Job Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself?- Im currently doing a level 3 extended diploma course in photography and I am in my second year. I really enjoy photography and I love taking pictures and I also love editing pictures and changing the way that they look and the different elements of them. I am a really sociable person and love to get on with people and learn new skills in a new environment.
  2. What attracts you to this job?- I was really attracted to this job and  very eager to apply as it was just what I was looking for in a photography job. I love what it offers and the benefits that come from it and I think that it is the perfect job for me.
  3. Why should we offer you a job?- I think that you should offer me a job because I am very organised, reliable and I feel that I can meet the requirements of the job very well. What you are offering is perfect for me and I think that I am the perfect person for this job.
  4. What work experience have you had?- During my college course I completed a week of work experience in a photography shop where I was required to help develop and print pictures and also retouch and adjust pictures. Further a long in the week I was also taught how to take peoples passport pictures and also different head shots. This work experience really helped me as it gave me the confidence that I needed to work in photography and it also gave me the skills to work with the public a lot more as I had to instruct them to be in the right position for their pictures.
  5. What practical skills have you acquired?- From this work experience and also my college course I feel that I have learnt a lot of different practical skills. Such as in my work experience I learnt a lot more about portrait photography and how to get the perfect portrait for passport pictures. I also learnt to interact more with the public and it built my confidence a lot more. Where as in college I learnt the basic skills of a camera as I had never done photography before college, I have also learnt a lot about more about the different types of photography and different elements and how to apply them in the shoot.
  6. In the past, what was your favourite project and why?- In college we did a mini project called Micro Project and we could shoot anything that we wanted based on what we had learnt so far, as it was only at the end of the first term of the course we hadn’t learnt much but I still thought this was one of my best projects I focused on bright lights and shutter speed to create different drawings and patterns in an image. For my final shoot I took some glow sticks and used really slow shutter speed to create a light drawing and I created lots of different shapes and patterns. I really enjoyed this project as it was really fun and it was really good to shoot and I was also really happy with my final results.
  7. Where do you go for inspiration?- A lot of the time when I am doing a project or a piece of work I like to look for inspiration to influence my work and give me ideas. When I do this I like to look at different photographers work and also different photography websites and also other blogs that contain photography. This really helps me as it gives me a wide range if ideas on what to do and how my work should look.
  8. What are you career plans,if any?- In the future I would like to own my own photography business specialising in weddings and events as this is something that really interests me the most in photography and I think there is a massive market for photographers in this field.
  9. What positions of responsibility have you held?- In my previous job I worked in retail and I was responsible for giving customers good customer service and making sure they were happy and feeling good whilst in store. I was also responsible for keeping the store tidy and clean and making sure that everything was in place. In terms of work experience I was responsible for taking passport pictures for lots of different people for near enough a whole week.
  10. What are your strengths?- I think that my strengths are being able to handle pressure really well and I can keep really calm and happy and calmly make a decision even though I am under so much pressure. I am also really organised and I am able to work quickly and easily to a deadline without forgetting about anything.
  11. What are your weaknesses?- I feel that my weakness is that I find it hard to speak in front of large crowds and I find presentations quite hard if there are a lot of people. I think that even though I have done it quite a lot in the past I still find it hard and it hasn’t really built my confidence much.

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