Experimental Shoot 1 Evaluation

For my final major project I have planned eight experimental shoots as preparation for my final shoot and also to show development of my idea. As I am working with joiners for my final project I planned a few different shoots where I would create different joiners and experiment with different news stories in order to create them. These are classed as my conceptual shoots as they are helping to develop my idea and my subject of my project. I also planned a few technical shoots where I plan to experiment things such as background colours, photoshop experiments and also experimenting different ways of creating joiners without photoshop. I have completed my first experimental shoot where I did a conceptual shoot which involved me focusing on a murder and violence story as this could be one of the stories that I decide to use for my final shoot. Whilst planning this shoot I focused on a photographer called Tyler Hicks who is a photographer for the new york times and has photographed many wars and violent attacks across the world for the newspaper. Researching his work before hand and planning a shoot around his work an inspired by his work really helped me to understand the meaning of his work and how murder and violence can be portrayed through photography. I focused mainly on the photojournalism aspect of his work as I was planning a conceptual shoot rather than a technical shoot as I thought this was a lot more relevant to what I was planning to do.

When it came to planning what I would shoot for my experiment I chose to find a famous murder and violence news story in the news and this could be anything from years and years ago to something that happened very recently. After looking through different news stories that I had found online one that stuck out to me a lot was the Stephen Laurence Murder. This happened back in 1993 and this murder is still one of the most popular and famous murders to the day, the reason that I chose to use this news story and not a more recent one is because I felt I knew a lot more about it because I had studied it for this shoot prior to planning it and I had also studied it during school so I knew a bit more about it. I also decided to choose it as I knew there was a lot of news coverage from this story even though I want actually born at the time of the murder I still knew that there was a lot of news coverage and newspaper headlines that I could use for this shoot.

For my shoot I used some ways to create a joiner that I researched from artists such as David Hockney and also Christian Marclay. I used their joiner technique as I guide so I knew how to set up my work and how to present it. To create my joiners I used a few different ways of creating them and I also included shots of the different stages of which the joiners where at as I created them. To do this I took a shot at every point where I added or took away a picture from the joiner. The joiners I created where to show the different news headlines that occurred around the time of the murder. I also tried to experiment a bit with photoshop to create a final image but I didn’t focus to much on this as I had already planned a technical shoot where I would be creating different joiners using photoshop.

The shoot that I did took place out of the studio and what I did was collect of few images based around the attack and I created a joiner that spread across all of the table that I used and showed all of the events and the key images from the attack that happened in one place. The contact sheets of all of my images are below.


These are the images that I got from my first experimental shoot. To create these images I created a joiner in the style of David Hockney’s work. I looked at a lot of different ways that I could create my joiners and I used different techniques from Hockney’s joiner work that I have previously researched to influence my work. Here are some of his images that I used from his work as inspiration.

I think that this shoot was very challenging as it was the first time that I had ever had to create a joiner and because I had chosen to copy some of David Hockney’s work I found it a lot harder as I knew that I had an extra challenge to try and get my work as close to his as I could. I also had to try and challenge myself to create something with some depth and meaning but also looked good as a joiner.

This idea has been developed from my research and my shoot plan as I didn’t have this idea when I initially planned this shoot.

I am very happy with the way that the shoot went and I feel that it went very well as I got a chance to set up a joiner. I think that the different headlines that I used showed the story ver well and I managed to portray in a way that meant something. However if I was to have to do this shoot again then there are some things that I would change and do differently in order to make the experiment better. To make my shoot better I would like to try and focus on a few other news stories relating to murder and violence and see if there was anything different that I could create. I would also try and create different joiners and create a scenario rather than show different headlines. Finally, I would also like to create a joiner that I can edit and put together on photoshop rather than just shoot it already set up and joined together. These points that I have gathered from my first shoot I can use as pointers to think about for both my other experimental shoots and also my final shoot.


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