Technique Shoot 3- Cut and Movement

As part of my self research experimental shoots I chose another technique from my mod board to focus on and it was another photoshop technique which is called Cut and Movement. This technique is where you would have an image that you have taken and you choose one part of that image and cut around it so that part of the image is no longer there. Then you would move it to somewhere else in the image and put it somewhere else to where it originally was. This can be used for many different things in photography but in my research I found that the main thing this was used for was to show someone take a part of their face and putting it somewhere else on their face or body or it was also used to show people taking other peoples facial features or body parts from them and then holding them in there hand. The particular image that I researched used this technique to show how peoples faces are made out of different puzzle pieces and the person in the image has had a piece of their puzzle (their face) taken away and is holding it in their hand. I think that this is a good way of using the technique as it uses photoshop techniques and also has a good message behind it. The image I used on my mood board as part of my research is below.


I had already used this technique before in a previous shoot so I felt comfortable using it in photoshop and found it very easy to use. I tried not to take too many photos in the studio because i only needed to use one and didn’t need to many. I decided to have image like the one that I had researched so the only main image that I had to get for this technique was just someone with a plain facial expression and then have their hand to the side of their face looking like they are holding something so that I have somewhere to put their facial feature once I had cut it out. The camera I used for this shoot was a Canon 1200D with an 18-55mm lens and I took the picture in the studio using a soft box light. I have included my final picture from my shoot.


I am very happy with my final image and I think that it turned out a lot better than i first expected it to. I found the editing process very easy and it wasn’t too complicated to move around. I think this is because I had already done something like this before so it was just following the same steps as before to get it to work the same. I feel that I could maybe change a few different things next time if I had to do the shoot again. Next time I would try and create an image that has a lot more depth and meaning, I could  create a scenario or a situation that would involve the technique that I have chosen. This could be having two different people in the image and using it photoshop make it look like the one persons hand is ripping the mouth from the others face to show how in some situations and sometimes relationships it can be bad for the other person as they may feel that they have no voice and no ability to speak out due to the power over their partners. I think this would be a good idea as it has a clear message.


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