Self Experimental Shoot Evaluation 3

As part of our Self project we were asked to complete some experimental shoots to accompany our projects so that we are able to test out our ideas and see how they would look as part of our final project. This also gives us the chance to look at our ideas and images and see if there is anything that we need to change or adjust before our final shoot. As we want everything to run smoothly in our final shoots we need to use these shoots to their full advantage so that we can change things and make things right as soon as possible. I did my experimental shoots to help me see what emotions and mind sets to choose for final shoot to see which ones looked the best and which ones I thought would work well with my original ideas. I planned 4 different experimental shoots just to get as much research into my ideas as possible and make sure I was 100% happy with what my final idea would look like. This is my third of my four experimental shoots.

After my second experimental shoot I knew that I just wanted to focus on food and not drinks. So I decided to experiment with different emotions and mind sets to see how they  would look as part of my final project. As it was only an experimental shoot I only chose to focus on two different emotions as I wanted to be able to focus on it as much as I could and not have to worry about a lot of different other emotions on top of this. I found it a lot easier this way as I was able to use the shoot to its full advantage and see whether these emotions would really work on my final shoot or not and whether there was anything that I needed to change or do differently next time if i chose to use these emotions in my final shoot.

For this shoot I focused on two different emotions that I thought would be good experiments as I knew that they were two emotions that I wanted to definitely focus on for my project. In order for me to know whether they could be good to work with or not, this is why I chose them as experiments. The two different emotions that I chose where sadness and health. Health is not an emotion but it is a mind set and when people have different mind sets and mental states they can change the way that they eat and what they eat and this is why I chose to focus on it.

I completed my shoot at home in the kitchen using the work surface and a white background and I think that this best represented the situation that  I wanted to create and looking at the final images that I have I think that it looks a lot more real and well set out compared to a studio. As I wasn’t in a studio for this shoot I used completely natural lighting and had no light sources set up to enhance my images in any way. Even though I wasn’t in the studio I still used a tripod for some shots were I wanted to keep the camera completely still or if I wanted to create a really complicated angle for an image that I wasn’t able to do using just my hands. For the shoot I used a Canon 1200D DSLR Camera with and 18-55mm lens attached and this in the only lens that I used and I feel that it made the images look really good even though it is a basic lens with not much zoom or focal length. I also completed one part of the shoot in my living room using the sofa and a blanket to create a scenario that some one was going through sadness would actually be in. Being comfortable on the sofa and drowning your emotions in food. I also included some different props to make the scenario look a lot more clear to the viewer. For the sadness part of the shoot I added a tv remote and some tissues to make it seem as if though they have been crying or if they have been watching the television to take their mind off of their sadness. For the health part of the shoot I added some trainers and a water bottle to make it seem as if though the healthy person likes to stay active and work out. I think adding the props brought out the emotion in the picture a lot more and made it a lot better than what it was if it was just the food there.

I am very  happy with the way that these images turned out and I think that the different images show the different scenarios and personalities really well. I have included contact sheets from the shoot that show all of the images that I took.

As you can see from my contact sheets I tried to use a couple of different shot types in my images but because for both parts of the shoot I used a flat lay set up it was hard to use different shot types without cutting things out from the image. I did try other shot types in my shoot but it meant that you couldn’t see some of the items properly and it didn’t make the image look very clear. I feel that by doing this it showed me what type of shots that I should use on my final shoot and how I should hold and point my camera to make the picture look its best and to put my subject and message across clearly and successfully for my final images. Again I kept the amount of pictures I took to a minimum as I didn’t want to have lots to choose from because it would have made it hard for me to see whats right and whats wrong with the images that I have taken as they would almost all be the same.

Out of all of images I have chosen a few that I think were the best ones and if I to use this for a proper final piece then I would use these images I have included a gallery of these final images below.

I chose these images as my final four as I feel that they best represent what I am trying to get across and they best represent my chosen feelings and emotions really well by including a clear view of everything that I think that would relate to this emotion in term of food and different props. I chose to use a flat lay for my images as I found this the best way to present it and I was able to get a really clear image from this that I was really happy with. I think taught me to use flat lays for my final shoots because they are a lot easier than trying to make something that is really complicated and that looks nice when you can easily get the right message and point across with a flat lay. For sadness I used a lot of indulgence and un healthy foods that people usually would eat when they are feeling down, upset and they just want to indulge in something good. For health I used some fruit and vegetables and added some health props to make it look a lot more clear for the viewer as I didn’t have much food to accompany this part of the shoot. I am happy with the images that I took and I feel this was a very helpful experiment to do.




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