Final Plant Pot Images

These are my final plant pot images that will be printed onto the large red flower pots in the town. I have also included on the contact sheet the two images that I took of the plant pots when we went to see them to show the scale difference between the two and how different they look and also just to show what they will actually be printed on. I have also used photoshop to make a mock up of what it may look like I did this by cropping my image and fitting it to the shape of the plant pot so you can roughly see what it will look like when it is finally printed. My two final images were both taken in Harlow, one in the town park and one in the town centre. I decided to do two images so you can see two different things on different sides of the plant pots. I have taken a picture of a tree landscape in the park which is a bit different to what I had planned but I think it still fits in  with what I originally planned to do because it is still a landscape taken in a forest/park. I have also taken a picture from on top of the car park in the town centre and in this picture you can see all the different cars passing by and it just shows a high up view of the road and all the different cars. I decided to put these two images together because it shows two different views of Harlow and the town its self. For example you have the really nice landscape parts like in the parks and on the fields but then you have the industrial side of the town which is the big industrial estates and things like the big roads and car parks which is what I shot in my second image.


I have also included a side view of the plant pot to show what it would look like if you were to look at it from side on.

image11 side.jpg

I am really happy with the way that my images have turned out and the way that they look on the plant pot is really good and they will obviously look a lot better once they have been printed onto the pots properly but just as a mock up I think that they look really good.




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