Angles Of View

As part of triptychs project we are working on shooting three different images of the same subject as different focal lengths. For a little experiment we shot the same subject three times but each time we shot it we zoomed in or out a little bit more at the three extremes of the camera. The three extremes being the most zoomed in, mid way and the most zoomed out you can go. The point of this task is to see if we can get the background the same each time so it looks as if though the image is the same each time even though it is at different focal lengths. We also had to take three series of three images each of different sized subjects, we had to have an image where the subject was body sized, head sized and then also building sized. I have included a contact sheet of my three different series of images all in size and subject order, All from 105-50-18mm and also Body Sized-Building Sized-Head Sized.


As you can see from the contact sheet there is a difference in all of the backgrounds depending on where you stand and what focal length you are on. I found the on with the water bottle quite difficult as at the end the camera wouldn’t focus on the battle properly so thats why it doesn’t look as sharp as the first two images. I found the building images very easy as you cans stand quite far away from the building and gradually get closer and have the same sort of background. I found this the same with the body image because where it was shot in the long corridor it made it a lot easier for me to be really far away and gradually get closer.

I think that if I was to do this again then I would go somewhere different rather than just around the college as there would be a lot more to shoot and I could get some better images to fit the brief of the task.


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