Job Application

As part of Unit 11 we have been asked to look at either applying to different uni courses and looking into ucas applications or look at three different photography jobs that we could possibly do in the future and look into what you would need to do for that in terms of skills and experience also you can look at costings and how much you are going to earn in a week or a month depending on what you have to pay out for certain bills and finances that you may have.

The first job that I have found is for a professional photographer in Harlow.

The job has been posted by Cox Automotive and the job is to visit different used car dealerships and photograph the cars so that they can be posted on to advertising websites and also the can be used in brochures and leaflets. The advert states that they give full training and the teach you to what they want their images to look like and what guidelines to follow. This means that you don’t have to be experienced in photographing cars to do this job but they obviously still want to hire a really good photographer that will do the job properly for them. The advert also states that you need certain equipment to be able to do this job as it is something that is required to take the pictures that they want up to their standard. The equipment they want you to have is stated in the advert and you obviously have to read it before applying as there is no point in going for it if you don’t have the right equipment or the right experience in using it.

It is also posted in the advert that it is important to have your own reliable form of transport as some of the locations where you will be shooting isn’t close to public transport links in order for you to travel to different places to do work. This is another thing to consider because if you don’t drive or have a car then you won’t be able to get around very easily and will maybe affect the way you do your job. There is no information on the ad about how much you would be earning, however there is information on there about commission for shooting the car depending on how much there is to shoot and the images that you present. I think that information about pay would be provided if you were successful further along down the application process.

Another Job that I have found is a Weekend Events Photography Staff.

This job advert gives a lot of information which is good because you want to be able to know as much about the job involvement before you apply just incase you make the wrong decision and don’t like what you are applying for.

The first main part of the advert states that you don’t need any previous experience to be able to do this job but obviously in any job it is good that you have some experience because some employers like that and will make your application a lot stronger. They give a description of what they want in their employee and what they want their skills and qualities to be. This is something to look into before applying because if you feel that you don’t have many of these skills then you its not really a good idea applying because its not what there looking for. However if you feel that you do have these skills its good to keep them in mind as you can talk about them in your interview which could impress them as it shows that you read the advert properly and have thought hard about you application.

It gives you a full list of the tasks that you will be doing and what you are required to do which is good because then you know what to prepare yourself for and what you will be doing on a daily basis when at work. It is good to read through this list properly before applying because if they aren’t what you want to do in a job or what you expected then you shouldn’t apply.

It also gives detailed information about your day at work in terms of times and how much you will earn and also which days you will be required to work and how many days you will be required to work in a month. In the advert its states that you will be required to work from 8:30 am to 6pm every Saturday and Sunday and also some bank holidays. In this day you will be earning £75 and they also state that the average amount of days you will be working in the month is between 4 and 8 depending on what the weekend is like. Say if you were going to be working 8 days in the month then you would be earning £600 in the month but if you were only going to be working for 4 days in the month then you would be earning £300 a month.

They only give one requirement for you to have and that is to have a Full UK Drivers License for you to be able to travel to work and if needed travel to different locations.

The final job that I have found is for a Portrait Photographer in Woodford.

This job gives a first impression in the advert by showing a description of the main purpose of the job which gives you a basic description of what the job is all about and what you are required to do.

It then gives a detailed description about your duties and tasks and what you are required to do when your at the job and this is good that they have done this as your able to tell whether this job is actually for you and you can also decide whether the roles that are required meet your expectations or what you actually want to do in a job. It gives a description of the hours that you will be required to do and it gives a choice of the different shifts that you can do. There isn’t any mention of how much you will be earning but this could be introduced further on in the process.

There are a few requirements that they mention which are things to consider before you apply for the job. They ask you to have two years of photography experience. Secondary education and also for english to be strongly learned or be your first language.


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