Triptychs Images

After researching 5 different people that work using triptychs I have now got to make three of my own whether that’s using my own ideas or using influence and ideas from my research. When I first started learning about this topic I already had a few ideas for what I wanted to do anyway so I really wanted to do these ideas and see how they looked.

For my first triptych I wanted to do something that represents optimism and the way people think. I really admire how people think and something that really represents this is glass half empty, glass half full. I think that I am able to represent this through three different images. I think that I am able to do this by having an empty glass, a half empty or half full glass and then a full glass which will really represent peoples optimism and the way that they think. When I then show peoples the image that I make it will be good to see how many people will say that’s a half empty glass or a half full glass which will therefore represent the true meaning and purpose of why I made this image and shows the whole idea behind the image. I am really happy with the way that my image turned out and I think that I really managed to put my idea fully into the image and I managed to get the right message across. I think the main message will come from the middle image because that’s where the difference in thinking and minds will come from and its all in what people say that really counts and what it means. For this idea I took inspiration from my research as I studied a photographer who told a really big story through three different images and I think the way people think and why their minds are different is quite a big thing and I think I manged to capture this in this image series. I have included a copy of my image below.

BeFunky Collage1.jpg

For my second triptych I wanted to do something simple as I had seen a lot of simple looking ones when I was doing my research. Even though they look really simple I think that some of them can still look really nice and sometimes even show a message or a story behind them which is even better. For this one I wanted to show time through pictures of the sky and how the way the sky looks can represent the time of the day. I took three images one of the sky during the day when its nice and bright outside and sometimes with a blue sky, then I took an image where the sun is slowly setting in the sky however when I took this image it did look a bit grey as the clouds where in the way on the sun for quite a lot of the time. For the final image I took a picture of the sky in complete darkness to show it was the end of the day and it was night time. Even though I thought my second image was bad I still think that I did a really good job in making something that showed the time going on throughout the day and what the sky looks like during these times. I also took inspiration not from a simple artist but like my first triptych I took inspiration from a photographer who shows a big story through three different images and I wanted to continue this for this image also. As the day is quite long and the time between the different images is quite long and lots of stuff happen in that time then I think I managed to show a big story in time different using three simple images of the sky. I have included a copy of my image below.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

For  my final triptych I have decided to show the process of making a drawing and coloring it in. I started off with just a plain sheet of paper with nothing on it and then for the second image I will shoot the same piece of paper with a drawing on it. Then for the final image I will shoot the same piece of paper with the drawing on it only this time it will be colored in. I decided to do this one as when I was doing my research I saw a lot of ones with bright colors and that had really nice art on. So I really wanted to incorporate this in to my final triptych as I didn’t really have any big ideas for my final one that I wanted to do. I think that this was still a good triptych though as I managed to show a process of something happening much like when I shot the different point of the sun throughout the day even though it had a different message attached to it. I really like looking at process types of triptychs as they are really pleasing to the eye because a whole process of doing something is dissected into three different images but you know the whole other process that has gone on behind the camera to make those final three images but obviously you only get to choose three different images through out that whole process to make a triptych. I have included a copy of my final image below.

BeFunky Collage2.jpg

I am really happy with the way that all my triptychs turned out and I feel that I managed to grasp the idea of what they are and how to create them quite quickly. If I was to work with triptychs again then I would focus more on artists and photographers research more and try my best to recreate something that was similar to their work and use their work as influence and inspiration as something of my own. That I would then recreate for my work.


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