Shoot Plan For Plant Pots

For a Harlow community project we have to do we have been asked by Harlow Council to create an image that will be printed onto the large red plant pots that are situated in Market Square in the town centre. The brief for this image is completely free and we can photograph whatever we want to, it doesn’t have to be in Harlow either so wherever we take these images is completely up to us. As there are a limited amount of plant pots compared to how many people are in the class we are also allowed to share a plant pot with somebody and are images could be similar in what they are about and what they contain or they could be completely different and just put together on this plant pot. The idea of this project is to revamp that part of the town centre as right now it looks very dull as all of the plant pots are bright red and the paint thats on them already is very chipped and dull and they don’t look very nice. Also all of the plants that are in them are all dead and brown and they don’t attract peoples attention very much. One the plant pots have had the pictures printed onto them they will look a lot better and will hopefully attract peoples attention more than they do know. Also the plants will be redone as well so they pots will look a lot brighter and the plants in them will look a lot more appealing and will attract peoples attention for the right reasons and they will become known as a more iconic part of the town compared to now they are just known as big red plant pots. To get an idea of the size and the scale of the plant pots to get the right images on them we took a trip to see the plant pots so we could understand the size of them and see how our pictures would look printed onto them and what sort of picture to take so that it would attract peoples attention. To know this information throughout the project we were asked to take a picture of them so we knew what they looked like constantly. This is what the plant pots look like.

The plant pots are very big and obviously you need a very big image with a lot of context and meaning to be sure that it catches peoples attention from lots of different angles because people will be approaching these pots from different parts of the town and they will see the picture from different perspectives so if you have on big blank part in your image and the subject in the middle some people aren’t going to see it and when people walk past it from the side they won’t see the main part of the image and may just think its a coloured plant pot. As you can fit two pictures or more on the plant pot I think I am going to share the plant pot with someone else who is doing something similar to me so that it looks pieced together properly because if I was to share it with somebody that was doing something completely different to me then it would look a bit odd and the whole plant pot wouldn’t look very good.

As the plant pots are very wide and round I think that a landscape would fit really well on this as if I was to shoot it in the right way there would be something to see around the whole image and if you was coming towards the plant pot for different angles then you would be able to see something different from whatever angle you was coming from and you wouldn’t see anything that didn’t look interesting or was just a blank piece of sky. In Harlow there are a lot of different beautiful landscapes that you can picture especially in places like the town park and even if you were to stand on top of one of the multi-story car parks that the town has you can still get and good view of a lot of different things in the distance. You can also get a lot of different good landscapes in other places outside of Harlow and because the location of where the picture has to be taken hasn’t been set to somewhere specific I can do it anywhere and try to get a really good one maybe in somewhere like the forest or if I was to stand on top of a large hill and take a picture that has a lot of different subjects in the distance or even up close. Near to were I live I have a lot of forest and land near me and there is one specific place where I can think of where you can take really beautiful landscapes if you stand right on top of the hill and it also looks really nice with a sunset and sunrise. I think that if I was to shoot a landscape shot in this specific place then I would be able to get a really nice shot that will look nice on the plant pot. Sometimes when you look out from this place you can sometimes see cars driving along the road and you can also see a lot of different things moving as well, so I think it would be really good to capture some of the action in the landscape by using a slow shutter speed as it would blur the action to see whats happening and how much everything moves along in one scene. I would also like to make the landscape panoramic so you can get a lot in one picture and it gives a wide angle view of what you are looking at and it would also mean that you can properly fill the image up and make sure that everything is spread across the whole image and that there is something for people to see no matter what angle they approach the plant pot from.

I have also included a list of equipment I will need to use to make this image possible:

  • Canon 1200D Camera with 18-55mm lens.
  • Tripod
  • Fill Flash Attachment (only if the image was taken in the dark and the image wasn’t very clear using the natural lighting)

As it is an outside shoot I don’t need to use much equipment compared to if I was shooting in the studio.

I will also need to take a few test shots before I start shooting for the main image, as its an image that a lot of people are going to see daily then I want to make sure it looks good and its a really good quality image. I hope that once I have taken the image that I am happy with it and that I don’t need to change anything. If I do then I will make my adjustments on photo shop. I already know that I may need to crop the image because of the size but I am hoping that this is the only adjustment I need to make to the image and that there is nothing major that I need to change. In order to make sure this goes well then I will need to make sure I take my time shooting my images and that I don’t rush it because then I know I will end up with something that I don’t like and that I need to either retake or change a lot on photoshop. I have included an example of what I would like my image to look like and what I will use during my shoot.



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