Experimental Shoot 5 Evaluation

For my fifth experimental shoot I planned and shot a technical shoot for my final major project. This experimental shoot will go along side all of my other seven experimental shoots to make a total of eight experimental shoots. The reason that I am doing this for my final major project is because it will help me to develop my idea and my work further in order to make it better and also to see that if in my final shoot, I need to change something’s or if there is anything that I need to do differently. Some of these technical aspects I have never focused on before during my time in photography but some of them I have so these shoots will also help me to learn new technical skills and develop others that I have used and learnt previously. I hope that all of my shoots will help me in one way or another and from my plans I think that these will be able to help me in some way towards my final pieces and I think that I have effectively planned each of my shoots including research and artist influence which will all go towards both my final shoot and my final evaluation. When planning these experimental shoots I also had to take into consideration my other shoots, which were my conceptual shoots and the ideas that went along with these. In these shoot plans I tried to incorporate research and also other stuff like my general knowledge and information from websites, along with this I also tried as much as I could to make all of my ideas different and also add some variety into my work. I also included some artist research into my shoot plans and these influence research posts helped me both technically and conceptually as I was able to analyze their images that I had chosen and pick out different aspects from their work that I can then go on to putting these aspects into my work. The reason that I wanted to do this was so that all of my work didn’t look the same and that I could use my experiments to there full advantage by using different ideas and techniques to help with my work and this research can also be put towards my additional artist research which is included in my work. In my technical shoots it was also important that I focused on the subjects of my joiners also as if I just put some material together and it had no context to it, I feel it wouldn’t make sense and what I was trying to do and put across wouldn’t come across as well s I initially thought.

For this experimental shoot I was working on different ways that I could set up joiners using Photoshop, I had already planned and shot a separate shoot that was showing different ways that I could create joiners but in this shoot I was focusing on the ways that I could do this without photo shop and being able to physically do this and then photographing it flat rather than taking a few different images and putting different things in and joining them together in different ways on Photoshop. On this shoot I was thinking of what to use for my shoot and whether I should take some images first or use some images from the internet and then join them together my self on Photoshop, because of the amount of time that it took for me to do one Photoshop experiment I decided that I would just keep it at one and not waste any more time making other ones that I could potentially not be happy with at the end of it. Because of the way that I created mine and the result that I got I was happy to only have one experiment to use for this shoot. The way that I created this joiner was by taking one image from the Internet and dividing it up into a grid style layout and separating each of the different pieces so it would still give off this effect. In my shoot plan I never stated what I would actually use as my subject for my joiner but after looking into different things that I could have used I decided that I would use an image from the internet from the one love Manchester concert which took place in honor of the victims of the Manchester terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert. I decided to use this as this event only happened very recently and I decided that it would be very effective to use this story now and not in another shoot in a few weeks time. I used a basic image of the crowd, which also included the stage, and an act performing, I feel that this image included enough detail for me to separate and re join together for my final piece for this shoot. As I wasn’t actually shooting anything for this shoot I didn’t really know how to present my work, the reason that I felt this is because previously in all of my other experimental shoots I had already put a contact sheet in as I was actually shooting images. However in this shoot I was just readjusting on Photoshop, so I eventually found a way that I could present my work in a contact sheet style way but without shooting images. Throughout my process in Photoshop I went through at very key step of my edit and screen grabbed what I was doing, this showed the process of my work and the different steps that I went through to create my final image. I had already done this in previous shoots too where I took different shots to show the set up of my images and the different formats that I could have that specific image in, so I thought that making a contact sheet in this way would still be just a s effective as shooting lots of different images. My contact sheet for this shoot I have included below.


The way that I wanted to lay this image out was in a grid style format and to create this I also had to include some math and some measuring of the image that I was using in order to get an effective and even result for my work. The way that I made this image was to work out how many different square I could have in my image and for all of the square to be equal, I feel that this is very important because otherwise the whole image would look very distorted if not and it wouldn’t look as even as I wanted it to. I worked out that my image was 70cm by 50 cm and using these measurements I could have an image with 25 squares in total I did however had to round u some of the measurements when looking at the image size to make all of the sides equal. I think that this is really important that I did this because I found it much more effective and therefore easier to make joiner in the way I wanted to as I could split my pieces up into equal numbers rather than having lots of different decimal points and numbers to deal with. I found that the easiest way to separate my images was to equally divide up each of my pieces and crop them in the way that would make them this size, I had this image and went back and forward each time I needed to crop a different piece, I found that this was the most effective way of doing this and looing at my final results I think that I managed to achieve an equally laid out result. I had this laid out in one tab of Photoshop and in the second I had a plain white piece that I was putting the cropped pieces onto, I think that this was the best way to do it and to set out my work as it meant that I was keeping all of my pieces separate from each other and starting to lay them out each time I had cropped them so they were in order and in some order. When I had cropped all of my pieces for my image I then went onto changing the images and putting them together so that they were all equal, doing this on Photoshop made it a lot easier for me as once I placed on image I then went onto moving the others and when it was equal with the first there were some pink lines that showed up around the images and these indicated to me that there were equal gaps in between the images to create the grid effect. Once I had got all of my images equal I then chose two of the pieces and I then swapped them, the reason that I did this is because during my research I researched a picture in a similar style to the image that I created and in this image he had done the same thing and because I was using him as an artist for inspiration, I thought that I should include something like this other than the layout of the image to show that I understand the artists work and I have identified the different aspects of there images effectively.

The research that I did for this shoot was based on David Hockney as in his work he has created joiners that I thought that I could create on photo shop. I talked about the different ways that he laid out his work and also analyzed some of his images to then use as inspiration for my work. I found this research very effective as it gave me the opportunity to get ideas from it and actually complete my shoot confidently. Here is an example of one if the images that I analyzed and also why I found it effective for my work.

This is the image that I used for my research  for this shoot, I think that I managed to recreate this image very well and I still managed to include my own story and my own subject rather than using a image similar to the one in the images. My final can be found on my contact sheet.

I feel that this experiment for me went very well and I managed to achieve and good result from it. However I feel that my shoot didn’t go as very much to plan as I expected, the reason that I feel this is because I didn’t manage to get the same amount of results in this shoot as I initially planned. I initially planned in my shoot plan to get three final results from this shoot but because of the time it took to do this shoot and the time it took to edit and join all of my images together I decided to only do one image and not three. The reason that I chose to do this as not only because of time but it as also because I wanted to have one image that I was happy with and that I spent a lot of time on rather than having three rushed images that I weren’t happy with.

I felt that this shoot was quite challenging for me as I hadn’t done lots of work on Photoshop before and prior to my shoot I didn’t feel that I had much experience in doing what I wanted to do. However I managed to work on it and I am still very happy with my results. I think that challenging yourself within a shoot especially a technical one is good as it makes you push yourself further in your work in order to get better results and develop your skills.

Compared to my other technical shoots I felt that this one was a lot different to the others because of the technique that I was focusing on and the process that I used in my images. Previously I had done a lot of work in the studio for my technical shoots but in this shoot I had done all of my work on Photoshop so it was very different to what I had done in previous technical shoots. I think the way that they were similar is that I managed to still incorporate a news story into this, which is the main focus of my work.



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