Technical Research & Shoot Plan (Experimental Shoot 2)

As part of our research for our final major project we have to conduct some different shoots as experiments to follow onto our final major project shoot.  I have already planned and completed an experimental shoot that furthers the concept of my idea for my project and has also helped me to understand more the concept of my idea and also the different things I can add to it and also what I can do to make my idea better. I also researched an artist to go along with my shoot plan and the research I got from my artist I used as influence and inspiration for my shoot plan. I also used research I had previously done to help back up my points and my ideas.

To go along with this shoot I am also going to plan a technical shoot to help me to develop the technical side of my shoot and much like my previous shoot I will be able to identify if there is anything that I need to add to my idea or to my shoot in order to improve it or if there is anything key that I missed out.

Like my previous shoot plan and research post I firstly need to research a photographer that will help me to technically develop my idea and in some way will contribute towards my final shoot.  The artist that I have chosen to research is one that I have previously researched when I was in the first planning stages of my idea and when I was doing my joiner research.

As I am focusing on Joiners I decided that I needed to choose an artist that works closely with joiners and the way that different artists create them and the different ways that they can be set up. Throughout the artists I have already researched I haven’t found someone that meets this criteria so I went on to do some further research and analysing to try and find someone that would meet the criteria and be suitable as research for my technical shoot plan.

As part of research for this shoot I looked through a variety of different joiner artists work to see which photographers work stood out to me the most and which persons work approaches the subject well and represents it well. The reason I chose to look for work this way is because it was some of the criteria given to us as a brief for this research and shoot plan. The final artist that I decided to study is Christian Marclay.

Christian Marclay

Marclay is an artist who works with Joiners and is most well known for working with a variety of different LP covers to create faces and bodies as Joiners. He uses his work to turn music from a sound form to a physical and visible form. He uses LP covers to create his work and this is what makes it unique because there isn’t many artists that you see currently that us LP covers in there work especially to make something like a joiner. He has also done a lot of other photography work but I am mostly focusing on the joiners as this is something that I want to focus on for my project but I still really like the look of his other pieces of work. When you look at the different LP covers that he uses you can tell his different tastes in music. He uses LP covers from music from the 80’s and 90’s and this shows that the music he is passionate about he incorporates into his work. Technically in his work he uses a variety of different ways to create his joiners and he uses different collage techniques in ways that makes his images effect as they show different ways of making strange LP covers and also different ways to connect and join up different body parts from a range of different LP covers. This is the main reason that I chose to research this artist for my shoot plan. I felt that because I would be making more of a collage in my final shoot it was good to choose an artist that does something very similar to this already and using there work would really inspire me and help me to get further and further technically in my project. Christian Marclay has made a variety of different joiners previously and all of the he uses a different way of join in up the different covers and this is a man reason why almost all of his covers are very different and also why they are unique in there own way. I think that the idea of his joiners are very unique and the way that he creates them shows something that not many artists have done before which makes him as an artist even more unique. As he is an artist that isn’t very current in his work you can definitely tell the difference in time between a photographers work that has been shot very recently and also his work. The one key thing hat really shows this is the type of LP covers that he uses, when you initially look at them they look very vintage and because you can still get LP’s made of singles and albums made today you can tell the big difference in how they look and the way that they are created. I think that this artist is a really good one to research if you want to look at different set ups of Joiners and also how you can make them look more like a collage by having everything in one image where as other artists Joiners that I researched had a more complex Joiner set up by having one image separated into different pieces and this made their final piece of work look more like a puzzle compared to a collage. I prefer this style of Joiner as it relates more to my idea that I am doing as I will the subject of my project requires everything to be laid out in a way that will make it clear to the audience and I feel that a collage will be good for this.  As the main research part for this Artist I have to analyse four pieces of work and pick out different technical aspects of their work that I may be able to use in my final project. It will also be good to see if there is anything else conceptual to add to my idea as I want to be able to use these shoots to there full possibility in order to develop my ideas further.   As I have researched this artist before I thought that it was important to choose pieces of his work that I haven’t already looked at in order to make this piece of research different to that of what I have already done. The first piece of his work that I decided to analyse was this piece below as it stood out to me when I looked up on his different Joiners.

This piece of work see’s a variety of different LP covers being joined up and overlapped to create this strange looking face and each cover contributes in a very different way by adding different facial features which helps to build up the layers and the sections of the joiners and also helps to build up the parts of the face. In terms of technical aspects of this image and the way it has been set up I like the way he has layered up the different covers to create the face as it makes the proportions of the face very clean and there isn’t any part that overlaps and makes it look very obvious that has been set up in this way. I also think the fact that he has used a white background in his work is very key as it takes the attention away from the background and puts it mainly on the covers and the joiner. I think this is something I will definitely do in my project, as it will be something that won’t draw the attention away too much from the audience. In my image if at any point I need to create a face or a certain part of someone’s body then I will use the same layering technique as in this image as I think it adds more depth to the joiner and it makes each section of the cover more relevant to what he is creating rather than joining each of the covers up side to side where the face that he has created here may be less visible. I think that I will need to use a tripod to create something like this, as it will be a flat style of image so I will need to have the camera still over the joiner that I create.


