Experimental Shoot 3 Evaluation

For my third experimental shoot I completed a second conceptual shoot to develop the subject behind my idea for this project. For this project I have planned four experimental shoots that will conceptually develop my idea and also four more experimental shoots that will technically develop my idea.I tried to make all of shoots very different but sometimes I found this quite difficult because of my subject that I chose and in some ways it can be see as quite similar. For this shoot I decided to do something quite similar to my first shoot but try and change it up as much as I can in order to try and make it look different and to not have similar ideas and images. Initially when I first started to plan my experimental shoots I decided to try and find a lot of different news stories and mews topics and shoot them in joiner form so I had a more clear understanding of what I liked and what I didn’t like so that I could try and figure out which ones I wanted to use and which ones I didn’t want to use all based on opinion of how the images looked, because of this I decided to stick with this plan when planning my shoots and choosing what to do for my conceptual experiments. I also had to take into consideration my technical experiments and try and think of some ways that I could combine the two together but I couldn’t actually think of any ways to do this so I decided not to include this in any of my experimental shoots.

For this experimental shoot I decided to focus on a different news story and shoot it in a similar way to how I shot my previous experiment. For this shoot I chose to foci on American Politics, mainly the American General Election which happened back in 2016. Whilst planning this shoot I did some research into this subject so that I could have a clearer understanding about what the story involved and the different aspects of it. I used my own knowledge of the story and also got some information from election news pages from the time. I then collated this information together to create a couple of paragraphs about the story to get more information. The reason that I chose to do this is so that I could see if there were any scenarios or keys points that I could pull out from my information to use in my experimental shoot. I found a few that I could have potentially used but decided to use just one scenario that I pulled from the story, the reason that I chose to do this was so that I could save ay of the other things for my final shoot if I was to choose this news story to use for my final shoot as it would have meant that I wouldn’t have had anything to shoot for my final if I was to use it.

The scenario that I chose to use for this story was to show the divide in opinion and the opposition between the two candidates in the running for president. The way that I chose to do this was to firstly get two pictures one of Donald Trump and also one of Hilary Clinton. I used these images as a base for my shoot and this meant that I could add things to this to make the scenario a lot clearer and to show there difference in opinions a lot more. The way that I chose to do this was to print out some things from the election campaign that would effectively show their difference in views and opinions. The things that I printed off for this were their party logo’s, them taking part in debates, the election results in pictures, headlines where they were mainly featured from the time of the election and also I included funny images that people has made based on the election and they actions during this time from start to finish. I then joined them together to create my joiner, to set this up I put the two images of the candidates together and then slowly go onto adding images that I found to each side of them. Like my previous experimental shoot I took pictures of my joiner as and when I added and removed images to show the progress of my joiner and the different results that I got from adding and taking away images. I also created a joiner for the candidates on their own which I could use rather than the big joiner as it may become a lot clearer to the audience about what I am trying to do and the point that I am trying to put across. I got around 30 shots for this shoot much like my previous experimental shoot and also like before I put them onto a contact sheet to present them which is below.

In this shoot I also included some single sots of the different images that I used and set some of them up on their own in different ways to show a difference in opinions and the difference between the two candidates. An examples of where I did this was when I got the two images of the different party logos and put them together to show the opposition, I then created the same thing but added in the picture of the candidates to make it clearer who supports which side.

This shoot was based in the classroom and not in the studio as I thought that I didn’t need any lighting or other equipment so I didn’t need to use the studio. What I did was set my joiners up on the large white tables in the classroom this way similar to my first experimental shoot was done. I just used my camera for this shoot as I didn’t feel that I needed to use a tripod for this shoot in particular.

I feel that my shoot went very well but I think that If I had to complete it again them I would do some things differently. For example I would try and experiment and with different scenarios that I pulled from my information and also I would try and see if there was any way that I could incorporate another news story. In terms of a technical addition to this shoot I would also like to experiment with this idea whilst working in the studio rather than working in the classroom.

For this work I took inspiration from David Hockney and his joiner work I picked on of his pieces and tried to copy the pattern and the style of the image and incorporate this into my work. I also tried to compose joiners in a different way, the way that I think joiners should look and design something in a way that I think is also as effective as David Hockney’s work.  I chose this research to support my idea. The piece of David Hockney’s work  that I took inspiration from for this experiment is;

The reason that I chose to use this piece of work as inspiration is because of the way it is laid out, you can see all of the images very clearly and they are all laid out straight and neatly. With my joiner I wanted it to have the same sort of style and effect and I tested different others ways of making different joiners but with some of the images you couldn’t see them very clearly.  Even though the way I set mine up didn’t create one big image like this I still liked the way that it turned out because all of the images were clear and you could see them all.

I think that this test was very challenging for me as it was based around leaning a new skill and I had to both design and compose something that I had never done before in my previous work. During my work as I was constructing my joiner, there was certain shots where I had to reconstruct my joiners to show them in a different way. I think that when you initially look at my images they may not look very challenging or creative but a lot of planning went into it in terms of behind the scenes of the shoot as I had to create a story and a scenario for my joiners in order for them to make sense to me and also to the audience. I also demonstrated in this shoot my knowledge of a news story as I was able to create a scenario from the knowledge of my story and my background idea. Compared to my previous shoot I think that I have learnt more this time around as during this shoot I thought and considered the story behind the images a bit more in order to test out different ideas and select different days of showing the story.

The main idea for this shoot I didn’t actually have when I was planning my idea as I just chose a news topic rather than a specific story. So from my shoot plan I have then had to select a news story and then decide on a way that I could represent it and almost rewrite the story in my own way.

From my research I had to try and decide on a story that I could follow for my joiner. I had a few different stories that I could use and I tried to incorporate all of these into my shoot in order to represent them. I think that I could have made my shoot slightly more challenging for me by incorporating photoshop into my images to get some final results. To do this I could have taken some of my final images and merged them into joiner form in photoshop to get a different image and variety of results for me to evaluate. This is something that I would have to consider when it comes to doing this shoot again if it came to it.

Compared to my first shoot that I did I think that they are similar in some ways in terms of the way that I set up my joiners and the way that I pieced my images together. Something that I changed for this shoot was the news story that I used. The reason that I changed this is because I wanted to have some difference in my shoots and I didn’t want them all to be the exact same. This also gave me the chance to experiment with different     news stories that I can then decide on for my final shoot.


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