Photoshop Experiments (Experimental Shoot 5) Technical

As part of my final major project my idea involves a bit of Photoshop work. Before I go onto my final shoot I need to experiment with different ways that I can use Photoshop for my final piece. The reason that I want to experiment with different Photoshop techniques is so that I can have a rough idea of how I will edit my images for my final shoot. I feel that if I know I will be a lot more confident when it comes to doing my final shoot and evaluating my work, as I will know exactly how I did it and why I chose to do it this way. In previous projects I have just got to my final images and not known how I wanted to edit my images and just did random stuff to them, then when it came to writing my evaluation I didn’t know what to write because I didn’t have a specific process on how I edited my images. So doing this shoot will help me a lot both when it comes to editing my images and also when I come to evaluating my work.


I have already done an experimental shoot into how joiners can be created and then photographed but for this experimental shoot I will be doing an experimental shoot on how joiners can be created using Photoshop.

As like all of my previous experimental shoot plans I will include a bit of research to back up my idea and to support my shoot. For this shoot plan I will research different ways joiners can be created using Photoshop. There are many different ways that joiners can be created using Photoshop, they are also very similar ways that they can be created in the same way but using photography and not Photoshop. The reason I would like to use photo shop for my experimental shoot and potentially my final shoot it so that I could show all that I have learnt using Photoshop over the past two college years and so I can show that I have actually learnt a photo shop skill or multiple Photoshop skills rather than do my final college project and show nothing that I have learnt to do with Photoshop. I also want to have an even split between the images I have using Photoshop and the ones that I have without Photoshop I want to do this as there are some things that I want to be able to create using photo shop and some without.

To help with this experimental shoot I have found a few different ways to create a joiner using Photoshop and these can also be used to create a joiner out of Photoshop also it just depends on what affect you want your image to have.


This joiner has been created by taking one image and using photoshop to split the whole image up into equal parts. This gives the joiner a grid effect and shows that you can just take one image and split it up to create a joiner rather than having lots of images and joined together which is the traditional way that a joiner is created. I like the way that this one has been created as it makes it look like a grid puzzle and it makes the image to follow but it still has that joiner style effect. Some Joiners don’t have a very good pattern and it makes them a lot harder to follow but it is not the case with this one.
This joiner has been created in the more traditional way that a joiner is created. This joiner has been created using photoshop by collaging together a bunch of different  photos together and the overlapping of the different images gives the joiner a collage style effect. The way that this one has been created is very effected as it is a more traditional style of joiner as it has been overlapped an some of the images in this piece are a lot more visible than others. Even though this is the case you can still follow the image really easily and it is still very clear.
This final joiners is a really popular way of creating a joiner and even though there are no big gaps between the each of the images it is still very clear that it is a joiner and the effect can clearly be see when you look between each of the images. This one has been created using photoshop by taking one images and cutting bits out and layering them on top of each other to give the image a 3D layer effect. I have seen this image at the exhibition and when you physically see it, it really looks 3D and has a nice effect.

Shoot Plan

Using the joiner research I have just done I will use the different Photoshop techniques that I have found for my Photoshop techniques inspired shoot. I have found three different ways to create joiners using Photoshop so the only big thing that I need to do for this shoot is to take the pictures and then I have the task of editing them together to create these types of effects. I think practicing them before hand will really help me as it will show me how much time it will actually take me to do that certain technique and then I can schedule that in for my editing stage after my final shoot. The three different effects that I will be trying out will be;

  • Grid Effect
  • Collage Effect
  • Layered Effect

I may not decide to use all of these techniques for my final shoot but at least I will have practiced each technique and will know who to do each one depending on what I decide. The joiners that I create for this shoot will need to be a bit more put together and more developed than previous experimental shoots so that I can show development and also so that I can create a good enough joiner to show me what my final piece could actually be like. The equipment that I will be using for this shoot will be;

  • Camera with 18-55mm lens- To take my images
  • Memory Card- To store my images
  • Tripod- To steady the camera
  • Magazines and Newspapers- To create my joiner
  • Photoshop- To edit my experiment as purpose for my experiment

From this shoot I hope to determine which technique I am stronger at and which one I need to improve on a bit more. Depending on how I feel about the different techniques I may try using two different techniques for my final shoot those being the one that I am really good at using and also the one that I am maybe not good at. The reason I have chosen to do it this way is so that if I end up improving my skills on the one that I am not very good at then I will be able to show development from my experimental shoot to my final piece. This is something that is key for the final major project to show that we have learned.

Once I have completed this shoot I will be putting all of my outcomes onto a contact sheet and evaluating my work and my final outcomes.

I think that my research for this shoot will help me within this shoot as I think that it will help me to determine which photo shop set ups I am going to use for this shoot. It will also help me when it comes to editing my images as I can use this as a guide as to what I need to do when it comes to editing my images and how I can get the results that I want.

I think that this shoot will be challenging for me as I will be putting  into practice a new skill for me which, even though I have used previously in other experimental shoots, I still don’t feel very confident using it and putting it into practice so I think that this shoot will help me to do this. I am also working more with Photoshop which in my previous work I event done much of so I think that doing this will also help me to challenge and develop my Photoshop skills.



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