Personal Statement First Draft

This subject interests me as I have studied it both in school and also college and it is something that I have always wanted to do. The many different aspects of this subject really interests me as it contains a wide variety of different modules and  that you can study making you able to focus on a wide variety of tasks rather than being focused on one thing which is exactly the same for the three years that I am studying at university. This subject also interests me, as there are some parts of the subject mentioned in the course criteria that I have never learnt about before such as fashion photography which I something that really interests me and I am really passionate about as it is the career that I want to go into. I am able to reach all the entry requirements by studying my current course at college and reaching my predicted grades and also being successful.

I am currently studying a photography national diploma level 3 courses in photography at Harlow College and I have been studying this course for two yeas from September 2015-June 2017. In secondary school I also studied media as one of my GCSE’S and I studied this subject for two years and received an A even though this was not purely photography it still contained some analysing of different images. It also did involve some photography when making different posters, advertisements and also one project which involved making a magazine double page spread. I still think the relates to the course that I have chosen as it introduced me slightly to photography and it also helped to build my analysing skills which I know from my college course is a key part of photography.

I haven’t participated in other  activities outside of college that relates to the course but I do have a real passion for photography and for this course. I do complete other little photo-shoots outside of college sometimes when I travel and visit different places either for the day or for a holiday. I also have my own personal website and blog where I also have to complete little photo shoots to accompany my posts. My personal blog is based around lifestyle, fashion and beauty, which is updated once every 1-2 weeks with a new post accompanied with pictures.

I don’t have a very wide skill set but I think the skills that I do have will still help me on the course and in general university life. I am very organised and like to keep things like my work and my life very organised and I think this is a very key thing for university as it will keep me from forgetting about things like projects and also work and notes that I need to hand in on certain days.

I think that one achievement that I am very proud of is receiving an A* in a piece of my media coursework which involved a lot of photography and it really boosted my confidence in terms of photography and gave me the boost I needed to apply for a course in photography. In my first year of college I completed a 5-day work placement at a photography shop called Snappy Snaps. At this placement I learnt a lot about what it is like to work in a photography shop and I learnt a lot about processing, reprinting and I also was given the opportunity to take a lot of peoples passport and head shot pictures in there studio and this helped me to develop my skills in portrait photography. This also helped me to develop my skills in dealing with the public and instructing people, because as part of some of my tasks there I was required to instruct members of the public on how to sit in front of the camera and how to position themselves.


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