Garden Fences

There are a wide variety of different garden fences and they all have very different connotations to how they make people  feel or what they say to people.

Large Garden Fence

  • Big Bold Fence
  • Used to protect your garden
  • Used to block your neighbours out
  • Really tall
  • Feel closed in
  • Blocks out any view of your surroundings


Wire Fence

  • Feels like your in prison
  • Used For Animals
  • Easily Broken
  • Full of Holes
  • Not really used much in gardens
  • Mainly used in smaller gardens


White Pickett Fence

  • Friendly Meaning you can talk over it
  • Mainly used in american gardens
  • Also seen a lot in front gardens and patios
  • Brightens up the garden because of the white paint
  • Opens up your garden
  • Gives you the ability to see over into your neighbours gardens


Farm Fence

  • Mainly used on farms for animals
  • Big gaps in-between so you can put your hands and arms through
  • Gives you the chance to talk to your neighbours and hand them things through the fence
  • Not really used much in peoples back gardens
  • Mainly used in peoples front gardens and patios like a white picket fence



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