Final 3 Images From Harlow Museum

As part of our project brief we have to use at least one image from Harlow Museum to show the difference between what Harlow used to be and what it is now. To get these images we visited the Harlow Museum and looked at all the different images to give us an idea of what we could use for our projects and to help us decided what places and things in Harlow that we wanted to focus on.

For my shoot I have decided that I am going to use three different old images from the museum in my triptych that I will try to recreate in order to show the big difference between then and now. When I went to the museum  I was looking mainly at images of big iconic places in Harlow that I know well and that other people know well. I got a lot of different images but I have managed to get it down to three images that I will get from the museum and use in my project. i have included the three images below with my reasons why I have chosen these images.

I have chosen this image of the water gardens to recreate in my project as I was really fascinated by how different it is now. I think that if I use this image I will be able to show a big difference in time because there has been so much that has changed about the water gardens and so much that has been added and taken away that has made it what it is today.
The next image that I have chosen to recreate in my project is this one of the broad walk in the town centre which is also on the approach to both the water gardens and the harvey centre. I chose this image as I feel that there isn’t much structurally that has changed but this will show a big difference in what shops are there now and how times in retail and shopping trends have changed over the years.
This is the final image that I have chosen to use for my project I have chosen to use this image because it is of the town park and I think that it has changed so much just from looking at this picture. Back when this picture was taken the park had so much life and it was really busy, but now the park looks completely different and it rarely gets any visitors and this is some thing that I would really like to show.

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