Self Experimental Shoot 3

As part of my self project which is related to food and emotions I need to do some experimental shoots that relate to the project to test out my ideas and see if there if there is anything that I need to change or do differently for my final project shoot. Since my second experimental shoot I have developed my idea and decided that I would prefer to focus more on food and drink rather than just props. The props shoot was good but I decided that it wasn’t good enough for my final shoot and that it didn’t get the messages across as well as I think food would. I think the food that someone eats can show a lot of different things about a person and it can show what there really feeling along with their internal emotions and mental state. So this is what I have decided on for my experimental shoot. Compared to my previous experimental shoot I think that I would prefer to focus on mainly one or two mental state and emotions at once rather than lots of different things in one shoot, I think this is best because I will be able to focus a lot more on getting the emotions and messages across where as if I did a lot of different things at once then I would rush through them all and not be able to show the emotions as well. It will give me a lot of time to focus on the emotions and go into detail and be able to really express them well so that they are clear in the final images.

When I was researching into self I found that mental states were a key thing and they can really have a knock on effect on peoples mind and personality and can really effect them sometimes in a good way but sometimes in a bad way depending on what it is really about. Sometimes people eat a certain way depending on their mental state and it can affect the way they eat and also what they eat. This is also something that that can change depending on what time of year it is for example if you are celebrating a certain time of year or holiday in the year. It can also depend on what peoples dietary requirements are and this can effect the things that they eat and also the way that they eat as it can affect their bodies and their diets. I have chosen to only focus on two of these types of things so I can really focus on getting the message across.

The two types of things that I have focused on are Sadness and Health

I have chosen sadness ad it shows a really bad end of the food scale because when people are sad and upset they usually eat loads and loads and they over indulge to get over there sadness. This is also known as comfort eating where people indulge in there sadness which is thought to make them feel better.

For this part of the shoot I will gather a lot of different food which people usually eat when they are sad or upset and lay them down flat in the studio either on the floor or on an chair and also include some empty packets to give the illusion that someone has actually sat there and eaten whats there. Also as its sadness I will include some tissues to show the upset and to make the scene look a lot more real. To add to the emotion of the image I will also add different colour gels that will flood the light in the image and give it a full amount of colour to add to the emotion. For sadness I think I will add a blue colour gel as this is the most popular colour that is related to sadness.

I have chosen health as it shows a really good end of the food scale because when people wan to be healthy they usually scrap everything out of their diet that isn’t good for you and that is really bad for you and that a person who was sad or upset would eat. They also would usually exercise along with this diet to make them feel better about themselves because they haven’t been eating well.

For this part of the shoot I will gather a lot of different food which people usually eat when they are trying to be healthy and have a healthy lifestyle and diet. I will then lay them flat like the other food and I will try to include some things that are related to health and fitness like weights, water bottles, trainers and sports clothes as this will add to the effect that this persons lifestyle, diet and personality is very healthy. As this shoot is more about a mental state rather than an emotion I will not add a colour gel because there isn’t really a colour related to diets and health. I will add a lot more props to put the message across a lot easier because the colour gels won’t help this one as much as the other one.

I will need to use various equipment for my shoot and I have listed it below

  • Canon 1200D with 18-55mm lens
  • Studio set up with white background
  • A few different chairs
  • Lots of comfort food
  • Lots of healthy food
  • Tissues
  • Health and Fitness Props
  • Blue colour gel
  • Tripod for some different shots.

I have done some research into shoots similar to this and I found some work by Celia A Shapiro in the project last supper and I have included some of her work from this project below.

After my shoot I may have to edit a few of my different images. This wont be major editing as I haven’t planned to do anything big. It will just be things to do with lighting and colour.


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