Triptychs Research

As part of our next module we are looking at triptychs and how artists create the images. What they mean and also creating our own.

To start of this topic we were asked to research a total of 8 people who work with triptychs and evaluate their work and hopefully take influence from their work to put towards our own. These eight  people had to be 3 different artists and then 5 photographers alongside this.

The first artist that I looked at was Francis Beacon and his triptychs work. He is an artist so his work is more based on paintings and drawings rather than photography. His paintings are very abstract and I actually really like the way his work looks because it’s a lot different to other triptychs that I have looked at before. I looked at a piece of his work called the ‘A portrait for Lucian Freud’. It is a triptychs of three heads and the way he has painted it makes it look like the persons face is made from different facial features from different people and I think this is the first thing that struck me when I first looked at it and this is why I thought it was quite abstract and different. I have included a copy of the image below.

As you can see from this image most of all of the faces look quite deformed and like all of the body parts have been merged together. You can just about tell that it is a face. From the title of this image I think that it is a portrait of the man in the title and the artist has captured him in three different ways and then painted it this way. I think that this triptychs is a good representation of facial expressions and it just shows that you don’t have to paint or photograph facial expressions in the typical way that a lot of people do and you can create something really abstract and interesting that looks different from everything else out there. This image helps towards creating my triptychs as it shows me that if I was to focus on something like facial expressions or portraits then I should try something different to what people or even I have done before as I could get a more abstract or different result to what I thought.

The second artist who’s work I looked at was Destiny Womack. I found her work through pinterest and I really like her style of art as involves a lot of color which I really like as it is very bright and it looks different to the more standard portrait ones which are quite popular from what I found on pinterest. Her style of work for trypitch is to paint one image and then split it into three individual images and put them together in order so you can see the whole image but in separate parts through out it. She mainly does brightly colored sprays through three different pieces of paper or canvases so it doesn’t really have an order to it and it doesn’t really tell a story like others do.


As you can see from the image above she likes a lot of color and paint involved in her images which I really like as it makes the mood of the image very happy and bright where as when I was doing my research and looking at different images on pinterest I saw some paintings that used a lot of different darker colors and the mood was quite deep and sad but this one really stood out to me because of the bright and bold colors. I feel like this image will really help me when it comes to planning what to do for my trypitch because it just shows that yours doesn’t have to have a specific story to it and it doesn’t have to correlate together to create something specific. It also shows that you don’t have to use bland and dark colors like other artists do, you can really make it your own and add some bright colors to add dome more personality to it if it doesn’t have a story related to it. I think that this artist has really inspired me to add some bright colors to my triptychs if I chose to do something without a story or that all flow together without any explanation to it.

The final artist that I looked at is Jana Goode. I found her work through google by searching painted triptychs and her work came up quite quickly and I was really intrigued by it and I think that it represents stories in a different way and I think that her work shows one story through and image divided into three rather than having a gradual story that goes from one scenario through to another. Where as in her work she will paint a story in one big image and just divide it into three different images and put them together much like the previous artist that I looked at as she also took one big image and split it into three to create her triptychs.


As you can see from the image above it makes the point clear that I was making of how the one big main image that has been painted and then chopped up into three different individual images and made into a triptychs that represents a story. The image that I have found is of a pack of horses all in the west and it looks like they are going somewhere on like a quest or a mission in the wild west. I think that it looks good split into three different parts because it makes you look at the whole image rather than one certain part and moving on to another one. I think specifically this type of picture would be really good in a gallery as it makes you look at the whole image as when people go to a gallery they usually will just look at one part of the image or just take a quick glance at the image and then move onto another image but I think that having the image in this format really makes it better because as you move on to the images after the first you’ll notice that they are all the same images and that they are part of one big thing rather than three separate images.

I then went on to research five different photographers that work with triptychs.

The first photographer that I researched and looked at was Adde Adesokan. I really like this photographers work as he takes images of people on the street and random people that he finds interesting and takes three different pictures of them at interesting parts of their body that really represents their personality and shows who they are without an explanation to who they really are. I think that this persons work is really good as it uses triptychs to shows peoples personalities and it is something that is really popular when it comes to triptychs in photography. A lot of photographers use portraits for this as it can show different stories and personalities in people and I think that if you use the right person and get a certain story right then the pictures and results you get will look really good much like this photographer.


This image is called the analog lover and is from the artists series called triptychs of strangers where the artist goes through different streets of towns and cities and find different people to photograph. In this image in particular the artist has focused on three different parts of this mans body that he thinks are most key and I think these three parts that he has photographed are really key because they show what the man looks like, what his key item is which could have drawn the photographer to him in the first place and then it shows his feet and also a small shot of the street he is walking on this may not be that significant but it can sometimes show what a persons fashion is like and can show what they like to wear and in some cases this could have also drawn the photographer to them because of what they are wearing on there feet or the way that they are walking down the street could also make a difference too. I think this has inspired me to try and make an image like this as I think it shows personality with out explanation.

The next photographer that I looked at was Bill Viola. I found his work by looking on pinterest for triptychs photography and his work came up and I really liked it because it shows the evolution of life and how we go from one thing to another. By looking on his site I can see that he doesn’t do much triptychs photography but from the ones that I found through google and by looking on his site I really liked the way that it look in terms of presentation and the message that it shows as well. It was a type of thing that I hadn’t really seen before whilst looking through during my research and I was really intrigued as it was always something that I had in my head that some one could have done and that would have been a good idea for a shoot. I have included a copy of the image below.


