Visual Artist MoodBoards

As part of our artist research we have to create responses to our chosen artists to show that we understand their work and that we know the meanings before we go on to our experimental shoot. I have created two mood boards of the work of my chosen artists that I have chosen to base my work on for this project. This is a visual representation of their work to have for my research. I think this is a good thing to have as part of my research as it means that I will always have a visual to look back on throughout the project for help and inspiration. I feel that it is a lot easier to take inspiration and get help from images and mood boards compared to written pieces of work that contain a lot of detail. Sometimes it can be hard to understand and get motivation from a written post but looking at something visual can send your creative mind flowing and its a lot easier to start coming up with ideas and getting inspiration from it.

The two artists that I am creating mood boards for are Christian Marclay and David Hockney. The reason I chose these two artists is because they are my two main inspirations for my project and I feel that their work has really helped me to come up with and develop my ideas for my project. I took inspiration from David Hockney’s work as I really like his Joiner pieces and initially when I looked at them I knew that his work was something that I wanted to study and use as inspiration for my work as some of his Joiners are really famous pieces of work that are really popular. Another artist that I chose to take inspiration from was Christian Marclay, the reason I chose him is because he is also another famous Joiner artist but has a completely different style to David Hockney, he focuses more on music and recreates bodies and patterns using LP covers. He is mainly known for using body parts from different LP covers to recreate a body or a music cover in his own way. I think that combined with the work of David Hockney I will be able to create a piece that shows my like for both artists work and show how that using photography their work can easily be combined even though they have completely different styles of work and Joiners. Before this project I had never previously heard of Christian Marclay as Joiners is his most popular aspect in photography and it is something that I have never studied before during my photography course. However I am very happy that I discovered him and his work as I am also a really big fan of his other work and will use it as inspiration and research for future work outside of college.

The first mood board that I created was for Christian Marclay. To create this mood board I collected a variety of his joiner images and created a collage of them on the page and I also added a picture of him to familiarize myself each time I go back to that mood board. The reason I only used his Joiner work and not any of his other work is because I am doing Joiners for my project and researching Joiners is how I found this artist so I thought that it would be easier to just have Joiner work in the mood board rather than his other work so I don’t get mixed up on what I am focusing on. I think that the mood board that I rested will be handy to have throughout my project especially around the time where I start my experimental shoots and planning my final shoot, sometimes during my other projects when it came to planning shoots and conducting shoots I sometimes lacked something’s in my idea and I think having these visual mood boards will really help me to add that something extra to my work.

Specifically for Christian Marclay I will take inspiration from this mood board because of the way that he uses a collage of different LP covers in his images. I am recreating this in my project by creating an image of popular news stories by making a collage of cutouts from magazines and newspapers. Therefore this mood board will help me to decide which cutouts to use and how to join them up and put them together to create something that will be clear for the audience to understand.

Specifically for David Hockney I will take inspiriting from this mood board because he creates joiners and always has a different way of laying them out every time that he creates them. Each of his Joiners has a different style and a unique layout which is what I feel makes them special and is one of they key things that drew me towards his work compared to other artists that maybe used the same style quite a lot of the time. Therefore this mood board will help me to decided how to lay my Joiner out and how to actually place each of the pictures together so that it will create an effective Joiner that will in effect both explain the story I have chosen and also make all the images clear for the audience to still see and understand.

I have included a copy of both mind maps below.

Christian Marclay Mood board

David Hockney Mood Board

I then created two mood boards for my artists who I chose for my conceptual artist research. These artist are David Burnett and Tyler Hicks. The reason I chose these two artists is because they are both photojournalists and I am focusing on news stories for my project so I have found their work really inspiring and helpful to me whilst planning different aspects of the project. I have included there mood boards below.



Other than my visual part of my research, which is my mood boards, I will also be creating a written part of my research other than my big secondary research posts. I will be creating two mind maps for both of my chosen artists. In these mind maps I will be using images from each of the artists and breaking down their work and finding key parts of their images that are helpful for me to use in my work


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