Fill Flash Photography Research 

As part of self project we have been learning about different things on how we can make our photography and our project a lot better and we have been looking at different types of photography in order to make our work better.

One of the things that we have been looking at fill flash photography and we have been looking into it on how it works in photography, how it makes our photography better and also different photographers that use it and looking at their work using fill flash

Fill flash is constantly used on location to act as an outdoor studio light

Fill flash photography is using your normal camera with the flash attachment. You can use it at different levels depending how bright and flash you want your image to be. It fully syncs with you camera and it’s very easy to work and use. They come in all different sizes so that you can have different intensitys of flash and it can make your results very different. They way you sync it up with your camera is by matching up the ISO and the shutter speed up with your camera and the flash and this should give you the right exposure and you give you a good bright image. You can also adjust the flash as much as you want either by the changing the ISO and shutter speed on your camera and flash or by changing the position of your flash to give your image different effects and different results.

We also looked at different photographers that use fill flash but one photographer that uses it quite along and is very well known for his fill flash work is Martin Parr and he mainly used fil flash in a lot of his famous work. Martin is a British photographer who is well known for documentary photography but documents a lot of boring and mundane things and this shows his obsession and love with British culture.

He sometimes travels further a field than Britain and focuses more on tourism also and this is good because you can make something a reality compared to what you see and think in your head.

One of his best and biggest project is wealth of the western world and I have included some of his images from this project.

He also takes a lot of different picture in airports and his subjects have become a lot more contextual. He also takes pictures in quite strange places and locations for example in car parks and on the streets.

In his work  he uses a lot of different equipment but mainly uses fill flash a long with a film camera and he also uses a medium format camera and this is known as a 6×7 plaubell camera.

There are some positives and negatives about his work using fill flash and using fill flash is good because it is really light compared to carrying studio lights everywhere you go it’s also inexpensive and they are so easy to get hold of, this also means that it is portable and easy to travel with like Martin does.

There are some negatives however when he uses fill flash. Because he goes to lots and lots of different places to work and take pictures this means he mainly takes pictures out in public and because he takes pictures in such busy places means that he doesn’t have any control over the people around him and if they don’t want to have their photograph taken then he can’t help that because that is their preference and he can’t stop that. A lot of people may think that he can just take one subtly with out any one knowing but because he uses fill flash it becomes very obvious when he takes a picture and everyone will know.


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