Artist Mind Maps

I have created two mood boards of the work of my chosen artists that I have chosen to base my work on for this project. This is a  written response to their work to have for my research and to use throughout my project. I think this is a good thing to have as part of my research as it means that I will always have a reminder of the different aspects of their work  to look back on throughout the project for help and inspiration and to remind throughout of what I can add to my images so I take as much inspiration from the artist as I possibly can. I feel that this will be a great tool to have during the planning of my shoots as it will be a constant reminder of how the artist uses different aspects in their images and also how I can use these in my images to improve them. Throughout some of my previous shoots for other projects I have struggled with getting the right aspects in for my images to make them better so having this will be able to remind me of the key things that I need to have in my images in order to make them better so that I can be happy with the final results.  Sometimes it can be hard to understand and remember different aspects of an images and even though I have analyzed a few images in my research and pulled some things out I think that I may find it hard to always be going through all of my different posts trying to find things that I can use in my own work.

The two artists that I am creating mind maps for are Christian Marclay and David Hockney who are the same artists that I created mood boards for as part of my visual representation of an artists work. The reason I chose these two artists is because they are my two main inspirations for my project and I feel that their work has really helped me to come up with and develop my ideas for my project. I previously explained in my mood board post why I have chosen these specific artists as my inspiration for my work and how their work has helped me develop my ideas over time. For my mind maps I have chosen to also add a slight visual element to them o that I am able to refer back to the image whilst looking at the points to make it easier for me to understand which image the points are coming from and where I could put them in my work if I decided to add them into mine. Much like a traditional mind map where you have the subject in the center I will have the image from each artist that I have chosen as this is what my main subject will be. I will then have the branches coming out of the images, which will each explain the different aspects of the image, and how they help to make the images effective. Depending on the image that I choose from the artist will depend on how many aspects and branches my image will have. Hopefully I will manage to get a few different aspects from each image and also I hope that most of them are different as it will mean that I will be able to go to both image fo written advice throughout my project rather than both images being exactly the same and that would mean that I could only ever refer back to one image rather than both as  it would have been pointless creating two different mind maps.

The first mind map that I created was for David Hockney. The image that I chose to focus on for this mind map was ‘The Scrabble Game’. The reason that I chose to focus on this image as this is the original image that I chose when I first started this project it as the one image from the David Hockney exhibition that I really liked and that I was passionate about studying about for my project. It is also one of his most popular Joiners as there were not many Joiners at the exhibition but this one seemed to draw the attention of the most people. I am happy with the aspects that I managed to get from this image and because I had already analyzed this image for my secondary research I took a few different points from this analysis and put them briefly into my mind map so that they were easier to pull out for things like shoot plans and experimental shoots.

The second mind map that I did was based on the work of Christian Marclay. I did the exact same type of mind map that I did for David Hockney but used one of Marclay’s images instead. The image that I chose for this mind maps was made using LP covers to recreate a bunch of hands holding a guitar. The reason I chose this image is because it is a Joiner and I found it really interesting how he created it and he managed to find all similar LP covers to manage to make something the looks completely real looking. I thought initially looking at this image that I would be able to get a lot of different points and that I would really be able to pick it apart which I managed to do. However I did something different for this mind map that I didn’t do for my first which was choose an image that I had already see but not analyzed which is what I had done previously. The reason I chose to do this was so that I could take on a  challenge to try and pick apart this image and analyze it.

I have included a copy of both of my artist research mind maps below.

Christian Marclay


David Hockney



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