As you can see from this image it shows the different stages of life from the photographers point of view. In the first part of the image you have a baby which is where we a ll start out in life and this is where the journey initially begins. When looking at this photographers work other than this piece there is a lot of images of a man or a person drowning in water and he has included this image in the middle of his triptychs to represent the  middle of life and I think it could mean that you go through such a big journey in life and you get so involved into different things and its like being drowned it life. Then things start to slow down and it takes you to the final part of the image when you get older and older and you end up dying. I think that this is a really good idea for a triptychs as it shows a clear story and it also shows some really good images and represents really clearly the meaning of life and the evolution of people nowadays in three simple images. Peoples lives are a big story to tell and its so good that you can represent it in three images. I think that this gives me ideas for my triptychs as it shows that you can tell such a big story through three simple images.

The next photographer that I looked at was Ryan Brenizer, he is well known as a wedding photographer who’s work tells stories of peoples weddings. His work is really good and really gets to the hearts of families and their weddings. I found his work by looking on google for triptych photographers and his work came up with a lot of others who’s work is equally impressive. On his website their is mainly wedding work and their isn’t much to do with triptychs but when you enter his name and triptychs into google a few of his triptychs  came up which I was drawn to.  He hasn’t done many triptychs but the ones that he has done are really good and relate to his work with weddings in the sense that they tell a story   which is something that a triptych can do and is very popular with people that work using triptychs.


This is an example of his work called Anatomy Of A Laugh. This is an triptych created from one of his weddings. It is one of the guests that he captured outside laughing. It is called an anatomy of a laugh because he shows the three different stages of her laughing from start to finish. I think that this is a really nice wedding piece because it shows how much the guests are having fun and it shows their enjoyment of the day. I think that this triptych also shows that you don’t need an intense and long winded storyline to create or tell a story using a triptych you just need one person laughing at a wedding and you can tell someones story from their time at a wedding. It doesn’t just tell you that she’s happy at that moment in time it also gives you a taste of the atmosphere at the wedding showing that its really happy and that the atmosphere is rubbing off on the guests and that they are really enjoying the day. I really like this triptych because it is so simple, some of the other triptychs that I have researched are really intense and have a lot of depth and meaning to them because of what they show, even though this has meaning and it will be treasured by the wedding party it is still really simple and different to a lot of other triptychs that show a process or tell a story.

The next photographer that I researched was Alex Turton. I found his work the same way as a lot of my other photographers that I researched. He doesn’t actually have a website as such for his workout he has an account on Flickr where he displays his work which is kind of like a website. From looking at all of his work I can see that there is a lot of work involved with nature and especially birds and animals other than all of his other work. There is a real wide range of what he photographs and the categories that he works within and I think that this is really good in a photographer as it shows that they are able to work with a wide variety of genres rather than just focusing on one thing and one thing only. He also has some really good work relating to just photoshopped images.


This is the piece of work of his that I chose to analyse. This piece is called Rock,Paper,Scissors and can be found in the black and white collections on his Flickr site. I really liked this image because it doesn’t look like a traditional triptych in the sense that usually when you see triptychs they are three images that are separate and they are presented in a way where you can clearly see that they are divided up. Where as this triptychs shows three different images but you can see the divide between the three. I think that the photographer has chosen to do his triptych this was because it makes the image flow better because you have them all together rather than having them all divide up. I really like the lighting in this triptych because it focuses just on the hand rather than the background which is something that a lot or triptychs do rather than just focusing on the subject that is the real purpose of the image. I like that it is quite dim lighting also because the darker lighting eventuates the definition and the lines in the hands and this helps you to understand just what type of person these hands of come from. Whether its a woman, a man and whether they are nice well kept hands or whether they are battered and hard working hands.

The final photographer that I looked at is Andreas Adelmann. I found his work the same way as my other photographers which was just through internet research looking at different triptychs and finding famous and also small not very well known photographers that produce triptychs that are really good and that I am able to analyse. From looking at this photographers work on his Flickr site I can see that he really enjoys photography and he takes a lot of different images. He has a lot of images on his site from Holidays and from places that he has visited and photographed all around the world. The main place that he has taken photographs is America and he has lots of pictures on his site from all different parts of America all of which are very different and show the many different places in America from his point of view.


This is the piece of work that I chose from his site. This piece is called New York City Subway. I found with a lot of photographers that I have looked at that many of them don’t just do work solely on triptychs, in fact a lot of them do their own photography just using single images and when you look onto their sites or research them online you will find that maybe they have done one or two different triptychs and that will be it. This is the same with this photographer and this is one of the only triptychs I could find on his site. I really liked this image because I feel that it shows the different people that you can get at a new york subway station. For example you have the two women in the first and the last image which look like normal commuters making their way around new york on the subway and they look in onrush to be anywhere and they look quite casual. However in the middle image there is someone who looks like a business woman who looks very formal and like she has just come from work or is on her way to work. I also like the way that this is shot because it looks as if though he has take one long wide angle image and split it into three different image. However he may have just taken three different images and put them together in a triptych.


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