News Story Mind Maps and Mood Boards

For this research post I have looked at the different news stories that I could potential focus on for my final shoot. I have already planned experiments based on these stories but this is just a bit more research behind them to learn more about them. For this task I have created a mind map and a mood board for each of the stories to use a visual research for the project.

The news stories that I have chosen for this post;

  • The General Election U.K
  • Murder&Violence (Police&Crime Related News Stories)
  • Terrorism&Isis
  • Brexit
  • American Government And Politics

The General Election UK

General Election











American Politics&Government

American Politics&Government


I used these mind maps and mood boards to gain extra knowledge about the news stories and topics I could potentially be using for my final piece in my project. I feel that taking all of this research into account that I have learnt a lot from this and I feel confident that I know at least five of six good facts about each one that I can use towards my final piece. The reason that I chose to do this task is not only to learn more about the stories, but to see which different scenarios that I could create and even though some of the stories have been happening for ages, I wanted to see if there was anything that I could fine happening within this story that is currently iconic or a key part of that story.

The reason I chose to have both a mind map and a mood bard as part of my research is so that I could have both a visual and a written piece of research that I can refer back to when I come to plan my final shoot and also when I come to do my final shoot. I also decided to do this as I thought it would be very helpful to have during my shoots as if there is anything that I want to change about my idea or what I am shooting then I having something to refer back to as a guide so I know what my research was and what I looked at before my final shoot. I think this will help me to develop my idea conceptually as my whole idea is based on joiners and the subject is news stories and news topics and this has helped me learn more about my subject meaning that I develop forward in the project by going onto choosing which aspects of certain news stories I can focus on and also which news topics I want to refer back to for my final shoot. In terms of research into news stories I decided to mainly choose stories that are around in the press now rather than older news stories as because I would like to use newspaper and magazine cutouts I think it would be a lot harder to find things that would relate to older news stories. I also think that the audience would know about more recent news stories rather than the older ones and my work will be a lot easier to understand.

Compared to my other pieces of research that I have done where I have analyzed images and pulled out different aspects from them, with this one I will be able to keep the mind maps in particular handy for when I do my shoots to keep my ideas and my mind fresh if I ever have a mind blank.


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