Background Experiments (Experimental Shoot 4) Technical

As part of my technical research and development I will be doing an experimental shoot that will involve me using my idea with different backgrounds to see which would be the most suitable to my idea and which ones I could use anyhow I could use them. With Joiners it is difficult when it comes to backgrounds as some don’t need a background and you can just create one without a background but depending on how you create one, on some of them you will more than likely need to have a background or something behind the joiner. When I did my artist research I did touch a bit on backgrounds and how the affected the image and what they added or took away from the image. I will now be putting this part of that research to action by doing a shoot using different backgrounds. In the college studios there are a wide variety of different backgrounds that are available to me and I can use these in different ways to create different effects and also to make an image look different. Other than normal backgrounds I can also use something called a light plate where, like a background I could put everything onto the light plate and it would add more light to the subject and illuminate the background. There are also a variety of different coloured backgrounds that I could use to be able to add colour to my images and I can also use the studio lights to change the tone and the amount of colour that the image gets. The aim of this shoot is to take a few of the images multiple times with a variety of different backgrounds to see how they look whether they are effective of not and also how they contribute to the feel and the mood of the image. I hope by the time that I have done these shoots I will be able to identify which backgrounds that I want to use so that setting up my shoot becomes a lot easier as I will already know what set up I will need to have in terms of background and lighting.


I have found a few different images that are Joiners , which have different backgrounds. I will use these images as visual references for this shoot as it will be able to inspire me on what backgrounds to use and how to position my subject so you can still see the background. I have also included a small description of the image and how the background has been used and what I think it does to the image.

This first image by Christian Marclay uses a white background in the image and he has created his joiner on top of this. I think that the white background is good to use for this image as it doesn’t draw an attention away from the main subject of the image which is the joiner. It is a very fresh thing to use and it means that you can get a clear visual of the subject and nothing in the background is taking that away. It also brightens the image slightly and makes it very pure and brightens the front subject.
This next image uses a black background in the image. This background could have been used for a number of different reasons. It could have been used as a way to make the images stand out on the page as the colours of the images are very white and grey toned which really stand out on the black. It may have been also used to match the mood of the image, the image shows the rain on London and a crowd of people commuting through London in the rain. This creates a mood in the image which is quite low and sad as this is something that rain makes people feel. The background of the image also has similar connotations and this is why the black could have been used. This shows me that I can also use the background of an image to contribute to the mood or affect of an image. The black also gives the image a slight silhouette effect because of the way the different images have been positioned and the way the fade into the black.
This final joiner doesn’t use any form of background it just has the images joined together to form the joiner. I think that not using a background can be seen as a good thing as you just focus on the image itself and don’t take into consideration anything in the background. I feel that depending on what your subject is depends on whether you should have a background in your images or not. If you really want to focus on your subject then you shouldn’t have a background but if you don’t want people to mainly focus on your subject then you can involve a background into your piece.

Shoot Plan

For my experimental shoot I will be creating a few different basic joiners using techniques and ideas from my previous experimental shoots. I will then use these joiners on a variety of different background to see whether some of my final shots would benefit from having a background or not.

To create my joiners I will be using a variety of different news stories that I have previously studied and also some new ones that I haven’t used before and could possibly spark new ideas for my shoots and it means that I could potentially find new and different news stories that I could use or put towards my final ideas.

The reason I am doing this is so that when it comes to my final shoot my set up of my shots will be a lot easier and the shoot will flow a lot better as things will be a lot more organised. Much like my other experimental shoots I am completing different shoots to help me for my final shoot and make my final a lot more organised.

I will use a few different backgrounds for this shoot, which will include, Black, White, A light board and a few different coloured backgrounds.

The equipment that I will need for this shoot will be;

  • Camera with 18-55mm Lens- To take my images
  • Memory Card- To store my images
  • Tripod- To steady camera
  • Magazine and Newspapers- To use for Joiner
  • Black Background- For Experiment
  • White Background- For Experiment
  • Light Board- For Experiment
  • Various Colour Backgrounds- For Experiment

I think that my research will help me within my shoot as it is showing me how my images could look and what the different backgrounds could look like in my images. i also think that my research has helped me to identify which backgrounds to use for this shoot and which ones will be more effective and less effective and this research will also help me in my final shoot.

I think that this shoot will be challenging for me because of the technical aspect that I am choosing to focus on. When I have done previous shoots i have never really thought much about the background that I am using and looking back at some of the images that I have produced before in previous projects, I should have considered the background a bit more. I think the most challenging part for me will be corresponding the background to what I am shooting and not just putting a random background to a random story.

After I have taken my images I will contact print them and evaluate them so that I am able to develop my project further, also my idea. From this shoot I hope to be able to progress from this part of my project and plan a few more experimental shoots to refine anything that I haven’t decided on for my final shoot. I will then feel confident to do my final shoot.




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