Museum Visits Summary

As part of unit 12 we are required to visit museums so that we can fold old images and artefacts that will inspire us for our project and also that we can use as part of our old images sections of our triptychs. Today we visited two museums in Harlow both of which gave us a wide variety of different information that we are able to use for our projects.

The first museum that we went to was in the leisure zone in Harlow and is called the time machine. This museum contained lots of old things that people owned right from the 40’s up until the present day. This museum didn’t focus much on Harlow but just focused on decades and how times have changed. At this museum I saw lots of different everyday items that people had donated to the museum there were things such as phones, televisions, hoovers and also clothes. There was also some key and iconic memorabilia that people had also donated. There were some images that were from the queens coronation and also there was a plate that was painted which featured Charles and Diana. This museum didn’t really inspire me much for the pictures that I am going to take as there was mainly objects in the display rather than pictures but it still shows you just how much times had changed and when I take my pictures for my final project hopefully I will be able to show this in my images, much like the part in the museum showed me. I took some pictures of what I saw at the museum which I have included below.


We then visited the Museum of Harlow which was more image based and we managed to find a lot images that we could us in our triptychs or that we could use in our research posts. There was a lot to look at there was everything from maps, plans, pictures of landmarks and places, old newspapers, censuses and also different official documents that are all from Harlow. I found this Museum visit a lot more informative and useful compared to the previous one as I got things from it that I will actually be able to use in my project rather than just looking at old objects. I am really happy with the images that I got from this museum visit and hopefully they will be some of the images that I can use in my final triptychs. Relating to what I want to do for my project I am really happy with the images that I found. I thought that it would be really hard to find the sort of images that I wanted that would be suitable but looking at the images that I already have and the fact that I can got back and look at some more makes me a lot more confident that I will be able to find what I want for my final triptych.

I have included the images that I found in the museum below.

This is an image that I found of Harlow Bus Station and this image is from 1964. In this image you can see that there are a lot of shops behind the stops which there still are now. The big difference between now and then is that there are a lot more bus stops now and they have also built a big station with a seating area and also up to 16 bus stops where you can sit or stand and wait for your bus. Another difference I found in this image is that there are a lot less shops behind the bus stops now, there is mainly just walkways behind the bus stop now and some of the shops that used to be there or that have been there since then have now closed down and there is just empty shop space. The space looks a lot more open here compared to now, the space now is a lot more enclosed and closed off and it looks a lot different to this. In this image you can also see that there are a lot of flowers and bushes built in-front of the bus stops which aren’t there now. Now there is just a gate which blocks of the two different parts of road where the buses drive a long. This bus station looks a lot happier and a lot more appealing compared to now, I think now it looks very industrial and not a very happy place for people to socialise which is what a lot of people used to do before technology took over. I think that I would use this image in my final triptychs as there will be a big difference to show and thats the whole point of my project.
This is an image that I found of a part in the town centre called the little walk and this image was taken in 1957. The little walk in this picture is photographed as a long row of shops. Since this picture has been taken the little walk has been made into a small shopping centre which ran along side the Harvey Centre. It has also since been closed down and is now an empty shopping centre which is all boarded up. It has now been bought by the Harvey Centre and is awaiting development to create shops and restaurants. I think this image shows a big difference between then and now as this no longer exists. It has been changed so much over time with being destroyed and rebuilt and now no longer exists. I think that this image wouldn’t be that good to recreate as there is nothing to show as a recreation so it would literally mean taking a picture of a boarded up store and I don’t think it will make for an interesting image. I think that this image is really interesting because looking at this place now you would not think that this would have existed in the same place, so much has changed and so much is different now and I was surprised when I first looked at this image that this was actually the little walk, I thought it would have been another place in town like the water gardens or the broad walk. It also looks very modern and you can really tell that this image has been taken post war compared to pre war as Harlow didn’t even exist before then.
This is an image that I found of the broad walk in Harlow which is the centre of all the shops and links both the Harvey Centre and the Bus Station to the shops. In the image you can see a few of the shops that existed and the big shop that is the highlight of the image which is Woolworth’s, you can tell that this image is a lot older because Woolworth’s no longer exists and hasn’t done for around 10 years. The broad walk looks very similar to how it does now there is just different shops and the outer features like the benches and the lighting have all been modernised. Also in the image there is an extension above woolworth’s which doesn’t seem to have anything to it and it looks to me that there is nothing there and its just an empty space but now there is now a gym and a bowling alley so they have utilised the space since then and created more shops and social places for people to use. I think that because of the layout of the broad walk it makes it a lot easier to recognise as they layout looks a lot similar to how it is now especially the way the shops are laid out and also the features outside like the benches and the lampposts look very similar to how they do now so its very easy to recognise at first glance. I think this image would be really good to use in my project as there is still some similarities in the image but you can still see some differences especially in things like the shops. The two images would show a difference of 50 years as this image was first taken in 1967.
This is an old image of The Water Gardens in Harlow. There is no given year for when this image was taken as it wasn’t stated on the back of the image like the other images that I have looked at from the museum, but from research I can tell some similarities between this image and a similar image which was taken in the 60’s so this gives me reason to believe that this  image was taken around the late 50’s-early 60’s so ranging from around 50-60 years ago. From first glance I had no idea that this was the water gardens, it looks completely different to what it is today. Right now the water gardens is thriving with restaurants car parks and there is always loads of people there, there is also lots of shops and coffee shops running along the very end of the water gardens and this links the car parks to the main shopping areas in Harlow like the Broad walk and the Harvey Centre. This image paints a completely different story to what the water gardens is now, there is no shops here in this image, no restaurants and it also lacks in sculptures and greenland which is what is a main feature now. There is still a few features which are the same now to what is in this image. These include the artwork on the walls, which have now been made into fountains which run into the ponds below. The ponds exist in this image but since then they have added sculptures into the water and there are also smaller ponds that have been built around the small grass patches nearer to the car parks. I think that this image would be really good to use for my triptychs as they look fairly easy to recreate as I am able to work out where to stand to get the same type of shot, I also think that this will be good to use because even though there is still a difference between the two images that I will have there are also some key features that are the same as what is in this image. These key features are iconic of the water gardens and have stayed almost the exact same for over 50 years.
This is an old image of the east walk in Harlow town centre. There is no given year to when this image was taken so it hard to tell how long tree has been between this image and now. I would imagine looking at it at first glance and taking a look at whats around in the image I would take a rough guess that this image was taken around the 60’s so the difference between this image and the present day is around 50 years. I think that this place in harlow looks very similar to what it looks like now. The layout is very similar in the way that there is shops on either side of the pavement and that there is a ramp that leads up to both the car park and terminus house which is what there is now. The only thing that has really changed is what shops that are there, there have been many different shops there over the years and they are constantly changing and changing. As this part of the town centre isn’t on the main row of shops there isn’t many big branded shops along this row as not many people visit them and by the looks of this image this was still the case years ago. Also right in the back of the image you can see a small glance of the bus station which is an image that I have already studied and the image was taken around the same as this one. From what I can see from this image there isn’t many big bus stations like there are now and there isn’t many buses passing through like there is now. I think that this image will be good to use for my triptych as there are so many similarities between what I could take now and this image and I think that it would be good to show two images that are very similar rather than other images that I have looked at that have really big differences rather than similarities.



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