Experimental Shoot & Research 7 Technical

To show progression and development from my initial project proposal to my final set of images I have to complete some experimental shoots. Purely to test out my ideas and my plans to see if they go well or not an also to see if there is anything that I can change in order to make my project better and to see if there is anything that I need to take away from the idea if it is not going the way that I planned it. There are different experimental shoots that I have to complete which are four conceptual shoots in order to progress and develop my idea further in terms of the planning and the actual idea. There is also the technical shoots which there are four of, these are to help me develop my idea technically and see if there are any technical aspects I can add or take away from my idea in order to technically improve it. I have already planned and completed a most of my experimental shoots and this shoot in particular will be a technical shoot. Along with all of my shoot plans I include some research to support my idea and I use the research as inspiration for my shoot. For this experimental shoot I will be experimenting an idea that I have regarding black and white photography and colour reverse.

For my final shoot I will be creating a joiner that is based around news stories. Some of the things that I will be creating will be surrounding opinions and this could include lots of different opinions or just two opinions. There is a way that I could involve black and white photography and colour reverse into this idea. The way that I could do this would be by setting up a scene in joiner form that shows the divide in the two or multiple opinions and making the whole thing black and white. By making sure that I include something that shows which opinion that, that person supports then I will be able to colour reverse this and just highlight the key thing that they support in colour so it stands out in the image and becomes more recognisable. There is one prime example where I could include this, for one of my final ideas I will be creating joiners based on the news stories and coverage of the UK General Election 2017. This story in particular involves a variety of different opinions and especially between the labour government and the conservative government. I can use this part of the story in particular to create a scene where the two parties are together and the whole image is put in black and white. Then from this I will highlight the parties logo from somewhere in the image and because the parties badges are actually in quite bold and bright colours anyway they will stand out from the rest of the image. I have no idea whether this will fit into my joiner idea at all, it may turn out really good and be a success, however it may not turn out as well as I thought and I will not use this idea for my final shoot. I will find out this result from my experimental shoot. I would prefer to test this out in an experiment compared to my final shoot as during my final shoot, I would like to have everything planned out and I don’t want to be testing out or experimenting anything during my final shoot as I don’t want to waste anytime that I may have as I may need this time to complete any left over work from the project or to complete my final edit and evaluation.

For my research for this shoot I have researched a photographer that uses the technique that I am experimenting for this shoot. The photographer that I found for my research is called Nico Godden.


Nico Godden is a London based photographer who is well known for creating exciting visual content for global brands. He has done a lot of work with different brands all across the world and he doesn’t only use photography to create exciting content for them but he also uses cinema graphs to create movement in his content. Some of his work is very iconic and is displayed worldwide but you just wouldn’t know it is by him. He has worked with brands such as Sky Sports, Citroen, Amazon, Appletiser and also Adidas. He is also very into street photography and this is where his black and white colour selection comes in. His urban street photography is some of his most popular work. He has lots of different pictures, which include street portraits, and urban London landscapes. There is a small section of his work where he includes colour selection. I have included some of his colour selection work below.


This first image see’s a wet umbrella being held up in the rain. The umbrella says I Heart Rain. The colour selection used in this piece is the heart. The whole image has been put into black and white and the only colour that he has changed is the red in the heart. I feel that the red stands out against the black and white and the water running down the heart really stands out as the black and white effect gives it a grey sort of tone and some of blends in with the heart. In some ways you could say that the writing on the image stands out to because it is in black bold writing but because of the effect the colour of the writing has changed to a different tone. I think that the colour selection in this image is really iconic because the connotations of the mood in the image is quite dull and depressing but the bright red colour stands out and brightens the mood of the image. The way that I could use this in my experimental shoot would be to highlight a certain colour to change the mood of the image.
This image sees part of a petrol truck in a petrol station. The whole image has been put into black and white, the colour that has been highlighted in this image is the yellow and the red from the petrol truck. I think that the most iconic thing in this image is the word that the letters spell out from the petrol truck. If you look at the logo then you know the company should spell shell but the way the truck has been positioned the letters on the side spell out hell. This could be a representation of the way that people think London is like and the sort of environment people think that they are in when it comes to being in that place. I think the fact that this has been shown in bright yellow is also something that is iconic as it really makes it stand out in the black and white, even though that this is something that happens with most images that I have looked at I feel that this one is a lot more iconic because of the word that it spells out.
This image sees the side of a building with a piece of graffiti at the bottom that reads ‘I don’t believe in global warming’. Half of the writing it in the water as the water has been raised above the wall and there is a reflection of the writing in the water. As this image has been put into black and white the artist has highlighted the most key point of the image which is the writing. It is hard to tell wether the writing was originally in the colour red or wether it has been changed into red for effect. I think that this is a really poignant images as its not really a piece of graffiti that you would usually see. I think that the colour red really makes it stand out and I also like how there is almost an even split between the two different part of the graffiti, the part that is in the water and also the part that is on the wall. I also like the fact that there is nothing else around in the image as it still puts the focus purely on the graffiti.
This image is a very iconic british photograph and is always seen on prints in peoples homes and also all around London. This picture see’s a shot of an old London bus in the middle of trafalgar square and the artist has highlighted the red bus in this image. I think this is a very iconic thing in this image and is very bold, it makes the bus really stand out in the image and it just makes you forget about everything else in the image. I also think that it is iconic as it takes up most of the images itself and it would stand out anyway without being highlighted on a black and whit background.

This research for my colour change has really helped me to learn more about the technique and how it works and why photographers use it. I have learnt a variety of different ways that you can use the technique and will be taking this into consideration for my final shoot.

Shoot Plan

For this experimental shoot I want to be able to choose some different news stories and use colour change in order to make something in that image iconic. Using my research I can tell that what you highlight in colour within an image doesn’t need to be big and bold, for example in the graffiti image the artist highlighted something small on the bottom of a wall and it wasn’t anything major. An idea that I have had for this shoot it to use some news stories and use the colour change to show a difference in opinion and opinions in general within that news story. In the news currently there is a lot of different news stories that have a variety of different opinions and they can be brought up a lot in the media and debated a lot also. For this shoot the news stories that I have chosen to use are;

  • Brexit
  • General Election UK
  • American Election

The reason that I have chosen these news stories is because they are purely based around people’s opinions. There are lots of different opinions surrounding these news stories and I think that I will be able to use joiners and colour change to represent these different opinions. To show these different opinions I would like to create a joiner that shows the two or multiple different opinions and have it next to the people who support that opinion. For example if I was doing the UK General Election I could have a joiner including the two different party leaders who are key in the vote and have an image of their party logo next to it or within the joiner. Then using colour change I will put the image into black and white and colour reverse the party logos as they are the two key opinions in the vote and this I what people should be considering and thinking about and not the party leaders them selves. I will be doing this for my other two news stories also.

For this shoot I will take enough images for contact sheet and then choose a few final images to then edit and colour change. The equipment that I will use for this shoot will be;

  • Canon 1200D with 18-55mm lens- To shoot my images
  • Newspaper and News cut-outs- To create my joiners
  • Memory Card- To store my images
  • Tripod- To steady and adjust the angle of my camera

I hope that this shoot will challenge me and help me to develop my skill of colour change. I am doing this shoot not only to see if there is anyway that I can work this technique into my idea but to develop my skills further as there hasn’t been much work that I have don’t lately where this technique has been involved.

Once my work has been done and edited I will be evaluating it like all of my other work and I will be assessing how I felt my shoot went and what I think of the images that I have created. I will also talk about what I think went well and what the things I could improve on next time.



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