Unit 11 Evaluation

Now that unit 11 has finished I have reflected on what it was like in unit 11 and how I found it and what I learnt throughout this part of the course.

In unit 11 I learnt how to write a personal statement that would either be used for university applications or for jobs and apprenticeships. As I am not applying for university then I will use what was written and learnt for different jobs or apprenticeships that I apply for in the near future and hopefully what I have wrote will help in my application as it says a lot about me and shows my enthusiasm for photography and also what I have learnt and done that is related. This was a really useful thing to do as if I didn’t do this part of the course then I wouldn’t have written a personal statement and from what I have learnt about them I found them to be really helpful not only for university but for jobs also.

Also in unit 11 we have learnt about progression from college both educational and employment. I found this to be very helpful as it showed me many different things that I can do after I leave college and before this I was a bit stuck on what I was going to do afterwards but now I have a bit more of a clear idea and it has helped me a lot.

We also learnt about costing and budgeting and this was really helpful and it gave you a reality about what the real world is actually like and the amount of money you can really earn in this career and this field of work.

I found unit 11 really helpful and I think in terms of practical life skills it is really going to help me in the future.


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