200 Words What I Did Over Christmas.

Over the Christmas holidays I mainly spent time with a lot of family and friends and I really enjoyed my period off from college and used it to relax and take some time for myself. Even though it was our time off we still had some work to do and that was to do a mini project about the subject Triptychs. This is an image which is put together using three images and can be used for art, to portray a message and also to tell a story. I really enjoyed learning about this and I found it really interesting as I haven’t studied it previously. I did quite a bit of research into it and I learnt a lot about different photographers and artists and how they use triptychs in their work for meaning and purpose. I even got a chance to make my own triptychs and experiment with different shots to see what I could make just based on  my own knowledge and the research that I have done. Away from college work I did try and take a few images over christmas just mainly out and about when I had the time to rather than specific subjects.


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