Open Evening Evaluation

For the open evening, Megan, Kat, and myself were in the small studio. We had a table set up and lighting around it and we were photographing a bottle with flowers and coloured glass in it. We also took a variety of other different portrait pictures just to show the people that were coming in how we take different portrait pictures. What went well was that we took lots of photographs and we changed our setups a lot to vary the style of the images and to change what it looks like so we didn’t have the same image the whole time. Not many people came in our room on open evening so it would have been better if people would have guided them to our room so we could show them what we were doing and show them the work that we was doing, it seemed bit pointless at some points that we did so much work and no one was coming to look at it. So there could have been a guide that had a room plan so they knew which rooms were in use and which ones weren’t meaning that everyone got a chance to see some practical work being done both in the big studio and small studio

Another thing that we could have done is included the audience in our shoot and showed them how to use the lights and got them involved. We could use different types of lighting and let the audience take photographs and teach them about the lighting we have used. We could have also explained how different types of lighting effect the image and show them the difference between a few images that have a variety of different lighting. This would make them interested in what we are doing and teach them about photography. This may have also influenced their decision to apply for the course or take it into consideration to apply from what they saw, this is what the open evening is all about to help influence peoples final decisions by showing them what the course involves and what its like to be in harlow college.


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