Photoshop Selection and B+W

Another Photoshop Technique we have learnt to do is how to select part of an image to change and also how to revert the image to black and white,These are the steps we had to follow.

  1. Window for tools and Palettes
  2. Open Chosen Image
  3. Layer/Duplicate Layer…..OK
  4. Quick Selection Tool
  5. ALT to delete from your selection, SHIFT to add to your selection
  6. Lasso to refine selection
  7. Select/Modify/Feather
  8. Select/Inverse, ‘Matching Ants’
  9. Image/adjustments/Black and White. Notice colour channels are available to you along with presets. Experiment with the presets along with channels and Tint/Hue
  10. Deselect(cmd D) or Select/Deselect
  11. File/Save as..
Original Image
IMG_7307. edited
Black and White Selection Image

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