Unit 12 Project Proposal

For our Unit 12 Project we have been focusing on ‘Harlow is 70’which is a project based on Harlow being a ‘New Town’ for 70 years. Harlow Council have asked us at college to create for them some images based on Harlow becoming 70 as we have also been learning about triptychs we have also been asked to include this into the project. Before we take our final images there are a lot of different things that we have done and need to do to make sure that our final image are perfect as they will be displayed in Harlow for the public to view.

We have already done some different tasks that contribute to our project and we have also learnt some new skills which we can use on our final shoots to improve the quality of our images. We have done some work into different focal lengths and how we can take roughly the same picture and make it look the same but by using different focal lengths on the camera, as we will be using lots of different images in our project we will sometimes need to recreate some and using focal lengths will make this easier as I will be able to use different focal lengths to make the images as close as possible. I found the focal length work really helpful as it was a skill that I needed to develop as i hadn’t done much work with focal lengths and trying them with one image at a time. The brief for this project is to have a final triptych that shows the journey of Harlow through 70 years but our images have to include a person either looking into the camera or being behind the camera. To prepare ourselves for this part of the brief we did some headshot work where we had to take lots of different head shots both in and out of the studio to get different backgrounds. After we had taken these images we then edited them into the first mock up of our work to see what they would look like and how the face of someone could actually be included into our work. I found this helpful as I was trying to think of many different ways thats I could include a person in my images that I wanted to do but doing this work has given me a few different ideas and shown me different ways in which I could included some one in my images. In terms of research work we have done quite a bit of research into Harlow and how it has changed over the years and also the history behind it. I found this useful as i found out a lot more about Harlow that I didn’t already know and it helped me influence my project work as it showed me how much Harlow has really changed over the years. We have also visited the Harlow Museum where they have an archive if lots of different things that people have donated which represent the history of Harlow. We have also done some work with wide angle images where we took some wide angle shots of Harlow and used photoshop to make them look older and less modern. I found this really helpful as there was a lot of work involved with photoshop and this helped me to develop my skills in photoshop.

All of this research that we have done has really helped me to think of ideas for my project because when we first started this project before researched I didn’t have any idea of what I could do for this project. I also learnt new skills and new knowledge that I never had before and this will also help me in future work and photography rather than just in this project.

We are also planning to do some work that will contribute to this project and help us to plan for our final images. Much like other projects that we have done we have always done four experimental shoots before our final so that we can test out our ideas and see if there is anything that we need to change in terms of our idea or do differently on our final shoots. Much like any other shoots that we do it is important that we plan these shoots so that we can get the best images possible. As there experimental shoots it isn’t important to have really perfect image that look brilliant but it is important that we get some good images at least so that in our evaluations we can refer back to our experimental shoots and be able to show development from before we started the project and then to the final part when we take our final images and make triptychs.

After doing these experimental shoots I will evaluate them all and see if there is anything that I need to do in order to make my work better and to make the shoots run a lot smoother next time. Also if there is anything that I need to change in order to make my idea any different or if something was to go wrong how I could change it so it wouldn’t go wrong next time.

I have my idea for what I would like to do for my final triptychs which from the brief states that we need to have two final triptychs, which is god as i have based my idea on having two final triptychs. For this project I would like to find some old images of Harlow but of really iconic places in Harlow that lots of people know about and that are very popular. My aim of my triptychs is to show how Harlow has changed over the many decades that it has been a new town. My idea for my first triptych would be to pick three different iconic places in Harlow which I have not yet decided on as it all depends on what images I can find first because if I set my mind on 3 definite places and then I can’t find an image for that place then it will mean that I would constantly have to adjust my idea which I don’t want to do. My rough idea for the three iconic places would be somewhere like, the town park, the town centre  and the water gardens. All of these places have changed quite a lot over time and I think using older images will be good as I will really be able to show a big difference between the two images. I am hoping to find some old images front the Archive or find an old image from a family member or a friend. I will label these images with there corresponding years so that when people view the images they will be able to tell know what the difference is in terms of time.

For my second triptych I will use my first triptych and take some images of the same places I used the first time and recreate them to show how that place has changed, for example what has changed, what has stayed the same and even if it still exists. A lot of buildings from the war have been knocked down and changed since then so if I was to use a picture that was that old then it would be good to show if something had completely changed and even if certain things still exist even now. I will also label these images like my first triptych with what the place is called and when the picture was taken this will make it clear to whoever is viewing it what the picture is of and when it was taken. These two triptychs together will be comparisons of each other and I will try to make the images as similar as possible so that they match up and don’t look different in any way which means that people could mistake them for two completely different triptychs.

For my final triptychs I will take three images of my own and depending on where my final locations of my first three images are will then set my locations for my other three images.  I will need to take quite a lot of different images in order to get the perfect final image that will match the images from the first triptych. I also want to be able to have a wide range of images to pick rather than just a few to pick from and end up not liking what I have.

I got  inspiration for my idea from my research both into triptychs and Harlow. When I was doing research about triptychs I found that some artists took some images that showed how somethings changed over different periods of time, looking at this gave me the idea to do what I am doing as there are a lot of different old pictures of Harlow that I am able to recreate and Harlow has been a new town for a long period of time so I am able to show quite a big difference. When I was researching Harlow I found a lot of old pictures that were taken many years ago and looking a Harlow now I was fascinated to see how much Harlow had changed over the years and this also influenced my idea as I really wanted to show a time difference using old images from Harlow.

There is not much equipment that I need to use for my shoots and to be able to create my final triptychs, but the equipment that I do need I have listed below.

  • Canon 1200D Camera with 18-55mm lens- To take my images
  • Tripod- To keep my camera still and to help with complicated shots
  • Memory Card- To store my images
  • Photoshop- To edit my images and create my triptychs
  • Old photographs of Harlow- For my first triptych
  • Frame- To go around my triptychs
  • Rope-To hang my images from the fence
  • Fence-To hang my images from

My final images will be displayed with a frame around the outside to make them look nice and presentable and then these frames will be hung onto a fence of our choice. The council wanted our final images to be put onto a fence as they also wanted us to focus on gossip over the garden fence so this is why they wanted us to put it onto a fence.

There is no real cost involved in my idea and this is why I did to make it as easy as possible for me to do as I feel that if I tried to do something quite complicated then I could make things very hard for myself and could end up with some really poor quality images that I am not happy with. The only really cost that could occur during this project would be if I had to pay for any of the supplies that are needed for the images to be mounted and put onto the fences.

After I have taken my images I will put them onto contact sheets and pick my final images. Then using photoshop I will make any adjustments that I feel will needed to be made whether thats changing the colouring or the lighting in the images or cutting something out and refining the edges to make them sharp. I will also be adding the dates and locations of the images to the bottoms which is what I said I would do in my idea to make the image information a lot clearer to people who are viewing it. I will then put my images together to create my triptychs and then evaluate them so that my work is ready to submit.

After I have submitted my images I will be working on mounting and presenting them. To do this I will be putting my images into a frame and then onto a garden fence.


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