Self Experiemental Shoot 4

As part of my self project I have to complete a few different experimental shoots before my final shoot in order to make sure I get the best results from my final shoot. I have already planned 3 experimental shoots which I still need to do and this one is the fourth and final one which I am going to do.  I think that four experimental shoots is a good amount to do before the end of the project as it gives you so many different opportunities to change your mind on certain things in your idea and you always have the chance to change what you want to do. It also means that you can have a rough idea on what your final outcome is going to look like. Experimental shoots are also very good because if you are trying to use a few different new techniques you can practice them before your final shoot as if you don’t know what to do when using the new technique on the final shoot then it could affect your results and things could go very wrong depending on your prior knowledge of what the technique is actually about. I really wanted to do experimental shoots as I feel that it will make my final shoot go a lot smoother and easier.

For my final experimental shoot I will be doing the same thing as my third experimental shoot. For my third experimental shoot I planned to focus on two different mind and mental states and try and describe them through food, props and different colours. I am doing this to see how my results will look on my final shoot and see how easy it is to create the different shots that I want. It will also give me a chance to see what I really need to use for my shoot as there could be a chance that I would forget some important things that I need If I didn’t plan in advance or complete any experiments to know what I actually would need. The emotions that I chose to focus on in my third experimental shoot was Sadness and Health. But for this experimental shoot I have decided to focus on Happiness.


The  Emotion that I chose is happiness and this usually relates to bright and colourful foods as they can make you feel very happy when you eat them. So I will mainly focus on using very brightly coloured foods and things that would make you happy if you were to see them or eat them .

The equipment I will need to use for this shoot are

  • Canon 1200D with 18-55mm lens
  • Tripod for some shots
  • Dining table background
  • Different props relating to happiness
  • Different foods relating to happiness

I have included some images for what I would like my work to look like.

I may also need to edit some of my images but I will only do this if I feel that I need to as they may already look good enough for my to use anyway.


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