Liquid Emulsions

As part of our unit 12 project we have been learning new skills and photography techniques in order to make our photography better and to help towards our final results for the project. We have learnt a few other techniques before this  but today we were learning about Liquid Emulsions.

Firstly we had to create four paintings that would be used as our base paintings for our four chosen images.

Here are my four paintings that I used for my four images.



We then edited these and merged them with our chosen images, I have included how I done this process.

For the first version of my images what I did was used the contrast and levels to make the background completely white as it still has a slight grey tone to it. I then upped the level of the black in the centre which made it a lot more vibrant a long with the white. I then layered my image on top and adjusted the blend mode to screen which in effect turned the opacity down so you could see the image behind. In this result you weren’t able to see anything out side of the black frame and it was completely white, all you could see was the image from the background coming through where the brush strokes originally where. For the second version of my image I kept the background the same grey tone but evened it out around the whole image so that you would get a clear result once layering it over the image. I then did exactly the same as before which was enhancing the black in the middle so that it was even and that I got a good clear result. I then went onto layering the two images together and then changed the blending mode to screen like before. With this result it enabled me to see the image completely through the middle like before, but because I had added in the grey around the outside it meant that I could still see a bit of the image around the outside as it came through the grey edge. I then went onto create the final version of the image and with this one I kept the background completely white like the first version but the only different with this one is that I really enhanced the black by using the dropper tool on the side of the contrast window and double clicked the black section of the image which made it a lot darker than the first time I had done this. I then layered the two images and this left me with a completely white edge but this time you couldn’t see all of the brush strokes in the painted part. Where I had enhanced the black it had blurred out the paint stroke lines meaning that you could see the image fully without there being white lines and strokes in between like the first version. I then ended up with three different versions using the two images, one being one of my images and another being the painting. With all these images before saving them I flattened them to merge the layers together. I used this process for all four of my images and paintings and then I put all of the images together into contact sheets to show the development of the original image, the painting and the three versions which I created. I have put these four contact sheets below.





Looking at all of my final contact sheets I am really happy with all of my images that I got and the different versions that I managed to create. I feel that this skill is really important to learn as I feel that it can really change the look of an image and can be used for anything including this current project and also our Final Major Projects.

If I had to chose one of the best ones from the ones I created the I would definitely choose Version 3 of image 4 as I really like the way that the painting highlights the centre of the pond and also includes the statue in the centre. If I had to complete this task again then I would try and create more than just four paintings using different techniques and different patterns and also brush strokes. I would also like to use different images and experiment different images with different paintings to see what the results would be. I feel that I could really adapt the images to the painting so that when I was to over lay the painting on the top it would highlight something key in the image like my favourite image where it highlighted the centre of the pond and also highlighted the ponds statue.


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