Group Discussion

As a group we had to discuss what we thought calibration was and what it meant. We had already discussed this as a class but not we had to discuss it as a group to get our own ideas and share them with others. This is what we got from out calibration discussion

  • Check
  • Professional
  • Adjust
  • Positioning
  • Assembly
  • Calibrating sizes from different clothing stores
  • Calibrating scales to get them back to zero
  • Calibrating your photography lights to make sure they are the same amount of power to make the picture look right
  • Calibrating a smart board to make sure that the pen aligns with where you click and that there is no delay
  • Calibrating on photoshop to make sure your images look the same when you change them over from different devices for example from your phone to a computer.

Definition Of Calibration


To determine or rectify the graduation of any instrument given qualitative measurements.

To divide or mark with graduations or other indexes of degree, quantity etc.

To carefully plan or devise so it has a precise use, application or appeal.

Examples Of Calibration and Why It Is Used

  • Calibration is used for mouses on computers as you have to make sure that the mouse will click or point in the correct place where you move it too. To do this you open up the settings on your computer and you will be required to hit different targets on the screen using your mouse. If you don’t have a calibrated mouse then this could mean that you could always end up clicking on the wrong thing and this could add more time to work that you are trying to complete. This is an example of calibration that is used on a daily base as a lot of people use computers and mouses on a daily basis.
  • Calibration can also be used for scales and measurements bringing a scale back down to  zero is an example of adjusting the calibration back down to zero. There is a variety of different ways that you can do this depending on what type of scales of measuring instrument that you are using. For example if you were using a scale for weighing your self on then you would use a reset button to get the number back to zero in order for you to get an accurate weight. The reason why people do this is so that they can get an accurate weight or reading and it could mean that they are unable to get a correct weight or reading if they don’t start from zero. This is an example of calibration that is used on a daily basis as there is always a need for people to measure things out and weigh things out and also for people to weigh themselves.
  • Calibration is also used in garages and on cars. In any garages you often see wheels being calibrated in order to keep them on safely, aligned with the rest of the car and also to keep them straight. To this they will use something called a four point alignment. This is a tool that the use on the tyres in order to keep the calibrated. If they don’t keep their wheels calibrated then they run a risk of them bring damaged and they could easily go wrong or come off. You can also use calibration on cars to make sure the tyre pressure is even and that none of your tyres are flat or are going flat. This is something that a person working in a car garage would usually use on a daily basis as there would be a lot of people that would need there tyres calibrated.
  • Calibration can also be used for alignment of targets for example in a shooting range. They would calibrate their targets so that they can have a rough idea of were there shot is going to land. They do this as a form of aim so they can have a better aim at a certain place they want to shoot at. It is important that targets are calibrated as this could mean that peoples aim go off and they end up shooting in the wrong places. The way that a target is calibrated is by using an aim point and taking a variety of different shots at the aim point to see how much you need to move your target over or up/ down in order for a stationary shot to be correctly aimed at the target.
  • Calibration is used on a daily basis for basic tasks such as shopping. When you use  self serve checkout in a supermarket and you place your items in the bagging area it weighs the items to make sure that you aren’t stealing anything. It takes the weight of what it thinks the item should be on the system and it it doesn’t match up to the weight that the machine weighs it up as it can tell wether you are shoplifting or not. Its calibrated as the same way as weighing scales as it always goes back down to zero when you scan a new product in order for the items to be weighed the right way. Calibration in this way is something that is used on a daily basis as a lot of people use the self serve checkouts compared to the normal checkouts when the visit the supermarket.
  • Calibration can also be brought into use in the classroom. In most class rooms they have things called smart boards to be able to show different power points and important documents. You can also use these boards for classroom interaction but in order for it work properly and for the screen to work properly it needs to be calibrated . It is calibrated the same way as a mouse on the computer but on the board you use a pen to hit the targets in order for the board to be calibrated.
  • Calibration also gives you a consistency of results for a customer and also a supplier. You can tell this from batch numbers if you calibrate two different batch numbers and match them up then you will get consistent results, for example with wall paper if you were to buy two of the same wallpapers with different batch codes the pattern may be the same but the colour will always be different as they are from different batches.
  • In terms of photography calibration is also used for consistency in results when using things like ink to print your pictures, like the wallpaper if you were to use a bit of ink with two different batch codes then you would get a slightly different result in colour as you would never get the same batch of ink twice unless its got the same batch code. When buying ink it is important to check that you have the same batch code on your ink if you want the same results over and over again.
  • Also in terms of photography calibration is used when processing images if you use calibration when processing images in terms of measuring out liquids and processing the paper in the chemicals then you will have consistency in your results.

Over all the one main thing that people use calibration for is for consistency in their results and in the final product, if you use calibration in the right way then you will have consistent results no matter what you use it for.


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