Experimental Shoot & Research 8 Conceptual

As part of my final major project it is key that we do some research into our ideas both conceptually and technically. I have chosen to research some different artists that will both conceptually and technically develop my idea. I have already completed my technical research where I researched artists who use joiners and during this research I learnt a lot more about joiners and how they are made and the different ways you can create them, from this research I managed to plan and shoot some experiments for my work which have helped me to develop my idea further. I have also researched one other conceptual artist where I learnt more about photojournalism, as this is the subject that I want to focus on for my final major project. I learnt about a hard hitting photographer called ‘Tyler Hick’s’ who’s work saw him being all over the world involved in different wars and also being put in situations where his life could be endangered. As I am working with news stories I have also done some research into the news stories I want to focus on and seen how I can develop my ideas and my shoot plans according to my research.

For this part of my experimental research I will be looking at some other news stories in depth much similar to the way I looked at the news stories for my last experimental shoot. The reason that I am doing this is so that I have a back up plan for my initial idea. During my shoots and also when I am editing my final shoot if I feel that my results aren’t good enough and also if I don’t like them then I can refer back to this and decide whether there is something different that I want to shoot. I hope that I don’t have to refer back to this because I would really like to be able to use the news stories that I have originally planned to use. But it is very handy to have this on hand if anything goes wrong and if there is anything that I need to change or use differently. The two original news stories that I chose to use where, Brexit and also The Up General Election. These are two of the most popular news stories currently happening in the UK right now and the coverage of this news has spanned over several months making them not only popular news stories but also controversial debates and arguments. As my back up for this shoot I have chosen two other news stories to use in case I don’t like the results from these ones. For this shoot as my back ups I have chosen to focus on and research Terrorism Worldwide and also American Politics. The reason I have chosen these two news stories is because they were very close to the ones that I finally chose for my final idea. These news stories have been covered multiple times both currently and also in previous years. I think there could be a lot that I could do with these news stories much like the final two news stories that I hope to use. There are different ways that I can approach the subjects and I can both focus on one issue and represent it in different ways or I could follow a different route and show different opinions and viewpoints of the topic using different news headlines and front-page images from newspapers and magazines.


For this shoot the two news story that I have chosen to focus on is;

  • Terrorism

To show that I know more about these subjects I have done some research into the story. I have studied how they are being covered currently and also the story behind them and how they have previously been covered.


Terrorism is something that happens worldwide and thousands of attacks happen ever years whether they are attacks on people or attacks of public spaces or buildings. Terrorist attacks have resulted in thousands of deaths also with innocent people losing their lives as a result of a small or major attack on their country. The most recent attack was on London in March 2017 where multiple people where killed after someone attempted to break into the houses of parliament in Westminster London. The day that this happened resulted in that day being marked down in history because of the extremes that the event resulted in. It was a day that London united together and supported each other and the victims of whose lives where lost. This was documented in the news over multiple days and the coverage showed everything from the people who lost their lives, live updates straight after the attack and also the aftermath and how it affected the country.

There have also been some other iconic terrorist attacks that have happened across the world including 9/11 in America and also the 7/7 bombings, which happened in London in 2005. Any day that a terrorist attack happens the news stories are covered all over the world and it becomes a day that people will remember and think about when it rolls around again. The coverage of the news worldwide is always so touching and each country will represent the story differently but will still show respect to the people that have lost their lives as a result of these attacks and also show the facts behind the attacks unfolding the news and events as and when they happen. As well as live coverage on TV and Radio, the news is still covered in similar ways in newspapers and magazines with newspaper front pages and headlines being some of the most iconic following a terrorist attack.

Shoot Plan 

For this shoot I hope to find out what my final images will roughly look like and how my idea has developed since I first started my work. This shoot will also help me to determine whether the news stories that I have chosen will be good enough to use as back up stories for my shoots and whether I really should consider changing my final news stories before I start my final shoots.

For the terrorism story I would like to create a joiner based on the news headlines from different terrorist attacks that have happened. I will find these news headlines on the Internet from Google images and also news websites. I will merger them together in a joiner form to show the different attacks that have happened worldwide and represent them by using the news headlines.

I think that the research that i have done will help me within this shoot, the reason that I think this is because in previous conceptual shoot plans that I have done I haven’t really focused on any research at all, I usually just come up with different ideas that I think are good and are Plan a Shoot around them rather than adding things in like research.

I think that this Shoot will challenge me but not at the same level as my other shoots have challenged me. I feel that previous shoots that I have done have really challlenged me and pushed me further within my work. However because this one is quite similar to the others that I have done I feel that it won’t be as challenging as I expect it to be. I think that it’s okay in some way to not have any challenges in your work sometimes as it shows that you are confident in what you are doing and that you won’t have any struggles within your work.

If I feel that this news story is more suited to me compared to others that I have already chosen then I will see if there is anything that I can do to change them and compare them to my other work and see whether it is suitable for my to change my ideas for this or not.

The equipment that I will be using for this shoot will be;

  • Camera with 18-55mm lens- To take my images
  • Memory Card- To store images
  • Tripod- To steady my camera
  • Magazine and Newspapers- To create my joiners

This shoot will help me to show development in my project, as I will need to make some decisions after this shoot as to whether these subjects are still suitable and see what I can change.



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