Trip Work

My First Impressions 3 Sentences

  1. Lots of different portraits and photos of people
  2. All different variety of style and genre.
  3. They don’t look very set up they look more like mug shots and people don’t know there photos are being taken.

Choose Three Images and describe them, What do they say to you what techniques have been utilized.

This is an image of two men in a deserted place with no one else around them and there’s just them and a car. They are standing behind each other and they are standing next to the car surrounded by lots of leaves. This image says to me that they could be two men looking in that deserted place for something or someone in particular There is good lighting in this image and you can clearly see the subject well. Color has been used in this image as well as there are a variety of different colors in this image and they all go well together and also there is a use of shallow depth of field to blur out the tree’s and also the other building far out in the background. .
This is a picture of a lady standing and posing for a picture in front of what looks like an old abandoned building as all the windows and doors have been boarded up. She looks very dressed up almost like she is going out somewhere nice. This picture looks more like a set up portrait as if the photographer has said to her go stand in front of that building and ill take your picture rather than the other image that I looked at which looks more like a scene from a film or a television show. The techniques used in this are definitely color as there are lots of bold and bright colors. Also a wide depth of field as everything in the image looks very clear and focused.
This is a picture of an elderly woman sat in a leaf filled garden and she is sat on a broken old sofa by herself. She is either looking into the distance at something or has been asked by the photographer to pose in this way for a specific reason. She is also smoking which could either be done for that picture or because she wanted to. This picture to me looks very set up compared to the others as it wouldn’t be something that you would typically see as a casual thing meaning that it would be very set up by the photographer in order for him to ensure that he gets the photo the way he wants it to look and to put the right message across from the final image. There is a lot of bright and vibrant colours used in this image and the two brightest colours in the image clash together and also with prints but then they blend together and makes it one of the boldest parts of the image. The photographer has used a wide depth of field in this image as the whole image is very clear and all in focus. He has also used natural lighting as it would have ruined the effect of the image if he used a studio light or any other lighting and it would have made it look a lot more set up than it already is.

Choose 1 Image you like and say why.




From the exhibition this is the photo that I really liked as it is a really well pieced together image and I think that it looks less set up and put together than the other images. A lot of the other images at the exhibition looked very staged and set up and I didn’t like that where as I really like this image because it looks very natural and as if he’s captured that mans action as and when it happened rather than him asking him to pose in a specific way.

Choose 1 Image you don’t like and say why

From the exhibition this is the image that I didn’t like. I think that a lot of the images in the exhibition were really natural portraits and they weren’t as set up as some others. I really like the natural portraits at the exhibition and I think they were really good were really nice to look at where as this image looks really un natural and set up a lot more than other images and I think that set up images don’t look as good as others this image doesn’t look as natural as others and this is the main thing that made me dislike it and its one of the image from the exhibition that I really didn’t like.

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