Gossip Over The Fence

Before the modern age took over and people stopped physically talking to each other there was a lot of gossip over the garden fence. When people wanted to interact with others they would go out into their garden and talk to their neighbours and friends over the garden fence. They would gossip about their lives and and their problems and have a nice conversation. There are a lot of images on the internet relating to gossip over the garden fence and how it has changed over time.

From the images that I found I discovered that a gossip over the fence is something that has been happening over so many years. It has been a thing since before during and after the war, but since social media and technology has now taken over a gossip over the fence has become a thing of the past and rarely happens now a days.

A gossip over the fence could be anything from talking about life, current affairs or asking a neighbour or a friend for a favour. When I researched the definition of gossip this is what I found. ‘Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true’.



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