Refining Edges

During our current project we are required to use a lot of old photographs and add old things to new ones and new things to old ones and to do this, it involves us using quick selection to cut something away from its background. When you have done this the edges can look unite rough and not straight and then when you put it into another image it will look unnatural and for the project pictures you want them to look as natural as possible. To make them look as natural as possible you have to refine the edges.

To do this you use the quick selection tool to what select what you want to cut out. Then you use the refine edge tool and you adjust all of the different settings to make the edges look smoother and more natural. We did two examples in photoshop and I also include the settings that I changed and to what level in which I changed them.

Smart Radius-55, Contrast 8%, Shift Edge +20%, Decontaminate Colour Selected.
Smart Radius- 30, Contrast 10%, Shift Edge+20% Decontaminate Colour-80

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