of news stories, I think that I could look at a lot more different news stories that could show a difference in opinion and try and represent these in a similar way to how I did before in this shoot. Other than this I am really happy with the results that I got and I wouldn’t do anything else at this moment in time to change them.

For this piece of work in particular I mainly focused on my research rather than artist inspiration. In a lot of my other shoots I had looked at an artist that has used joiners and taken inspiration from their work and tried to recreate it, however in this shoot I decided to do it differently and focus more on my research and the messages and meanings behind my news stories rather than focusing on set up. I think that this was a really good thing to do as it really showed that I was more focused on the conceptual side of things and not the technical. I had already done some artist research in my other conceptual shoot plans too so I wanted make sure there was some variety in my shoot plans.

When I was doing my shoot I had a rough idea in my mind of how I wanted to set up my work but I had nothing set in stone, however there were only a certain amount of things that I could do with the materials that I had. I tried to experiment with a few different ways of setting up, as I hadn’t made a final decision. Examples of this can be found on my contact sheet.

I felt that this shoot was quite challenging for me, the reason I thought this is because I had only shot with joiners a few times previous to this so I was still working on my skills with joiners and finding out the different ways to set them up and how I could actually show my stories through them. Not only this but I was also working on how I could represent opinions through a joiner so this to me was another part of a skill that I needed to learn also. I found it quite difficult at first to construct my work and whilst doing it I was breaking it down in my mind and analysing it also to see if it made sense to me as I knew that if it made some sense to me then it would make some sense to the audience.

Compared to my other conceptual shoots that I have done I feel that there are something things that made them similar and some things that showed the difference between them. A prime example of how I think that they are the same is because I am focusing on news stories and news stories are always making an appearance in my conceptual shoots. The reasons for this is because this is want I to focus on in my joiners for my final shoot and I have had to experiment with a variety of different ones. A prime example of how my work is difference is that in each of my news stories I have had something different each time to represent. For example in my first conceptual shoot I was representing something that was a tragedy in the world and showing how the events unfolded. But in my second conceptual shoot I was showing a topic that people were following for a lot longer than the first story and was on-going and changing all the time. I feel that the comparing these shoots shows me what I can do to other shoots in order to make them different.


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