This image has used the same sort of technique as the previous image, but in this image he has used a lot more covers and he has also added different aspects in to be able to create a collage that see’s more aspects and also more people. I like the way that this has been pieced together as it shows the joining up of different body parts and you can obviously tell a lot more that this one has been set up and the body parts aren’t actually like that in real life. But the way he has joined them together makes it look very clean and it shows that if you had to create that in real life the different body parts and aspects could be real and certain things could be the same way as they are shown in this image. Like the previous image he has also used a white background which looking at other joiners from other artists and not just his I have pretty much established that unless it is part of your collage or you joiner then you don’t need a big fancy background because it draws the attention away from the main part of the image and if you just want people to focus on the main part of the image, then use a white background. In this image in particular he has also used different sized covers which I think is good as it adds to the effect of the joiner as it shows that he really wanted a certain aspect of that image in it and that meant that he has had to use a smaller cover to be able to have that in there. This part of his work has shown me that in my work every part that I have in my joiner/collage doesn’t really need to be equal and that the different bits can be any size.
This Joiner I feel is one of the mod suited out of the ones that I have analysed. I feel that they way he has set up the different covers is really clean and they are very well suited together. Even though throughout the image as you get further down from the top you can see that the body parts are different, I think that the way that they are connected looks really neat and almost like real life. I think this is something that I will take into consideration for my shoot as even though in some of my pieces of work I can have pieces all over the place to create my collage and I can also have loads of pieces, I can look back at this piece of work and see that I don’t really need to use loads of different pieces and have them everywhere, I can still use a few different pieces and have them perfectly connected together to create an effective joiner. Even though he has created a body and a person who’s body parts look very neat and well put together when you look to the sides of the images you can see how he has joined up the covers them selves to still make it look like a collage and for it to still have that disjointed effect like his other images. I think that I should also take this into consideration for my final piece and also my experimental shoot as it shows me that I can still have a collage effect in my image and also have a perfect put together scene or body much like this image. Out of all of the images that I have analysed from this artist, this seems to be one of the most simple.
This image is very simple much like the previous cover that I looked at. This is because it uses a lot less covers than the first two that I analysed and also the way that they are put together is a lot more simple as there is less layering and putting together and I think one of the main reasons for this is because of the amount of covers that the artist has used in this piece of work. When you initially look at the image you would thing that he has used four album covers to create this piece but actually he has really utilised the materials that he has got and use the whole LP cover in the bottom part of the image and pulled the other part out rather than assign about later on top of that bottom piece and making it a lot more complex. I think that this is one of the strangest out of all four that I have analysed and I think this is because of the top part of the image and the things that it involves and shows. Technically this image isn’t much different to the others that I have previously analysed which I think is good as even though each of his images are unique and have a different effect on the audience he’s still uses the same techniques throughout his images. I think this is something that is key to use in my project as it guides me to use the same technique throughout most of my images, but I will still be able to create a variety of different pieces all with different messages and different meanings.

Shoot Plan

For my technical shoot based on my artist research. I will be experimenting with different ways on how I can layer and piece my images together in order to create my collage and Joiner effect. Even though I am focusing on news stories my actual project, for my technical shoot I have decided to purely to focus on my technique and my set up of my images rather than wasting so much time and effort on trying to make something good that I can easily save for my final shoot in case I lack inspiration for ideas. I will take inspiration from the different ways that my artist set up his joiners and his work and I will use these techniques during my experimental shoot in order to reach my target of 36 images, which I will print onto a contact sheet for evaluation. From my research and also looking at joiners online I have found a variety of different ways that I could create joiners and I will try and do these all without photo shop and incorporate the Photoshop side to joiners in another experimental shoot.

I feel that this shoot will help me to determine how to set up my joiners for my final shoot and using different magazine cut-outs and newspaper cut-outs it will be able to give me rough idea of what my final pieces will look like because in this shoot I am just testing out my setup without incorporating my idea into it. This however will still help me to develop my project and my idea, as it will show me how to have my final set up on the day. I think this is a very key thing to know on the day of the shoot as where I am using magazine cut-outs and different parts of magazines and newspapers I will need as much time as possible during my final shoot to sort those out and choose which ones I want to use. Meaning that I can’t spend loads of time setting up my shoot and arranging my pieces of paper together so I really need to establish how I am going to do this before I start shooting.

The equipment I will need for this shoot will be;

  • Camera With 18-55mm Lens (To shoot my images)
  • Tripod (To keep camera steady)
  • Memory Card (To store my images)
  • Magazines And Newspapers (To use in my images)
  • White Backdrop (to keep the image backdrop neutral and simple)

As I am just using magazines and news papers in my images I won’t need to use a model for my images and the content of the newspapers and magazines and the way I set them up, will be the sole subject of my image.

After I have taken my images for my shoot I will then put them onto a contact sheet and evaluate them. After evaluating them I will then state how I can move forward from this part of my project and how my shoot has helped to develop my idea and also my skills. I will then go onto completing a few other experimental shoots before going onto, roughly planning and shooting my final shoot for my final major project.

I think that this shoot will challenge me within my project as I am working on developing a new and different skill of which I have never previously worked on. I think that because this is a technical shoot it will also challenge me more, the reason that I think this is because in previous shoots i have focused a lot more on concept and the subject of my images and never really focused much on the technical side of my work. i think doing it this time around will challenge me as I will be working more on the technical side of my work rather than the conceptual elements that I am always focused on.

I think that the research that I have done will really help me to develop my idea as a key part of development in this project is to show that you are experimenting and going others things and practicing things in order to make sure that you have the best chances in your final shoot as possible. Even though this isn’t the only part of research that I have done/will do I still feel that this part has really helped me to develop my idea further as I was able to plan an experimental shoot as a result of it and it will also help me to plan further experimental shoots from it.



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