Technique Shoot 2- Color Reverse

As part of my self research experimental shoots I chose to do a shoot based on colour reverse. Colour reverse is where you take an image in colour and out it into photoshop and firstly change the whole image into black and white. Then select part of the image and reverse the colour in the image so you have on part of the image in its original colours and then the rest in black and white. This technique can be used for things to show a bright block of colour in an image compared to the rest of the image which cold be very plain or simple. It can also be used to help represent an action happening where colour is very significant and plays a big part in the image. For my shoot I chose to use this technique as it was something that really interested me and its also something that I have never used before in photography. Because of this I thought it would be good to test it out. I decided to keep it very simple and just take a coloured image and choose a brightly coloured part in the image and keep that part in colour. Below is the image that I used as inspiration for the shoot.


This was my first experimental shoot for colour reverse and because they didn’t have to be completely perfect images i found it very easy to decide what to do because it didn’t have to be anything too complicated or complex but I still wanted the image to look good. So I chose to use the image from my colour gel shoot so that I still had a subject that was colourful enough to change back from black and white.  For this shoot I used a canon 1200D with a 18-55mm lens. I have also included my best image from the shoot.



I think that my shoot went really well and I got some good images from the shoot. I am very happy with my final images and the way that they came out, both originally and once I had colour reversed them in photoshop. I like the way that you could only see a slight hint of colour once i had reversed it because I didn’t use an image with massive amounts of colour and also the colour wasn’t very bright /heavily used in the image which is what gave the image this final effect of a slight amount of colour. If I had to do this shoot again then I would experiment with a more colour heavy image so that you are really able to see a big clear difference between the black and white and the colour parts of the image. I would also like to add an action to the image maybe colour splash or something using paint or a brightly coloured object as I feel that this would add a lot of depth and meaning to the image  when you use colour reverse.



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