Image Based Solutions

As part of our research for our project we have researched different artists and analyzed their work. To show that we understand their work we have to create a solution to their working meaning that we have to create something similar to what they have created before and use our own style to create it. I will be creating two image-based solutions for each different artist and to do this I will be choosing a piece of their work that I really liked and I will be creating something similar to this. As this isn’t classed as an experimental shoot there is no planning involved behind it because it is more researched based. We could also find pictures on the Internet that we felt related to these photographers and there work. I have included my image-based solutions below with an explanation behind them and also a meaning.

Tyler Hicks


I think that this image really relates to Tyler Hicks as throughout his work he captures the affects on others when it comes to war and battles. Most images that are taken by photographers who cover war in the news  just show the fights and the battles and there isn’t much coverage of how things affect others. This image shows the true meaning behind what it means to be a solider and how the war can affect those people. This image shows a solider standing next to his fellow solider who has died not much of this gets covered in the news and it is really good to show this as it shows the close connections between the soldiers and how they not only fight together but they also care for each other.


I think this image is also very relatable to Tyler Hicks as it shows the action shots of war and what goes on. As well as showing what happens behind closed doors in the war and how it affects people but he also creates still action shots of soldiers at war, much like this image. This image shows how the war also affects the environment and the surroundings of the soldiers. I think that if you didn’t know that another photographer took this image then you could definitely consider that this would be an image that was taken by Tyler Hicks.

David Hockney

095 (for internet)

This piece of work that I found online is very similar to the work of David Hockney. The reason that I feel this is because of the way that the scenario is shot. An iconic piece of David Hockney’s work is called The Scrabble Game, the way that image is shot is from the point of view of the fourth player, the way this piece of work has been shot is very similar to this as it is in the point of view of the person pushing the cart. The way the images are pieced together and laid out are also very similar to Hockney’s.  There are pieced together in a very similar way to the scrabble game by Hockney. Because of these two key points it is very clear that maybe this image in particular was taken and used as an influence for this piece of work.


This image I found from the Internet, I feel is very much relatable to the work of David Hockney’s. I feel that this is the case purely because of the way that the image is shot and also that the way that the image is laid out. The image is pieced together in a joiner form similar to some of the work of Hockney. However the way that it is laid out puts this persons own unique style on Hockney’s work. The way that they are laid out gives a 3D disjointed affect to the image. The further that the image goes back and the further that the image goes deeper the more disjointed it becomes and the way that it looks makes it seem 3D or almost like it has a kaleidoscope effect.

Christian Marclay

This is an image that I created myself based on the work of Christian Marclay. The way that I created this image was by gathering together a few popular pop and famous album covers and cropping them up and joining them together to create a body. I used the different body parts from the different album covers and gave them a disjointed affect also as this is something that was included in Christian Marclays work. The reason that I chose to create this as a similar piece to Christian Marclay is because of the content. In his work Marclay is known for using LP covers in his work and I put my own modern twist on his work by using CD covers instead. I have also created something similar as an inspiration for Christian Marclays work.

David Burnett


I chose this image as a solution for David Burnett’s work as I feel that this is something very similar to what he has created before. Some of his work involves the Olympics both in 2016 and also in 2012 and this image is also taken from another photographer who took pictures during the London 2012 Olympics.  I think that they are very similar to Burnett’s work because of the style of the images. Similar to Burnett’s work this photographer also captures freeze frames and action shots of the athletes and then puts his image into black and white for affect and this is also something that David Burnett is know for. I also feel that this photographer’s work is very iconic and the images that they create could be used as iconic images for adverts and to help represent the Olympics and this is something that I also feel about David Burnett’s work.

London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony

This image that I found from the Internet I feel is also very similar to the first image that I analyzed . I feel that it is also a very iconic image and this photographer creates very similar and Iconic work much like David Burnett.

These image based solutions are being used for our research to show that we understand the meaning of the photographers work and that we can identify how their work has been created by creating something similar of our own.



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