Experimental Shoot & Research 6 Conceptual

For this experimental shoot I will be creating a piece that will show conceptual development of my image as part of my research. I have already done some research into my idea and planned experimental shoots to develop my concept of my idea. For this shoot I will be narrowing down the number of news stories that I will be focusing on and decide on the final ones that I will use in my final shoot. The reason that I have chosen to do this is so that I can have a clearer idea of what my final piece will look like and also test out whether they are actually the news stories that I want to use. I have already planned an experimental shoot where I look at a more broad scale of news stories and I have done a bigger experiment shoot focusing on more news stories. For my final shoot I am going to create four final pieces and I will be focusing on two final news stories. However the news stories that I focus on for this experimental shoot may not be the ones that I actually use for my final shoot. The reason for this is because I may not like the way my images look and the way that I can develop them and I may not like the way that I can develop them further for my final shoot.


The two new stories that I have decided to use for this shoot are;

  • Brexit
  • UK General Election

To show I know more about these news stories I have done some research into these news stories which could also help me to determine how I will set up my final shots and my experiments will also help me to do this also.


Britain made the decision to leave the European Union last year in 2016. There were many long hard campaigns over the year and then the vote came to an end towards the end of 2016. The vote saw many sudden changes to the country for example the former Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down from his role as prime minister shortly after the vote. The prime minister then changed over to Theresa May. Over the campaign period for the vote there were thousands of different opinions flying across social media and the news about why Britain should or shouldn’t leave the European Union. But the end vote was decided for the country to leave.

There are many different shots that I could create for this subject that could show a variety of different opinions and could also show the different ways that the vote was campaigned and advertised. The amount of different opinions, votes and campaigns gives a wide range of opportunity to create different shots and show the vote in a wide range of ways and forms. There was a lot of coverage about this in the news and therefore there will be a wide range of content in the newspapers from previous months and also currently so there will be lots of material that I can access for my final shoot that I can use. One of the main things that I was hoping to do would be to create a setup of the different opinions such as leave and stay. Using the joiner and a collage effect show the opinions of both parties and the fight for the country to make the right decision.

UK General Election

The UK’s prime minister is currently Theresa May. She has only been prime minister for less than a year but since then has decided to step down therefore calling a general election for the country, which will happen on the 8th June 2017. Like Brexit there are many different opinions flying around the media and the papers and the country have less than a month to make their final decision. The country is also in question over what will happen after the election and how the country will change and potentially better or maybe even worsen. There is also a big question lying over the country over whether Brexit will still happen or not. As there are different opinions from different parties who are still for and against Brexit and would either still like to see it happen or to see it be dismissed. There are also different aspects that I can focus on other than opinions to show how the story is panned out.

There are a lot of different things that I can focus on for this but the main thing that I can focus on is opinions and the battle between the different parties and the variety of opinions in the media and also within the government and the party’s manifestos. However this is very similar to what I am would like to touch on for my other news story so I would like to try and do something different. As this news story is currently in the media and there is a lot of coverage on it I could make something that relates to the different headlines and top news stories in the media. I think this would show the wider range of topic that are involved in this subject and will show how the media portrays it.

Shoot Plan

For this shoot I hope to find out what my final images will roughly look like and how my idea has developed since I first started my work. This shoot will also help me to determine whether the news stories that I have chosen are suitable and whether I can portray them in a way that will make an effective joiner that shows the story in the right way.

For my Brexit story I would like to include and try to show the difference in opinions between the two different decisions. I would like to include copies of different points that people made about their side of the vote. I will also include some headlines from newspapers at that time that show the divide in opinion. I may also include a Photoshop technique into this shot where I will be putting the whole image into black and white and then changing the colours of the words leave and remain back to their original colours as they are the two things that are meaningful in this story.

For my election story I would like to do something very similar to Brexit, instead this time I will include key party points and manifestos and also show the difference between the two different parties and how their sides of the vote are very different. Also in terms of adding in a Photoshop techniques I would like to do something similar to my previous story where I change the whole image into black and white and highlight the key things in my images such as the party leaders or the parties logos.

I think that the research that i have completed for this shoot plan will help me to develop  my ideas for this shoot and will also help me to determine my final outcomes within this shoot. I think that tit has already helped me within this shoot plan as I have already been able to determine a rough idea of what I want to do for each of my images and the influence for these ideas, I took from my research.

I think that this shoot will be able to challenge me as I am still trying to develop my joiner skills and also working with news stories, I think that my news stories work will challenge me as in my experimental shoots I am trying to do a different story each time which will help me to develop within that subject.

If I feel that the stories aren’t right for me and that I can’t get the right shots and portray the story right then I will change my story to something that I have previously researched and try one of these ones instead. The equipment I will need to use for this shoot will be;

  • Camera with 18-55mm lens- To take my images
  • Memory Card- To store my images
  • Tripod- To steady my camera
  • Magazine and Newspapers- To create my joiner

From this shoot I hope to learn a bit more about my news stories and get to visually see how they work and also how they will roughly look for my final piece. This shoot will help me to show development in my project, as I will need to make some decisions after this shoot as to whether these subjects are still suitable and see what I can change.



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