As part of our project brief we have to make sure that our images include a person in them who is looking at the camera. In order for us to make sure that we do this we have done some experiments towards this to make sure that we understood how to include this part of the brief into our project.

For this task we had to take approximately 30 photographers and have half in the studio and half taken outdoors. This is so we had some different background sin our images and that we got to understand how to take head shots and portraits both outside and in the studio.

We first did our pictures in the studio and for this we had a white backdrop set up with two reflectors on either side of the person so that the light would reflect on them rather than just on the background, this enabled us to get a brighter image and the person looked a lot more lit up rather than dark. The lights that we used were mono lights and we used two of these on either sides of the white backdrop. To make sure that we had the most accurate light readings we used a light meter before taking our images and this was to test the lighting around us whilst using the studio lights so that we were able to get the ISO,Aperture and Shutter Speed right in all of the images. We also used the light meter outside when we took our pictures so that we could keep the lighting at the right level and we had a well exposed straight away rather than constantly changing the settings in the camera. I took a total of 30 images which I then put into a contact sheet.


We then had to pick an indoor image and an indoor image to then cut out and add to our fence triptych which we did previously. Also with these images we had to test our refining edges skills which we also learnt previously. Adding these images to the fence image will also count towards the brief as our final image will be presented in a frame on a type of garden fence. I have included the images that I chose an edited below.

triptych edit stduio.jpg
This is my first triptych that I created using my modern to old wild angle images from a previous shoot. The idea was to add the head shots from today to this triptych. To do this I used the Lasso tool on photoshop to cut around the head shot. I then cut and pasted it onto my triptych to put the head shot into it. Then to merge it in with the triptych I turned the opacity down slightly so it looked more blended.
edited outdoor1.jpg
This is the second triptych from the outdoor shoot that I did, to get the image like this I followed the exact same steps as before. I then went on to put it onto my fence that I made as well.

This is the images edited onto the fence. To do this I just took my old triptych off and added my new one in after fitting it to the size that I wanted.

I then had to pick two of the images and refine their edges. I did this by using the quick selection tool and the refine edge tool and this just helps to make the edges a lot smoother and flat from an object that you have cut from a background.


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