Medium Format Camera Evaluation

As part of our self project we have been looking at different ways to do photography and how we can use a variety of different am eras to get different results rather than just using a DSLR camera. We have already looked at using film cameras and also pinhole cameras but now we are looking at using Medium Format camera’s as something to use rather than an DSLR camera.

A medium format camera is a film based camera and requires you to develop and contact print your images after you have taken them. This also gave us a lot more use of the developing process as we haven’t done much development before so it was really good to be able to do this. A medium format camera also requires you to use a light meter to measure the amount of light the subject that you are photographing is getting. This will tell you the aperture and the shutter speed that you have to set your camera to and it gives you the best results possible and will mean that you won’t have loads of under and over exposed images that you can’t use or do anything with.

As most of us hadn’t used a medium format camera before we was given freedom with it and we could photograph whatever we wanted and just go around the college and the town and test the camera out on different things and get some different shots. It was really easy to use the camera and it was easy to change the shutter speed and the aperture to fit the environment. It was quite hard to focus the camera however as it wasn’t very precise and if you moved the camera one little bit it would become unfocused and you would have to line it up again to get it right. Even though it was easy to change the settings it was quite hard to control the camera as it was quite heavy and bulky and because you have to use the light meter as well you have to have complete control over it and it was very hard to control. If I had to use this camera again then I would try and shoot it with multiple people, one for the model, one to use the light meter and then I would use the camera, I think this would be a lot easier because it would mean that you don’t have to try and do lots of different things at once including trying to control the big camera. I was really happy with the shots that I got from this shoot even though I had not used one of these cameras before I found it really easy to use and I was surprised how good my images came out. I think I would use this camera again if I had to and I would feel very confident using one of these cameras. Before I had used this camera I hadn’t developed much film before so I feel a lot more confident developing film now as I didn’t really feel that confident before this as I didn’t know the process very much and also how to actually set up a film for development like putting it onto a spiral and also taking it out of the camera.

In terms of my self project I would definitely consider using this camera for some of my different shots as I will be able to get a variety of different results and show the same image that I take from a variety of different camera view points.

I have included the images that I got from my first shoot with a medium format camera. As a film that you use in this camera only contains 10 shots I could only get 10 images which I think was enough considering it was the first time I have used this camera.





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