Name Through Medium Format Evaluation

As part of our experiments with medium format cameras we were asked to use the camera and some letters on signs around the college and also the town. Using these two things we were asked to use the camera to photograph our names using each different letter from different signs, posters and also buildings. Using this when the letters where photographed and printed they would be pieced together to create our name in different letters. For me this was quite easy to shoot as the letters in my name are quite basic and common letters that can be easily found on sign posts and different building signs, whereas for some people that also did this project it may have been quite hard for them because of the different complex letters in there names and also if they have a lo of letters in their name as it would be hard to find a different type of letter for each one. We were also asked to complete the same task by using letters that we found either in tree’s on the ground or through things and are naturally formed. It was  really easy to shoot as there are a lot of signs around the college and also outside of college in the town. I only had to use the camera and also a light meter to make sure I got the right shutter speed and exposure for my image. We then had to develop the film and this was really easy to do as I had already done it before. I have included pictures of the letters that I shot using the medium format camera that would all form together to create my name. We were asked to complete the same shoot to create our names but in naturally formed letters meaning on a window frame, tree’s and also bushes and fences. I found this part of the shoot a bit harder as because even though you could see it as that letter some people may not be able to see it that way but I tried my best and in the end I was really happy with my images.  Then developed them the same way as before and cut them out and lined them in order to create my name.


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