FMP Proposal

For Unit 13 we have been given an open brief for our final project of the year. The reason we have been given an open brief is so that we can use everything we have learnt over the past year/two years and come up with our own ideas on what we want as our final piece of work. Like other projects we have previously done there are a lot of different things that we have to do in preparation for taking our final images. These things include research into our ideas, artist research and also experimental shoots. All of these things will in some way contribute to our final images wether thats using an artists work as influence or using results from experimental shoots as influence to change what I will do on my final shoot.

As it was an Open Brief the first thing that I had to do was to write out my plan of action week by week like previous briefs we had in other projects. I firstly wrote up my week by week plan where I planned out what I would do every week during the lessons and what resources I would need in order to do these things. I wrote this out when I first started it as I was worried that as the weeks started off I wouldn’t keep to my plan and that I would need to change my plan when I came to type it up. I also stated what the aim of the project was and what I planned to have at the end of it without giving an in depth explanation into my ideas and intentions. I found it helpful to do this as it means that I have an actual plan that I can follow throughout my project along with this proposal that will help me to stay on track and get thinks done when they need to be done according to the plan.

I have already started researching into what I would like to do for my final major project, and already I see the benefits from my research as it has really helped me to understand what I would like to do and how I should conduct it and also present it. The first part of research that I did was a trip to the Tate gallery in London to visit the David Hockney Exhibition. We were offered the chance to go on this trip so that we could get some influence for our ideas and also if we didn’t have an idea already we could use a piece of his work as inspiration and hopefully get an idea by the end of it. I looked at a lot of David Hockney’s work at the exhibition and I found it very inspiring and I managed to get a rough idea of what I wanted to do from it. I am very happy that I went on this trip as I found it a very helpful piece of research and I think without this trip I wouldn’t have got the idea for my project that I have now and I probably still would be stuck for an idea that I was happy with. After this part of research we then went back to college and I did a research post on David Hockney where I looked further into his work and analysed a few of his images and gave my opinion on them. I then wrote about my style of photography and what I like to do and what my plans are for the future. I saw this as my secondary research and as a part of my secondary research I also looked at a few other photographers that I liked and compared them to the work of Hockney and because he was my main inspiration for my project I explained how I could combine the two artists work and create something for my project.

I then penned my first initial idea explaining how I took influence from my own knowledge and also from the artist research that I have done. I think that it is good that I managed to get an idea from my research but since then I have had a few different ideas and done some other research which has caused me to change my idea which I am more happy with compared to my first initial idea.

After this research post I decided that I definitely wanted to do my project based on Joiners so I decided to do a research post purely based on Joiners so that I could learn a bit more about them and also research a few different artists that use Joiners in there work and analyse some of their pieces, seeing how I could use it in my work and wether it would be something I would be interested in using for my final piece. Luckily from this post I found a photographer whose work I have taken as inspiration for my final piece. I found this artist very inspiring and I really liked his work and I thought that his work is something that I could adapt to my work and make it my own. From this post I then decided on what my final Idea would be which I am a lot happier with compared to first initial idea from my first research post.

During this research post I also learnt more about Joiners and what they are and also I looked further into how you can create them because I would need to know this after taking my images to be able to create my final piece and how to present it.

I am also going to do another research post about different types of Joiners and how different artists use different types of images and styles of photography to be able to create a certain type of Joiner which all have different meanings and messages. I will also use this research post to show what my type of Joiner is and why I like it. I will also explain a little bit about why I chose it and how I will adapt my idea around this certain type.

I will also produce a mind map of different resources that I can use for my project and how it will help with my idea and how they will contribute with the project. I find mind maps and brainstorms very helpful as I feel that they really help to lay things out easier than in a word document as you can just focus on one little section at a time rather than looking through a whole word document trying to find where you left off or which section you need to focus on. I also find this with lists as they are easy to just go through on a page and mark off what you need and what you don’t need.

For my final major project I have decided to take inspiration from the work of Christian Marclay who’s work with Joiners is created using popular vintage LP covers and he uses the different faces and bodies on his work to create a new body and a new person out of the different body parts. I have decided to take inspiration from his work because I really liked his style of work and I feel that his style of Joiner is very different to the other that i have researched and studied. I thought that his style of work was similar to the style of work that I enjoy and prefer over others work.

From this artist research I have come up with the idea of using magazine cutouts and also some of my own photographs which I can edit in afterwards on photoshop, much like Marclay’s work were he use LP covers. Using these magazine covers I will create a Joiner showing the current issues and topics in the Media. There are always new and strange stories coming out in the press and the media and I think that a Joiner and something like Christian Marclay’s work will be a good way of representing these stories. Much like my artist influence I will use a whole magazine page and a whole spread in a magazine rather than just cutouts to show a bigger part of the picture, like how Marclay uses a whole LP cover sometimes rather than just one small part of it.

For my final pieces I aim to produce at least 5 final images, these may not all be displayed at exhibition but at least I will have five final images to put on my evaluation and on my portfolio for my presentation. Therefore if I have five final images in my project I will focus on five news and media stories and each picture will be focusing on a different story and have different message about that story.

Focusing on news stories and the media will also give me the chance to produce some more research before I conduct my shoots and choose my news stories and issues. I will produce a final research produce based on the current news stories and some key issues in the media. I will include a brief explanation behind them and show why they are such a key issue/ story in the media right now. I will then go onto mention how I could use a joiner to show these news stories and what different magazine and photography resources I could use to create these and how I could present them in order for the story to be clear and so the audience can easily understand what the story involves and how the photos represent the different aspects of the story.

I will then also complete some experimental shoots in order to test out my ideas and see if there is anything that I need to change about my idea and see also if there is anything that I can add to it to make it better. I will complete 8 experimental shoots as I feel that this is enough to test out different aspects of my idea and enough work to show me if I need to make any changes. I know that this is a sufficient amount as I have done around the same amount of experimental shoots for previous projects I have done before and I think that I managed to get sufficient results and information from theses shoots.

To create these images I will need some different equipment in order to get the best results that I can, I have included a list of my equipment below, I have also included why I am using this piece of equipment for my images.

  • Various Magazines- To get cutouts from to create part of my Joiners.
  • Canon 1200D Camera With 18-55mm Lens- To take my images on as extras for my Joiner
  • Tripod- In case I wanted to do anything else in the studio that required a tripod for that certain shot
  • Memory Card- To store my photographs on
  • Photoshop- To create my Joiner and to add in or change any extra things that I am not happy with.

The only cost involved for my project will be to get my magazines and newspapers, hopefully I can use some magazines that I already have or get some from other people but just incase this doesn’t happen I will put aside a cost for the magazines and newspapers that I needed to use.

After I have taken my final images I will write a detailed evaluation for all of my images and discuss what went well and what went wrong and what I could do differently next time. I will also include contact sheets of all my images from my shoots and then go on to chose and edit together my final five ready for them to be printed and presented for  the exhibition.

My final images will be presented mounted on a white board and hung up for the exhibition of everyones final work. I haven’t yet decided how many pictures I would like to present out of the final five that I will have but it all just depends on which ones that I am really happy with but I think I will probably end up presenting around 2-3 of my final five images.

After I have submitted my final  five images and all of the work that goes along with them I will work on getting them printed and also working out how I will present them so that they are ready for exhibition.



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