News Story Research & Shoot Plan (Experimental Shoot 3) Conceptual

As my joiners for my project will be based on news stories and current affairs happening in the world, I wanted to do a bit of research into the different news stories happening in the world currently. The reason I chose to do this was so that I could get a better understanding of how I can approach the news stories and I can know as much about them as possible rather than going into them straight away in my final shoot and not knowing much about them and how I can really make them work. As my final project will consist of four images I decided to research more than four news stories so that I am able to choose out of the ones that I feel will be best represented through Joiners and the ones that I find the most interesting. I will be researching a total of five news stories.

I have already completed a conceptual piece of research where I researched a photographer who shoots different news stories and works for a famous newspaper, however that was just reaching how he shoots them and the meaning behind his work. For the news story that I am focusing on for this idea I have included some research behind the story and some information about it.

American Politics

American politics is something that is always popping up in the news and is covered worldwide as the actions of America and there politics can affect people worldwide and people are always interested in things that they have changed or introduced in order to make their country better. Something that was really iconic in American Politics that has happened quite recently is their general election. This was covered everywhere in the news and it became one of the most iconic American elections that there ever has been. During this election Americans said farewell to Barack Obama after a long eight years of presidency and the vote commenced with a long battle between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. The news coverage of this event spanned across multiple months and was covered all across the world and everyone was eager to know the final results of the election. The worldwide news was shown across newspapers, magazines, radio and also television.

Even though the American government doesn’t affect us in the UK as much as we think there are still some things that do affect us and will have an impact on us even though we don’t know it. This is why in the UK we still cover the American government on our news channels to update people on how their decisions have affected us. It is only quite recently that we have started covering American politics in our news in the UK but as presidents have changed and also how the worldwide government has changed over the years there has been more of a reason for us to cover their political news as the changes in the times and the government as a whole across the world has meant it has affected us a lot more than it has previously done in recent years. Especially since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America, the news has been a lot more focused on him, as he wasn’t expected to be voted president.

Shoot Plan

This shoot will be very similar to my first experimental shoot. For my first experimental shoot I decided to pick a few different news stories and make collages and joiners out of them as tests and experiments for my final shoot. As I have done more research into other news stories since then I will be focusing on two other news stories. They may not end up being the stories that I use for my final project but if I do it will be good to use them, as it will be a test to see if I need to change my idea in anyway. The previous new story that I did in my first experimental shoot was Murder&Violence. The one that I will be focusing on this time is American Politics.

For the American politics story I would like to focus on recent events that have happened which is the U.S. election. I would like to show the division between the two parties and the difference in opinions, which is something, that was a very key point during the election, which I found out from my research. I can use magazines and newspapers from the time and also from the Internet to help to represent this story and create the joiner that I have proposed.

 The equipment that I will need to use for this shoot is;

  • Camera with 18-55mm lens-To take my images
  • Memory Card-To store my images
  • White Backdrop-For the background of my images
  • Tripod-To keep my camera steady and to make shots a lot more simple
  • Magazines And Newspapers-To use as the subject for my images

As I am working using magazines for my final shoot I will also be incorporating this into this experimental shoot in order to make it as relative to my project as possible. I will use different scenarios of the stories along with the different aspects I have found from the images.

As I am just using magazines and newspapers in my images I won’t need to use a model for my images and the content of the newspapers and magazines will be the sole subject of my image.

The way that I will lay my images it will be in a collage/Joiner style format, as I need to be able to practice how to make a joiner and how to set one up. This will also help to develop my technical skills also as a technique that I really need to learn for this shoot is how to set up a Joiner. I think that it is good for me to practice this skill and learn this skill so that when it comes to my final shoot I will know exactly how to set my different shots up.

After I have taken my images for my shoot I will then put them onto a contact sheet and evaluate them. After evaluating them I will then state how I can move forward from this part of my project and how my shoot has helped to develop my idea and also my skills. I have done this for all of my other experimental shoots I have previously done and I think is the best thing to show my development, display my work and also show what I am going to do next and what my progress is.

I think that my research will help me within this shoot as it will help me to find different subjects and different points that I can use for my joiners, I think that my research will also help me if I went onto choosing these news stories for my final shoot. I think that this is good as it means that I will not have to complete any further research based on this as I already have it here for me to use.

I think that this shoot will challenge me as I am working with joiners and I have not previously done this in any of my other photography work. I think that working with news stories also will still challenge me as I have never used news stories in my work before and I think that narrowing down a subject for this and trying to find something that both the audience understand and that is effective will also be quite hard for me to do. I think that if you have a challenging shoot to complete it will then push you further in your work and it will make you think about how challenging your final shoot could be as well.

From this shoot I hope to learn the different ways I can play around with news stories and newspapers much like my first experimental shoot. From this shoot I hope to be able to plan more experimental shoots that not only focus on the concept side of things but the technical side of things to develop technically. I think that doing this will help to make my images a whole lot better and I all know how to technically set up my images before I shoot them.



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